July 16, 2010

Vlog: Accountability and Interracial Dating


  1. Ok..first off, I definitely got my after work morning laugh off of that!
    And that's definitely an interesting and very observant point. There it is. Non-black men and women who date/marry black men and women probably lack that attention to detail. Either because they just don't know or don't care. I'd say its a combination of both.

  2. LMAO! This is funny! True though, black hair takes more maintenance and generally It's only other blacks that notice that little attention to detail, especially when it looks messed up. And they are ALL about the hairlines!!! Damn, don't know any other people more into hair than black people though. This did make me laugh :-)

  3. See, I am self-conscious about my hairline and for the longest I always blamed the sistas for all the bald brothers in the world. So I will reluctantly avoid that subject.

    But I will add that you are hella funny with the jokes. Had me over here cracking up.

  4. lmaoooo @ The bad hair lines on dudes who date non-black women. Hysterical!

    I agree.... that's the beauty of being with a black man. Certain things you just don't have to explain. ;-)

  5. How simple am I! lol I shoulda just tried it!

    Ok, I was SO dead at the turn you took with the vlog. I was ready for you to go IN on IRRs...pure comedy Mocha, pure comedy!

    Im gonna be checking all hairlines now because of you! lol

  6. You are ten kinds of crazy! I can't say that I've noticed the fucked up hairline/white woman combo, but what I have seen is the 9 times out of 10, when you see a black man with a white woman, he ain't no black man worth having, ESPECIALLY if he's been runnin' up in that bedraggled lookin-chipped-tooth-having-no-ass-titties-to-her-knee-caps-stringy-haired-white woman. I mean, I'm just saying. What you need to get on the brothers for is having their kids looking all jacked up because White Sally doesn't know how to do black hair. PLEASE -- and Mr. Black Man with the White Woman, stop sending your White Sally over to me to ask me what I use on my kids hair or if I can teach her (*smh*) to do hair. I'mma stab you in your eye!

    *whew* I had to let that out.

  7. Hahahaha @ Hilary!! Classic!



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