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Give Away #3: Pure Romance Smooth Operator

As you all know..I am a definite supporter of fun and safe sexual activities and health.... And if you are also like me, you also know how to please yourself.....and spice things up with your partner. If you don't have a partner, a good ol' B.O.B. surely comes in handy. I've definitely sang the praises of  my B.O.B from time to time (see previous post)...and heck...I even did a video about it. See for yourself:

Sex and the Southern Belle is proud to present Give Away #3..and have teamed up with Alica Beckford-Husband of Pure Romance by Alicia to give away something a lot of us single sisters surely do need....your own personal "B.O.B" called The Smooth Operator- a GLASS vibrator. I giggled with delight because I LOVE glass vibrators and trust me ladies, this one will provide hours of fun!!!
Sophisticated. Sexy. Smooth! Each Smooth Operator is made by hand of sleek glass with a stripe that adds texture and a curved end that hits the spot. Use it on its own or slide the included 10 speed coated bullet into the end ring for exciting vibration. Try something new by chilling or heating the glass under running water before enjoying! Non porous and ultra hygienic, Smooth Operator Vaginal Vibrator is easy to clean after the fun. Bullet requires three AAA batteries.

I can assure you that I have purchased from Pure Romance before and their products are affordable and high quality. The Smooth Operator is awesome. It really hits the spot (pun intended) and definitely is one sexy product. Use it solo or incorperate it with your lover..(Fellas...heck..enter the contest for your lady #nohomo.....LOL). Be open minded, put on a little mood music, and have orgasmic fun!

Please visit Alica's Website or contact her for more products or learning how to host your own Pure Romance Party.

Pure Romance by Alicia


To Enter:
•   Leave a comment on my blog  responding to the question:

"What's the #1 song in your current summer Ipod playlist that gets you in the mood? And how do you set the mood?"

Extra Entries:

• Become a follower of my blog (via Google Friends Connect, Feedburner or NetworkedBlogs). If you are on Facebook and a friend, make sure you SHARE this give-away on your wall.

• Blog about this giveaway and link back to my site AND Alicia's website. Add blogged about" in the comments area.

• Subscribe to my YouTube channel (  and leave a message on my other videos.

• Follow me on Twitter (@TheMochaPeach), I will add you as a friend, and Re-Tweet this giveaway (up to twice a day). Leave link to your tweet.

• Send an e-mail to your friend(s) about this contest and CC me. Write "email" in the comments.

• Subscribe to my updates. Write "subscribed" in the comments.

*Note: The more entries you’ve submitted, the greater chance you have of winning! All entries must be recieved by August 10, 2010

As always....Leave "extra entries" as a seperate comment!

I know this blog is going to be HIGHLY competative!  How fune!!!

Good Luck!!!


  1. LOVE the give-away!!! my current b.o.b. is looking a little sad (and my strap-on melted some... but that's a whole 'nother story). a glass one?!! that's classy! :)
    well, my favie song in the ipod now is "getaway girl" by day26. i picture myself doing all types of pole tricks i haven't actually learned yet while that jam is on. & how do i get in the mood? well, being currently "un-partnered", i get a babysitter and voila!, i'm in the mood.

    i will most definitely take advantage of the extra entries but i would like to point out that i've been celibate all this year and should therefore win by default!!! #imjustsayin

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I follow your blog with Google Friend Connect
    Username: missreneer :)

    mrsjohnson1982 at yahoo dot com

  4. Sorry, I had to erase my mandatory entry because I had to fix it but I did do it before I did extra entries.

    Right now my "In the Mood" song is Ciara's "Ride". My husband loves it too. LOL!!! We really love incorporating different toys and lubes (flavors, sensations) to spice things up.

    Thanks for the great giveaway. We would both enjoy this :)

    mrsjohnson1982 at yahoo dot com

  5. Hmmm... my current get in the mood song is "Neighbors Know My Name," because I'm noisy during sex lol. I've really been utilizing bbm lately to get things started... sending freaky messages and enticing pictures throughout the day makes for a wonderful night ;)

  6. Well I'm a male and I think there's nothing wrong with me and a woman returning to our childhoods and playing with toys ;o)

    My mood song right now is "Animal Magnetism" by Scorpions ( It's a rock song from the 80s that really gets the juices flowing. From the slow buildup to the searing opening guitar riff, to the passionate guitar perfectly sums up my approach to intimacy. Build the anticipation, get into a grove, increase the intensity, then get lost in the melody of love.

    As far as setting the mood, I like to do that long before anything physical takes place. From little things I say, the way I bite my lip as I'm checking her out, the "i want you" look in my eyes...
    From there I'm all about spontaneity. I don't like for a session to be planned or expected. I just go with the flow and let the mood dictate itself.


  7. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Hmm...a song? In the Mood by Ciara! I think I'm late to the party with this one, everyone else knew it long before I did, but I'm totally into it right now.

  8. I follow you on GFC!

  9. I follow you on networked blogs

  10. I follow you on twitter and tweeted (annasmama0702)

  11. I'm a subscriber!

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  13. Sorry- had to delete since I didn't fully answer. Song is: Marvin Gaye Let's Get It On. Love to light candles and get a massage to get into the mood. :)

  14. My current song is "Hey there Delilah", not exactly a "Sexy" song, but it's one that's special with me and my guy. So it works.

    I don't often have to set the mood, but starting with a massage helps everything get calm and close.

  15. The song on my summer playlist that gets me in the mood is Britney Spears 'gimme more'. An older one, but fun. I set the mood by dimming the lights and doing some dancing for my husband!

    Email is

  16. I am following you through google friend connect!
    Email is

  17. my song on my mp3 player that gets me in the mood has always been Marvin Gaye-Lets Get It On!! he he

    Set the mood I'm a hopeless romantic some soft music marvin gaye of course and some rose pedals fake of course all over the bed

    evoluchunsmisc [at] yahoo [dot] com

  18. I'm a new follwoer via gfc

    evoluchunsmisc [at] yahoo [dot] com

  19. I'm following on twitter @evoluchun and tweeted

    evoluchunsmisc [at] yahoo [dot] com

  20. subscribed in reader

    evoluchunsmisc [at] yahoo [dot] com

  21. I would say getting you home thanks for the chance to win

  22. I follow you on twitter victorie82

  23. Um...I NEED this. ;)

    I like "Lover I Don't Have to Love" by Bright Eyes. And the mood just strikes me!

  24. GFC follower

  25. Following you on Twitter @TweePoppets

  26. Email

  27. Subscribed

  28. "What's the #1 song in your current summer Ipod playlist that gets you in the mood? And how do you set the mood?"

    I must admit that my current song lexicon is a little dated, because most of everything on the radio is garbage. what happened to sexy songs that left a little to the imagination? However, I must admit that I do kind of dig Robin Thicke's Mrs. Sexy. I set the mood by a wearing combination of lingerie, my sexiest pumps, perfumed hair and body, and a sincere desire to please my husband. :)

  29. It's been a long time for me also, but the song at the top of my sexy summer playlist is Usher's "Bad Girl." Last summer was a really bad one after I broke up with the person I thought was the love of my life. This summer, I have my confidence back, and I'm working on getting the spice back in my life. ;)

    I also subscribed!

  30. That thing looks like a damn bomb.

    Wow @ all the people who show up for the Giveaways.


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