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Rough Draft Wife

Over the weekend, a friend (a very fine, a very smart, and a very get the XY friend)...asked me the following question:

"What makes you a good wife?"
He wasn't talking about the GENERAL "you"...he meant in specifically Mocha.

I sat there dumbfounded and stunned for about 20 minutes, not knowing how to answer him.

You see...after my divorce, I've done nothing but concentrate on my failures as a wife. It is hard to see the forests for the trees. When it all seems bleak, you rarely see the good. I feel I was, in essence, a rough draft wife. A good starter wife for a first marriage. But I didn't get a chance to be proofread or fine tuned....turned into a manuscript worthy of publication.

If you had to ask my ex, the WASband, what made me a good wife, his answer would be bleak:

"You ran and managed an organized house. Cooking was a bonus"
In other words, I was a glorified maid....the help. (Or worse...maybe an unp…

Declaration : a poem

I want you. I delare it I say it emphatically. I will have you. You make in me a boldness That I've never seen before. I want to do sinful things with you Yet cry "Oh God" in the midst I want your lips to only speak my name
I need you To whisper spells in my ear To kiss my bare shoulders To tell me I'm beautiful To paralyze my soul with your stares I need you So I can feel the heat of your hands as they wrap around my waist Devouring me.
I desire you I desire you in the worst way I desire you breathe your air I desire your lips That they live below my waist for hours and hours and tell me secrets That can only be breathed into me Lulling me to sleep In a seductive lullaby
I want you...need to have you.. To excite you everyday of my life of Our lives I want you more than air, food or water I want you Need you Desire you... ..For my survival
I've staked my claim I want you I need you. I desire you And I will I will Have you.

Feeling/Not Feeling

This song still....

* that D'angelo might make a comeback
* The feeling I get when bills are paid
*Nicknames that don't sound generic or stupid
*that prayer does change things
*Shoes...Oh how I love thee. Esp my new Sam Edelman shoes...(blog coming soon...)
*bronzer...(that and brow stuff are my go-to items)
*full lips (I wish I had fuller lips)
* I am in a weird musical space. And I keep playing "soundtracks": Love Jones, Brown Sugar, the Best Man, Boomerang....these were all good soundtracks.
*The Voice is way more superior than all other shows
*Nick Cannon....say what you want but he seems like a nice, sweet man. I wish I had love like that.
*hatchback, fuel efficient cars.
*Floppy, fuzzy hats. The kind I can put all my locs under and look like a rasta
*hearing "have I told you how beautiful you are?" or..."your face is just perfection* *Le' SWOON*
*old fashioned Wall Calendars. This year in my office i have "beaches" theme....and then in my…

Mid-Week Tunes: Etta James - A Sunday Kind Of Love (Original Stereo Remastered)

With the recent passing of Jazz/Blues/R&B great, Etta James, I thought it only appropriate to post one of my fav songs by her. She died Jan 20, 2012, just 5 days shy of her 74th birthday.

Born Jamesetta Hawkins in 1925 and reported to be the illegitimate daughter of pool shark Minnesota Fats, Etta James was the premiere vocalist at Chess Records (as seen in the movie Cadillac Records, portrayed by a pretty turrible Beyonce...I would have cared for a PERFECT Faith Evans to play her...but anywho). She started her career in the 50s, and lasted until her death. She had a pretty terrible and rocky childhood, bouncing from caregiver to caregiver. She used her "femininity" to get what she want. Needless to say, Etta was a FOX back in the day.

Her most famous song, of course, is her rendition of "At Last", played at almost every wedding, and the moody, soulful and mournful, "I'd Rather go Blind". But my fav Etta Jams song is def "A Sunday Kind of Lov…

"It'll Make You Go Crazy"

Remember back in the day (or perhaps you are too young for this) when they used to tease boys (and some girls), that masturbation would make you go blind, crippled and crazy? That touching yourself would lead to stupidity and overall frigidity? Masturbation was gonna lead to you going to hell and subsequently jacking off in a hell-pit of fire....

Well...Alfred Kinsey, famed biologist and sexual researcher, felt the opposite. So much so...that Masturbation as great....and well...necessary.

But that's not the point of this blog.....

As I was in my Sexuality and Society Class (part of my feminist theory requirement), we watched a PBS documentary on Alfred Kinsey. It was quite informative and we learned how groundbreaking (and controversial) he was. But one phrase  Kinsey said stuck in my head....

"There are only three kinds of sexual abnormalities: abstinence, celibacy and delayed marriage".

Instantly, I felt conflicted and convicted.

I will be quite honest with you all. Celib…

Another Ask The MochaPeach

Feeling/Not Feeling:


I have an alcoholic drink named after me! (No lie...). I'll have to post the recipe if the person allows me to ( they probably wont...LOL)Subtweets that aren't vicious.."Skype" dates.....bills paid offGod is still in the blessing businessaccidentally falling into "happiness"Cancun and counting...Kissing in the rain.running and jumping into someone's armshow GREAT the questions are you ask me.Basquiat...Beyond Scared Straight is hilariousedgy shoes with dope hardwarethe dentist. yeah...i am obsessed with my teethprivate jokestalking quietly and saying everythingslouchy boots (and I used to hate them)football seasonblack rimmed glassesred lingeriemaking a conscious decision after my divorce to NEVER post about my relationships on FB (it's easier to be slick on Twitter)accidental happiness (Yeah..I said it twice!)romantic reggae songs...I think I need to visit Jamaica#BLISSISYOURBIRTHRIGHT is gonna be a Movement!

Not Feeling passive aggressiveness…

Ask the Mocha Peach is Back!

Have questions about your relationship???
Need some advice for V-day??

Then Ask me questions at

We will do a video blog based on your questions.
All questions should sent by. Friday, Jan 20th!

Poem: The Word

I just want to be able to say it.

I sometimes practice saying it in the mirror.

I say it to my crooked smile...and my dainty mole...

I say it to my brother...but it's just not the same.

I say it to my writing...because in it there is "it"..."it" lives.

I say it to God. Because God knows how much I want to say it again.

Because God is "IT"...the ultimate manifestation of it

God is preparing for me to stay "it" again..

and again.

and again.


I want to say it.

I say it to myself, softly. To remind myself that I am "it" and I deserve "it".

Oh...I just want to be able to say it.

I want to be able to say "it"

...and say it again

..and again, Boy, do I want to say "it".

I fall asleep, head on pillow...and look at the empty one next to me

and I say "it"

Over and over again...I say "it".

I just wanna be able to say "it&q…

His "Girl", His "Shame", and Your "Problem"

I hate a cowardly man.

There is nothing worse than a man with no backbone and no confidence in himself. When that same shame and cowardliness filters into his relationships, all bets are off that you are going to be treated with love and respect.

This blog is inspired by a jerk. He's a pretty insecure dude having some sorta mid-life crisis.. In the midst of that he's been through girlfriend after girlfriend, He finally met a girl who'd put up with him. She wasn't his type he was used to dating. Most times he dated girls like Gabby Union...and this girl was more Jill Scott.  Nevertheless... he started seeing this girl.

Now here is where the insecurity comes in: He'd take the "Gabby Union" type girls to all company be around his friends. He showed them off.  But the Jilly-O type girl  he'd never take anywhere or take her to select places.. He won't take her out in public too often..It reminds me of that episode of that wretched show The…

Thursday Tunes: Rahsaan Patterson "Where you Are"

I could have easily put about ALL of the videos and songs in the Rahsaan Patterson discography. I absolutely adore Rahsaan Patterson. Named after the famous jazz musician Rahsaan Roland Kirk,  former Kids Incorporated alumni (along w/ Fergie),  was one of the early forefathers of the introduction of the Neo-Soul movement here in America. His high octave range is just classically beautiful. There are so many songs I love by him. "Spend the Night", "Stop By", "Tears Ago", "Feels Good" "Stop Breaking my Hear"....I can go on and on. Rahsaan may not sell out the house like Maxwell...but he indeed has a loyal following.

But this song is indicative of the beauty of his voice. And not to mention, the lyrics are just so moving.
It is about a long distance love and the yearning of a guy for his girl (or guy....who knows....cause Rahsaan is openly gay*shrug*).  I don't care. I just love his music.

My fav lyrics from the song are the chorus:

I …

Love is a Slow Burning Flame

I was talking to a friend of mine who has hesitation about a man, who, I am pretty sure, is in love with her dirty drawers (lol). She's afraid. She's hesitant. All because he doesn't fit the "mold" of attraction that she is used to. It's taking time for her to warm to him. He's romantic, kind, an old-fashioned gentleman.Your mother would love him. Your father would shake his hand warmly and firmly... But still. She won't dive in head first..and give her all to him. Simply...she's just scared. She likes him. She'd never hurt him...she's open but apprehensive.

I told her my advise as friend to her...things that my mother has said to me in one form or another...

"Girl....Love is a slow burning flame...not a raging fire. Sometimes it takes time for passion and love to build. If you go in hot and heavy..often it will burn out. "

I am reminded of a scene I saw in a movie called HappyThankYouMorePlease staring Malin Ackerman...which res…

Thug Love: An Oxymoron

I've never been one to date or be attracted to thugs.
You know what...I take that back.
I kissed a dude in high school whose nickname was "Trigger". I thought he was hot as he sported a bandana across his braids a la O-dog from Menace II Society.  But truth be told...he was a poser. He was smart. He wrote poetry. He cared for a mentally disabled sibling. And my HS boyfriend sold bootleg clothes like Jody from Baby Boy and tried to smoke weed and had a gun in his dashboard, but truth of the matter is, he had deeper hurt and was struggling financially. But I wouldn't call them "thugs". Just misguided teenagers trying to find their way.
And I never had or went on a streak of dating "bad boys" either. I'd seen what being attracted to the rough and tumble type had done to women in my family, my mother included: heartache, pain, and overall disrespect.

Thugs are just nice to look at: tattoos, cockiness, hustling and grinding, and the overall well...…

Feeling/Not Feeling


Good Lovin'Flexing your intellectual muscle and a vocabulary is sexyCalm, not too over the top proposalsaccentssleeping naked after sexWorking outCharles Barkley as a commentator. He is HIL-A-RI-OUS!! OMG! *wipes tears*old fashioned epistolary, letters, poems, calls....Beards (but we established this already)Dimples...oh yeah....Calvin Klein Euphoria perfumeAdele's CD never gets old...Lady Gaga's "Marry the Night" is a GREAT song to get me thru that last mileListening to Boney James "Ride" album, in the complete dark, with a glass of wineI have SUCH weird musical tastes....well..."ecclectic"the ENTIRE new Anthony Hamilton CD..."Back to Love". ESP this songI want someone to feel that way for me....soon and very soonhow my name sounds in certain accents...regular magazinescounting down the days until I sink my toes into the sandmy creative writing has improved. I hope I can do the same for my academic writ…

Thursday Tunes: WHAM! Careless Whisper

I was born in 1979. I am truly the last of the 70s babies. But truthfully, I was cut my musical teeth on the music of the 80s. One of which was George Michael: blue eyed, sexy soul brother of Greek descent from the UK who had hits as the ambiguously (ok...maybe not so ambiguous) gay duo WHAM! I mean, I was like 5 when WHAM was out so I had no idea what gay was. But I surely knew that George Michael, with his feathered, bleached hair, was hotter than fire and undeniably cute.

Their #1 chart topper was "Wake Me Up (Before You Go! GO!)", a danceable tune that was a serious hit for them....(then George Michael left the group, strapped on some tight ass jeans, and blew up...all before becoming a coke-head mess, soliciting men in a bathroom and ultimately coming out the closet)

But my fav WHAM song  of all time was he smokey, sax-filled tune "Careless Whisper". I used to belt this one out with my Mother's hairbrush all the time. As I got older, I really realized what…

Beards: The New Porn

As you all know, I'm in my celibacy mode and I do not mess with porn anymore. It has been liberating. And quite frankly, it does absolutely nothing for me anymore. I've become sorta desensitized. Then again. I was never one of those people who watched porn to get off. It was more about..."studying"


One day, I ran across a blogger homie's Tweet about this blog:  with a pic of a man so deliciously sinful that my jaw hit the floor.

Why oh WHY did I have to find this Tumblr? While I generally find Tumblr confusing and just messy overall, I couldn't stop looking at the blog. I dunno WHO created this joint, but I owe them a debt of gratitude.

It was a mix of professionals (celebrities) and amateurs(regular Joe's) modeling their perfectly sculpted beards in all kinds of situations....

I became unusually aroused. It was weird.

There are few things I require of a man. One being straight white teeth. The other being faci…

Dimples: A Poem

Deep sandalwood pools So deep that I want to Drink wine from them.
I kiss them and melt into their wells of heaven. So intricate are they They defy mere definition
Simple hollows in your cheek Unordinary to most But they speak to me Code that signal you are pleased
I love their secrecy. Only appearing when you smile Hidden under sculpted beard They play hide and seek with me
Deep almost cavernous I want to swim in them Make love to them Because I’m sure they’ve been neglected.
Unchartered erogenous zone When you talk and laugh My eyes gaze upon those impressions Mesmerized by the dance they do
God’s grandiose touch of handsome upon you The Creator was showing off Placing that final touch Strategically perfect imperfections
I trace my fingers along their impression Finger softly over cheek Hoping that my touch Arouses them into plain sight
Deep sandalwood pools So deep that I want to Drink wine from them.

12 Things about Me for 2012

(Oh yes...I am serious about my Falcons #1SAINTSHATER)
I thought I'd kick off 2012 with a little bit about me. You know, to get reacquainted with TheMochaPeach in the new year. It should be fun, right? So here we go:

1) I am deathly and I do mean DEATHLY afraid of clowns. Clowns..the BK King...I hate clowns with a passion. *shudders* I even saw a porn once with a clown mask in it and I almost vomited and fainted.

2) I feel naked when I go out the house without earrings on. I NEED earrings.

3) I want to become a professional fitness model but uhm...I got MILES to go.

4) If I wasn't an academic/academic professional, I'd move to Amsterdam and open a sex and/or weed shop. OR be a resort event planner ( I know...two extremes).

5) My ultimate goal is to move to London, UK to teach on the university level....and marry an Idris Elba type and have kids who say "knickers", "jumpers" (for sweaters)  and "bloak"

6) You will NEVER EVER catch me on a rolle…