May 25, 2012

Feeling/Not Feeling: Short and Sweet


  • the Friday before a long holiday weekend
  • long holiday weekends (lol)
  • Atlanta Jazz Fest in Piedmont Park
  • hitting the town w/ my girls
  • new beginnings
  • flirty texts
  • BBQ and the smell of charcoal
  • baked beans
  • My mama turns 60 in a few days!
  • being spoiled and getting my way
  • chimmichuri sauce...on anything....
  • Peking Ribs
  •  at least Fifty Shades of Grey is sparking folks sex lives
  • Willow Smith is going to play Annie on Broadway (or so my mother tells me from watching GMA)
  • chubby chocolate babies
  • all my Kindle reading. Up next...Hunger Games. I am on Book 1 of the Trilogy.
  • that John Travolta sex scandal is pretty funny

  • bittersweet endings
  • there is no beach close to a min hr's drive
  • unsolicited peenus pics
  • I havent been to NYC yet and all summer plans to go have been thwarted.
  • why is it going to be so damn HOT?
  • Why do I have to be at work the Friday of a long holiday weekend?
  • I cant BBQ on my patio. Drats!
  • not getting my way
  • i still have no idea how to cook for one.
  • Sooo..they aren't going to cancel Basketball Wives???
  • people who don't masturbate, esp men, are weird to me a little bit...but to each his own
  • i am neglecting my shoe blog badly. I need fresh ideas but I also haven't purchased any shoes yet. I'll think of something
  • people trying to kiss Will Smith. He slapped that dude hard.
  • Usher's real life Raymond vs Raymond...sooooo sad.
  • people who think that somehow bombing an abortion clinic in the name of "pro life" makes any damn sense
  • I don't think I have any "mothering" skills: no diaper changes, feedings or any of that to my name. Oh will I survive.
  • Pregnancy scares (thank GOD that has never been my life)
  • my thirst for poetry has dried create is becoming hard
  • why does my mama have a Pinterest, a twitter, a MySpace, a FB, Google Plus,  and a host of other online accounts? why is she so plugged in?
  • My dad on the other way too old fashioned for my taste.

May 24, 2012

Thursday Tunes: Sade "Your Love is King"

To some..Sade's smooth adult sound epitomizes the 80s. While "Sade" itself is the band (also consisting of Stuart Matthewman who was instrumental in defining the sound of Maxwel and also formed Sweetbackl)...Sade would be nothing without it's namesake... Helen Folashade Adu, the biracial British/Nigerian who stormed the scene in the 80s with her smooth sound and gorgeous contralto voice.

I liked Sade...but...It wasn't until I went to my first Sade concert last year...that I was enamored with her. She was beautiful and regal and everything and more...and at 53 year sold...was SLAYING chicks half her age! Seriously..she was great in person. She had that one single ponytail, signature red lips..then let her hair loose in one set...and had on all white..and rose out the ground...I was in awe in Phillips Arena....

It's hard to pick out one single solitary Sade song that I like. But...inspired by my reading of Fifty Shades of Gray (I pormise...a review to come soon)...I picked Ana's ringtone for Christian "Your Love is King"

The lyrics are everything on this song. It is def about a woman who is all engulfed in the love she is experiencing.

I think my fav lyrics are the bridge at the end...
This is no blind faith
This is no sad or sorry dream.
This is no blind faith
Your love
Your love is real, 
Gotta crown me with your heart,
Your love is real, 
Never, never need to part,
Your love is real, 
Touch me
Your love is kind
Never letting go,
Never letting go,
Never going to give it up.
I'm coming,

We all want a love that is "king"...not in a submissive type of way (i.e. Fifty Shades of Grey)...but def in an all encompassing, no love greater, type of way.

Indeed...Love is King :)

May 18, 2012

Feeling/Not Feeling: Seasons Change


  • being aroused and teased (but in a good way)
  • straight white teeth on super chocolate men
  • the change of the seasons
  • less pollen
  • someone else washing my locs
  • Fifty Shades of's cheesy, fun summer reading
  • It will inspire you to be a freak (I promise...a blog will come soon)
  • funky colored pedicures (not ghetto)
  • Pinterest nail boards
  • best first dates ever!!! 
  • chivalrous men
  • NOT kissing on the first means something
  • Bose earbuds
  • hard working men....that smell like sweat :)
  • men's neckties
  • funky Iphone cases
  • Drag Queens
  • I am so anticipating this Maxwell concert....whew.....
  • Maybe I'll have a date.... *smiles*
  • 40 and 50% off Sales
  • My mama is turning 60!! 
  • piercings in odd places
  • quirky t-shirts
  • Nike Training Club
  • those cool Nike t-shirts that say "Don't Sweat Me" and stuff like that
  • New product reviews coming soon
  • I finally have a hold on the school/work/life balance....I think
  • No more birth control pills....helloooooo IUD!!
  • That song "Magic" by Future. So ghetto but I like it...I like SOME rachet music. Sue me.
  • Community
  • Grimm
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Sometimes fairy tales do come true for little black girls...

Not Feeling

  • people disappearing without warning. No nothing. It's rude. It's selfish. Fuck em.
  • people who do not return calls/texts
  • people who cancel on me...cancel anything. I hate it
  • Fifty Shades of Grey is written terribly, has terrible editing mistakes, is written in "British English" but is set in America. There are some serious flaws...and the English major in me is ripping it a new one (no pun intended).
  • that lace front wigs wont die
  • Tami Roman, Basketball Wives and their absolute trife-ness
  • I am kinda of tired of reality TV. It's getting so bad
  • Why wont they cancel The Game?? Thats a terrible show too.
  • the fat won't go away... but I am sweating like a dog everyday..sometimes twice a day
  • my current hair color. It's summer. I'm bored
  • people who will NOT separate my blog life from my real life...I don't post everything on here people. *smh*
  • I'm hurt that maybe I exposed too much
  • That my ex's friends read this blog. I wish they would choke on a dick. LMAO! Nosey bitches.
  • or my ex's for that matter. It's uncomfortable...
  • I really wish I had made this blog private...oh well.
  • The Treyvon Martin case makes me afraid to have a son. I really want a son though
  • Men who want weddings. You all are weirdos. I mean esp if you meet someone (like me....) who has been married before. I dont need that pomp and circumstance. Just me, you and a beach. *sigh*
  • Shows I like always get cancelled. This year it was Pan-Am...*sigh* Oh well.
  • My DVR is super full
  • Law and Order SVU is getting ridiculous now that Stabler is gone.
  • black people are way too ridic about gay marriage, sexual alternative lifestyles (like BDSM), and all kinds of kinky stuff. *sigh* I blame slavery. I am not even joking when I say that.
  • another mother's day w/o being a mom. *sigh* kinda tough

May 17, 2012

Thursday Tunes: Patti LaBelle "If Only You Knew"

The Queen LaBelle.. Patti Labelle still in her kicking off her heels...making delicious recipes from her cookbooks.  Born Patricia Louise Holte-Edwards and for Philly and def part of the "Philly Soul scene"....She started out as a lead singer of Patti Labelle and her Blue Belles...and then in the conceptual R&B/Funk group "LaBelle" (known for their hit Lady Marmalde). But as a solo Artist, is where she has reigned supreme.

I like a lot of Patti Labelle songs which totally defined the 80s for me.. (New Attitude, On my Own, When You've Been Blessed, You are my Friend, Over the Rainbow..etc..)  My mother even took me to a concert when I was 10.... But my fav has to be her only #1 to date ..
"If Only you Knew". She soulfully laments to a guy that she likes..who has no CLUE that she is so into him that way....

kbooks...and giving us diva fierceness...

 My favorite lyrics from that song:
I dream of moments we share
But you're not there
I'm living in a fantasy
'Cause you don't even suspect
Could prob'ly care less
About the changes I've been going through

I really feel some sorta of way when this song comes on. I don't shed tears at many songs, but this one always gets to me... Especially when Mother Labelle hits that high note at the end... *sigh*. 

I have had crushes...all kinds of unrequited love...and still do.......this song is for all the shy girls who had crushes...or guys that they just cant speak..and it just doesn't  "seem to come out right".

Patti is everything to me. EVERYTHING!

I think we've all been there.

May 16, 2012

What I'll Miss Most About You: A Poem

What I'll Miss Most about You your tongue
It's rough padding...
Both hot and cold..
licking me to the core of my soul
I focused on that part of you with exquisite delight

You parted my lips...
like turning the pages of a book.
tracing the layers of my pussy
like you were thumbing through the yellow pages

You used to lick my thighs
like a Bomb pop on a hot summer's day
off the back of the Ice Cream man's truck
How on earth did you learn linguistics so cunningly??

I will miss how devastatingly accurate your tongue was
How it knew each spot to speak to...for the proper outcome
My neck became a well to drink from
My toes became lollipops
My fingers the most delicate morsel
My nipples...hard chocolate drops
My lips tingled at your touch
But my clitoris reaped the benefits

IT was as if your tongue had the gate code to me
IT was able to unlock every key
IT was able to pluck and coerce me
Under your body became a fine, tuned instrument.

Yes...what I'll mist most about you your tongue
The only part of you worth anything
The only part that spoke the truth.

I'll miss your tongue
I'll miss you....

May 10, 2012

Thursday Tunes: Teena Marie "Out on a Limb"

I first heard Teena Marie when my uncle, who was a teenager at the time and lived with us, used to blast "Square Biz" and try and break dance in the living room floor. LMAO! That used to tickle me so much...and I honestly had no idea she was white until I got old enough to look at music videos.

Teena  Marie, born Mary Christine Brockert, in Santa Monica , CA, is better known for her association with Rick James (their hit Fire and Desire is still that jam!) and her "vibrato" (SN: My friend Tee says Teena sounds like a bleating goat...nah..that's Rhianna...LOL) and her vibrato and her exceptional FUNK on bass guitar kept her above the rest.. She def was the queen of "Blue Eyed Soul" before it was fashionable to call it that. She died of a brain aneurysm the day after Christmas 2010. It was so sad and shocking.

I like a lot of her danceable tunes. But to pick a "ballad" was hard. It was toss up between this song..and "Portuguese Love". But.."Out on a Limb" won out for me.... she was waxing poetic about being strung out of a dude. Haven't we been all like that? and not even knowing WHY we are like that?? Madness I tell you...

My fav Lyrics:

Sweeter than the taste of a midnight rendezvous, so sensual
The look upon your face when you loved me tender and my cup was full
Oh...softer than the sigh when it all was over and I slumbered deep
Lost inside of you like there's no tomorrow as I fall to sleep

 I love this song...enjoy a lil Teena Marie..aka Lady :)

May 7, 2012

Instead I say...Thank You

Hello Dearest...'s me. I was going to write something else but instead..

..I want to tell you thank you.

Yes....Thank you. I know it is surprising....but I want to tell you this now...

Thank you for letting me believe in lust at first sight....that someone can find even the curves of my cheeks sexy.

Thank you for letting me get excited about all of the possibilities...even if they didn't made me excited.... and to know I have a good thing.

Thank you for inspiring so much poetry...poetry that I had no idea was inside of me... I wrote until my fingers were developing callouses.

Thank you for having me believe that Darius Lovehall is possibly real.....

Thank you for introducing me to new new drinks....and new shelves overflow with Neruda and new volumes of Dylan Thomas...

Thank you for making me laugh...laugh a WHOLE lot...sometimes until tears rolled down my face.

Thank you for letting me vent and listening most times...until you got tired.....which was quickly.

Thank you for telling me I was beautiful and I was smart.....because I believed you when you said it...even for this short time.

Thank you for never taking me to your homeland. I would have come back too in love..and invested...and possibly pregnant.

Thank you for misleading me....because I learned a lesson in not reading all the signs.

Thank you for telling me you needed "space"....because in that time I found myself and realized I can't make you care....or especially for me.

Thank you for telling me it was "me".....and misreading me....because in that I's hardly ever "me".

Thank you for not coming through when you said you would.....because I know I would have fallen madly in love with you....and it makes it harder to say goodbye.

Thank you for the endless word challenged my vocabulary.. and that's always fun. And not letting me win all the time....shows me you were up for a least for a little while.

Thank you for not letting me in....because if I had become invested...I would have neglected myself.

Thank you for stopping the calls...and the  chats.....and all of that. I wasn't sitting by the phone anymore wasting time. I realized I had something better to do than to text and call..without a response.

Thank you for reminding me how beautiful I was...that my curves were just fine and just desirable.... even if the desire is fleeting.

Thank you for helping me grow up a little....yes...even during that short period of time...

Thank you for inspiring so much...even this letter.

Thank you for not explaining..not saying Good Bye. And allowing me to just remain confused and just praying for you...because sometimes there is peace in confusion.

To this I say goodbye. I hope you're happy.....

Thank you,

May 3, 2012

Thursday Tunes: Monica.."Catch Me"

I feel like I grew up with Monica Arnold (now she married B-Baller Shannon Brown of the LA Lakers). Hailing from my hometown of ATL, Monica was a sassy 14 year old when she dropped on the scene with her debut album Miss Thang. She has had lots of hit, including a Grammy for her duet with Brandy "The Boy Is Mine" (which I wore out). Her vocal range is immense..from gospel bluesy duets with Usher....and a few others.  She had mature vocals even then...and I've loved (almost) every album she put out. She's endured a lot..including witnessing her boyfriend's suicide..leaving her kids' father after a 10 year relationship and now, finally finding love. Monica is awesomeness..(not to FLY is her hair all the time? Jeesh...) If I had ONE complaint (which is rare) that Monica needs to do more of these mid-tempo joints and DEF more ballads. She is a singer..not some hip-hop diva  wanna be singer. She can SANG...I mean stand flat-footed and sang!! She doesn't need all of that...but she's a mix of Mary J and Whitney. She could be "street" and she can be "Classy".....she can be POP and she can be R&B Soul Diva....

Monica is all of that..

She's had a resurgence in her career these past few years. Everything to Me signaled her triumphant return to R&B..and her new album "New Life" is gaining critical success. I've had new life on heavy rotation for a minute now. So many good songs...but one that resonates with me has to be "Catch Me"

Right now I am just THERE with this song. I refuse to chase....but I def want to fall in love. Just waiting on the right person to catch me....period.

My Fav Lyrics has to be the chorus:

I wanna fall in love, that's all I wanna do
I wanna fall in love, oh
I wanna fall in love 
(catch me catch me catch me catch me)
But you gotta catch me
(catch me catch me catch me catch me)
But you gotta catch me, oh catch me catch me

*swoons*..just a sweet song. While she complains about the thing she does for the guy..there is this level of  optimism that you hear in her voice....

And to the fellas..put on those Nikes, bruh...cause you gotta catch me :)

May 2, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I mean..Michael Ealy's beard in that pic. Just the though of that beard...grazing he looks up with those aquamarine eyes and butterscotch skin..and is that a tattoo I spy.....



May 1, 2012

May Bliss Check In

"You can hear this, close your eyes .I just want you to listen to me.. Humor me please? .It's not easy to be adored, you in particular you have a tougher time with it than most, I get that, but I want you to give it a try. Think of it as an experiment. I promise I will be very wonderful at adoring you, Annie. It's an area where, I think I got a great deal of talent. You're worth the adoration Annie, you're worth it, and the fact that you don't believe it, has nothing to do with whether it's true or not, it is true for me, and that is all that matters."- Sam #2 from "HappyThankyouMorePlease


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