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Thursday Tunes: Faith Evans "Tears of Joy"

I've been a Faith fan since her days back at  Bad Boy. Most know her for her marriage to Biggie.. But I was a fan of Faith in her own right. She was the first lady of Bad Boy that's for sure..

  I was championing her to be Etta James in "Cadillac Records" (cause it made sense! Lol) but we see how that worked out lmao. But I think I played her first albums out to the point where the CD skipped.. "Soon as I get Home" still is on that slow jam CD we all have to make babies (or practice making).

She returned back to the scene last year with a reality show but I wanna forget that. What I do want to remember is the songs produced from that collaborative effort .

"Tears of Joy" took me back to classic Faith Evans. I think I put that on repeat for a minute when it first dropped. The R&B Divas album wasn't commercially successful but this song is just everything :)

NSFW: The Weekly Porn Review

AKA "Ma' are doing the  ABSOLUTE most........."

I know I haven't done this in a while..but I gotta shout out my good friend Kee who sent me this rachet video from of someone's auntie (lol).. Angel of "Angel's Erotic Solutions" .giving fellatio techniques.

Ya know..I aint mad at her. Her tips are great and def promote oral sex w/ safe sex tips... (and she looks old den a mug so I am sure she got some miles on them lips!)

 But the sound effects though. LMAO!! I am crying laughing. and her commanding "Put your D8ck between your legs!" I think my man would look at me like "Have you lost your mind? This is not Rupaul's Drag Race! Aint nobody finna tuck and roll!"  And she is VICIOUS with it might scare a dude. LMAO! Then there is a slow motion replay? Then the spit...... See..........folks play too much! I didn't need to see all that off of a rubber dildo.

(Random...I totally forgot that …

Feeling/Not Feeling: The Post Valentine's Day Edition


that I am losing weightthat Valentine's Day is now a weekend.At peace. All the chapters  in my life that need to be closed, after this weekend, will officially be closed.Like this moment right maybe the happiest I've been and it havs VERY little to do w/ a new relationship. More like a renewed faith in myselfthat my dissertation may come to me with much more easesI  like wearing wigs now.I am lazy with my makeup now. Its now just brows, mascara and sometimes lipstick. I only get jazzed on the weekends.I am the same way w/ my clothes. It's leggings almost every weekend. *sigh*BUT...I do like the ease of wigs.I love my little side of ATL. I love Pinterest a little too muchSame goes for Greek Yogurt. I eat it everyday in some form or fashion.Weight lifting.Counting down to vacation with my beauthe ability to freeze your eggsBrazilian PornThe idea of a new stadium here in ATLmy new Keurig coffee maker. Best Xmas gift everlike I am well overdue for some ne…

Wordless Wednesday (sorta)

Ghosts of Relationships Past

I'm in a happy place. My bills are paid. My family is still here (despite ongoing medical issues). And I still have a job. I'm on track to being "ABD" (all but dissertation) by my 35th birthday. And finally, after 4 years of heartbreak, disastrous dates, and just utter foolishness, I have the love of a good man who adores me from top to bottom, inside and out.

Yet the ghost of my past relationship keeps haunting me.
I don't mean that my ex husband is bothering me or keeping me from moving on. Quite the opposite. He's moved on and I have too. We are at a cordial place with each other from time to time (when I feel like being bothered). Basically, he ain't worried about me and I ain't worried about him.

What I'm talking about is the goddamn Internet and all its regrettable abilities to bring up old shit.
When I was married, my ex and I took some sexy, romantic and semi-boudoir shots for a friend of his. It was for her budding portfolio and for us t…