July 9, 2010

Feeling/Not Feeling

  • Atlanta PRE-2000
  • Centennial Park and free concerts
  • ice cream cones from Bruster's
  • reggae clubs *smile*....
  • cold Chic-Fil-A Lemonade (Oh..and the new spicy sammich! YUMM!)
  • cruising down Peachtree
  • The Beautiful restauraunt
  • BBQ (esp. corn on the cob)
  • the excitement of the NBA Free Agency (but it's still a modern day slave auction..*smh*)
  • NFL pre-season is mere months away! *jumps up and down*
  • chocolate skin with dimples *sigh*
  • Compliments....(esp in Summer! All this effort I go through! Pedis, Manis, Brazilians! *smh*)
  • This new Big Boi album...on fiyah!
  • Bill-Me-Later
  • Being a FOR REAL..Georgia Peach! Nothing like it! :)

Not Feeling
  • Atlanta POST-2000
  • My job, due to a contract w/ Coca Cola REFUSES to sell Chick Fil A Lemonade..yet we have one here! *smh*
  • trying to run a mile in this heat
  • People who think Gladys Knights is "authentic" ATL food (Or Justins..*smh*) Negative!
  • My Ipod is doing wonky things..like shuffling all my songs! So weird!
  • The media trying to make me care about Lebron or Lindsey Lohan...
  • The idea of Shaq coming to the Hawks
  • Mosquitos
  • those ugly ass gladiator sandals...
  • Nervousness about starting PhD program...scared to death really
  • How my dating adventures have turned out
  • Men who just want to play the field..and women who allow it
  • Drake's "Thank Me Later"..his mixtape was so much better


  1. Chic-fil-A is my joint!!! Love that lemonade AND those waffle fries. Sadly, we dont have them here in NY. I have to get my fix when I visit home in MD.

    When is Shaq planning to retire?!! Dern!

    And omg, if I hear one more Drake song on the radio..... >:O

  2. Shaq coming to the Hawks? Ha. Damn Shaq - it might be about that time, my brother....

    Feeling you @ Atlanta PRE-2000 before the "builders" came and remodeled and ish.

    Reggae clubs sound nice. So does the Chick-fil-A. So does NFL (didn't know that you were a football fan - nice).

    I am willing to bet that you most definitely are @ Being a FOR REAL..Georgia Peach! Nothing like it! :)

    Perfect agreement @ mosquitoes. Hate catching good bites all on the side of my face.

    PhD program is a very impressive look for yourself. I wish there some way that I could do the same. I'd need the other two degrees though. Well, one actually. *sigh*



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