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Being "Awkward" and Dating

If anyone knows me, they know I am addicted to a good web-series (usually the ones created FOR and BY us). Often times, they are better than regular TV sitcoms. So needless to say, I was delighted, I mean OVERJOYED, to run across the web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae. I was first introduced to her work a LONG time ago with Dorm Diaries...and then her work with The Fly Boyz and their hilarious series The F Word. But Misadventures... spoke to me. I laughed. I cried. I hollered out loud! I loved it. I can relate. I’ve even gone over to her Facebook page to sing her praises. I was a groupie, no doubt… Cause I’m awkward… I used to think I was a pretty a-typical black girl. But I’m not. I’m odd. I’m awkward.  I’m even awkward physically. I got this weird Blasian looking face yet I am not half Asian (which disappoints most brothers to say the least when they find out). I am not shaped like a “sista”. I have locs which is odd...but not unusual. It’s awkward for othe…

Relationships, Stages, and Farting

The following is from one of my FAVORITE movies of all time..... Love and Other Disasters. If you ever get a chance...Netflix it.

The Proto"Type"

I sat here…had a flashback…
Since turning 30, I ‘ve started to enjoy some simple pleasures. One of which was my Real Simple magazine. I turn and read the very “adult” tips for around the house and recipes, clipping them and stuff like my Mother. The May issue was particularly good. It also featured some hot summer outfits..including bikinis.
Recently, I sat on my couch flipping through the magazine, the guy I was seeing at the time, was peeking at the issue. I saw him out the side of my eye, thinking to myself “He must want some recipes”…and I started chuckling internally.
When I got to the bikini section, his eyes perked up. Of course they would, he’s a man. I turned to a picture of this curvy Latina (or something..) in a bikini. This exact picture actually:

He looked over and said.. ”Hmm…I like that. That’s what I like. I like her”.
Say what???
I cut him a side-eye so hard it would probably cut an artery in his neck cause I surely wanted to throat chop that bastard.  That didn’t really ma…

Feeling/Not Feeling

(Image from: ) Feeling ·Summertime ·Maxi Dresses ·No more summer school ·School Refunds (even if they are small) ·Getting back on the work out tip ·NYX Narcissus Lipstick (super pink but super cute) ·Prayer changes things ·Cuddling ·Gellato ·BBQ. ·Puerto Rico..(trying to get back there this winter) ·Sitting on my patio w/ an adult drink, my music going, and chilling. ·Making new friends ·80s Tee-Shirts ·Free events in the city….Imma make the most of the summer. ·Sleeping in just a t-shirt…..his t-shirt.
Not Feeling ·Ninjas coming out the woodworks and texting you 6 months later. Da fuck. Choke on a dick. ·Dudes you used to “kick it with” hollering at your homegirl. VIOLATION! ·My circumstances being used as an “excuse” not to date me. Fuck off. If you want’d make it work.

I'm not Chicken!

My Soror Y said it best:
"People tell you the's up to you to listen"
I had a huge wake up call and realized that dude had been telling me the truth the whole time. I've ended things with guys before. I've had my heart broken. But never has it been done in a more callous way than recently. I mean, truth be told, dude is a nice guy. But even nice guys have a streak of asshole in them every now and then. 

This all culminated with our final conversation. After avoiding me for the better part of a week, I asked him what the deal was (to make a long story short because I'm not divulging everything). In addition to going on and on about my obvious "lacks" (i.e. my schedule due to school, the fact that I don't have a car, the excuse of me and my schedule of work and school..etc......), he decided to expound and use all of this unnecessarily convoluted language about what basically amounted to: "You aint it".

But the proverbial nail …

Stuck in 1975

I love my mother. I truly do. She is my best friend. My rock. My ace. My biggest cheerleader and sometimes my biggest critic. But lord knows she can get on my nerves. And truthfully, it’s not intentional at all. My mother has the BEST of all intentions….except when it comes to dating. It’s just that her mind is stuck somewhere between 1970 and 1975- the very last time she’s had to actually DATE.
My mother and I are 27 years apart. That’s a full generation. I’ve been able to talk to my mother about anything. And that includes boys and dating. She was there when I first got my heart broken.  When I got engaged (and she actually knew about the whole thing). And of course, she was there on the day my divorce was final, holding my hand across the table at breakfast while I had tears fall. This isn't to say my mother hasn't had her fair share of heartache and pain. But this is some new age stuff she just simply can't comprehend.
Since I’ve been divorced, my mother has really been …