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Feeling/Not Feeling

  • the increase of subs and readership! I love you all so much
  • a good love story
  • IFC/SUNDANCE/RETRO/IndiePlex (I LOVE independent and foreign films)
  • Japanese anime
  • sleeping in just a T-shirt in the summer.
  • cute graphic T-shirts
  • Kem's new album coming soon. I love him!
  • Little Five Points in ATL (Euclid Ave and Moreland....stand up!)
  • graduating from an HBCU
  • R&B making a strong comeback
  • re-runs of Noah's Arc...I miss that show.
  • The "Sex Mix" playlist of 150 songs that's on my Ipod
  • Twitter..and the new UberTwitter.(I used to loathe I cant part from it)
  • aging like fine wine *insert a Shanay-nay Heyyyyyyy!*

  • The fact that I am both too poor and indecisive to get the REAL design cracking on this blog. I gotta keep my promises *sigh* (Who wants to donate to the design fund?? I got Paypal! LOL)
  • The fact that my Sexy Playlist might not ever get used in this century (LOL) then the songs will be all old and isht!
  • Ive never liked Keith Sweat..what a talentless hack! *smh*
  • The fact that YOU (yes YOU..)  love me...and I know you do. But you are with her. You aint going nowhere . The sooner YOU accep that. The easier it will be for us to just part ways....
  • The Dream's ol Paddington Bear looking ass cheating! OMG! *smh* Cmon dude!
  • my co-worker telling me her daggone 60 plus year old husband is cheating on her. Go sitchooldassdownsomewhere! Now she wanna take him on Cheaters!
  • heat rashes due to humidity. not cute! Messing up my swagger (I hate that word too. LOL)
  • Fat boys being the only ones into me. When did I become a chubby chaser?
  • My IPOD having a mind of its own. WTF are you? The Ghost in the Machine?
  • the fact that I'll probably never know what my kids w/my ex husband would look like
  • rumors of Swizz Beats having another kid in England. Who is wanting to repoduce with his Toucan Sam lookin ass? Moreover..
  • Alicia Keys...........nuff said. *smh*
  • A Wanda/Shenaynay movie. I wanna puke.
  • the fact that you need a man to reproduce. Ya'll create more problems. I wish we we asexual creatures. LOL.
  • it being entirely TOO HOT to cook anything


  1. bawwwh....lmao. got my laugh in for the day! paddington bear and tucan sam...nuff said *smh*

  2. wow! your feeling/not feeling list is getting more intense with each post... i'm getting a lil nervous, mocha. LOL

  3. A good story is The Truth.

    What in the world made Dream cheat on Christina Milian is beyond me.

    You're not feeling Alicia Keys? I doubt if fat boys are the only ones into you.

    Keith Sweat go harder than Kem.

  4. They are really gonna make that Wanda/Shenene movie? LOL!!!! I thought that was a joke.... I guess someone picked it up. *smh*

    Yaaaay!!!! @ increase in your subs/readership. That is so good!

    I too am shaking my head @ Alicia Keys. And her "boo" out there making even more kids. *sigh*

  5. I don't know which part to comment on 1st...2 funny! Why pick on Paddington Bear...I like his little yellow rain outfit. Keith Sweat...he's been old but when u have his money you don't have to do anything else. I am tired of hearing "I Want Her" on the radio though. I still remember my friends performing it in our 7th grade talent show. (My daughter's getting ready 2 enter middle school now...ok). When is Ol School too Old?

  6. I agree, The Nightmare annoys me so much.


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