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Timing ,Love and Aging Parents: Personal Reflections

Warning: I NEVER write about my personal love life. but..I have to get this off my 38 DDs. :)

I'm in love.
For the first time since my divorce, I am completely, head-over-heels in love with someone. It all came so suddenly and fast. Yet it was on time. God's time.  Granted, we did this dance around the whole idea of an "us" for sometime now. Flirting back and forth for almost a YEAR... until we finally said "Let's just go ahead and try it..." And doggone was kismet! . He's my foodie soulmate. He is my football partner. He is my living teddy bear boo. He is the person who I laugh with the most these days.... But....

Love came at the worst time ever.
My mother has been ill for some time now. She had pneumonia which triggered them to look at her heart. They found a clogged artery. Now it appears that after her bypass she will need rehab because she had a stroke during/after surgery. We are unsure. Not sure how long she will be stuck in a rehab fa…

Feeling/Not Feeling: Fall Edition


It is fall time to break out the boots, sweatersI got some cashmere leggings...#WINNINGFall...perfect time to fall in love.I'm in love. Yep...I will only say that once on this blog. And he's amazing.Sometimes love is right under your noseAnd sometimes the things you put out into the universe, like Bliss, actually happenTime to break out the socksHalloween is coming. Still haven't decided on a costume.Luckily...those costumes can be recycled for uhm.."other" purposes! *cough*my Pinterest addiction is getting out of hand. My "Wedding" board especially.Starbucks double fudge brownieJust 1 more semester of courseworkchill weekends..under covers and watching Netflixdaydreaming about vacations.I need a cruise. A fruity drink or bootleg Clarisonic face cleaner. It's not Clarisonic but it works just as wellAmazon Prime.a man who can cook :) Thank you Jesus! Miguel's Kaleidoscope DreamTamia's new albumFinding that song that is j…

Wordless Wednesday

(Michelle Obama as Wonder dope!)

October Bliss Check In: Be Grateful for Your Bliss