August 31, 2012

Spirit and Sex: Reconciling the Two

I am torn.

I am a person of great faith. I wouldn't say I am overly religious or holier-than-thou. But I do believe in God. I believe that Jesus is my personal savior and have accepted Christ when I was 7 years old in an elaborate baptimal ceremony at which my grandmother got the holy ghost. I was in the choir. I did Easter speeches and Christmas pageants.

Luckily for me, I wasn't raised in a household where religious dogma ruled. I was able to form my own independent thoughts on things. Coupled with my mother, who is liberal to a fault. I mean...kinda little more than left of center. She told me about my body early on. The dangers and the beauty of sex. I was aware of my body and all its gendered power by the time I was 12. She told me that masturbation was "perfectly fine and safest sex around"...and that I "had to know my own body before I gave it to someone else". By the time that happened, I was almost 19 years old and very much a "late bloomer" compared to some of my friends who had been fucking since they were 14 years old. But I knew my body..and I knew what I liked.

Now that I am 33... I have had partners and I had a husband. I am also a sex positive blogger and a person whose work will eventually take them into the intersection between literature and its discourse on sex. I review porn and sex toys. I talk about erotic literature from the African-American theoretical perspective. However, I feel this overwhelming sense...

...of guilt.

I know. It seems so strange. I mean, I am a confident woman in both areas of my life. And theoretically, there is no shame in how I feel about being identified as a confident, heterosexual, black woman.  But sometimes..I feel guilty for having sex. I feel crazy for talking about sex. Because I am a person of faith. I know that sex is a sacred space but because I have engaged in sex outside of the "sacred" and I talk about sex "outside of the sacred" I feel like I am doing myself a disservice.

My challenge often is how do I reconcile the two. Is that odd? To do this I went on periods of celibacy. I went on periods of deeply spiritual retreats. On the flip-side, I went on "sexual binders" and felt I had to "get it out my system".  All of these things, I felt, didn't really help. I am sexy, smart and I am also spiritual. I need to OWN it, right? Not be ashamed of any part of me. Right?

This is easier said than done. I think a lot of this is a combination of a lot of factors. As a black woman, our bodies have been sexualized and eroticized/exoticized for some long, we feel that we have no real ownership of our bodies. We've been sex objects and "othered" since we landed here in 1619.  Instantaneously, our bodies have been subject to religious dogma of Christianity and puritanical persecution. We were the name of Jesus. We were made to the name of God. We were even raped and bore fruit of our masters...all in the name of God. Sexuality became a dirty thing....and we internalized it. I can name tons of sistas who think "giving head" is for white girls. OR that anal sex means you are gay. OR that even homosexuality means we are being damned.. I am telling you...all of this has to do with slavery and perceptions of  "I'm black..but I am a good girl" ..."I am black..and I believe in God....I have no ownership or say in my body or its landscape".  It's so be this body...and of faith. So crazy.

I say all this to isn't easy to be sex positive...yet to be a spiritual person. I am sure it is akin to a person being a doctor....and yet saying "God can heal you". But in turn...God is the one who gives you the gift to heal. Perhaps this is the case with me..God has given me a critical mind to connect these issues. It would be dishonoring my gift to toss it to the wayside. is highly spiritual. It is a joining of two souls and no matter what you can hardly break those "soul ties".

Sex is spirit. Spirit is sex. I possess a sexy spirit I suppose.......

..and hopefully my life's work will reflect that :)

August 25, 2012

A Celebration of Titties :)

(Just look how glorious those thangs are! That guhl is fine, doe....)

I, along with my other big breasted sistas, want to reclaim the breasts! There has been an assault and shaming of breast-meat and I will not stand it any longer.I want breasts to return to their rightful place in the pantheon of womanhood and sexiness.. and appreciation

This is a manifesto of sorts!

  STOP THE ASSAULT, SHAMING and IGNORING of the titty-breastmeat!!!

There was a time when my boobs were enough. I mean..I could wear a low cut shirt and get free drinks. I could push em up and almost put my eye out and go and have a good time.  Now...all of a sudden..breasts are not revered anymore.

Even breasts have become a sort of poster child of malignancy. It is all of a sudden "woe is me...woe are those who have breasts". I say this in part due to all the the billions pumped into Breast Cancer. This isn't to say breast cancer isnt should be defeated and irradicated. But all of a sudden..."breasts"  and having them has become a bad word associated with cancer..dangerous even. Breasts are so dangerous that you cant even use them for their intended purpose, which is to feed children, publicly. Women are being shamed about their boobs...

I am not here for breasts being painted as bad...but I am most definitely not here for this shift from the breast to, all things, the ass. I know..brothers love ass.  It's cultural...Yadda..yadda. But there was a small minority of brothers who loved boobs. Sistas in the Motherland had tig ol biddies too!  Imma need that minority to get loud and have a stronger voice! WE LOVE BOOBS!! Shout it from the roof tops!! I am also going to need ladies who loved their boobs to flaunt them (tastefully) and enjoy having them. Women who may have lost a breast...flaunt it.  Flaunt your mastectomy scar. Get a cool tattoo over it....

(Isn't that beautiful?? I think so...)

Do not be ashamed of your breasts: big or small. If they are there...or not there. Whether they are real or fake....they are breasts. Celebrate them!

 I remember a time when a boob job was acceptable. Now...boob jobs are weird..and ass jobs are acceptable? What? I mean..Im not for either one really (ok..maybe the ass lift......not implant) but uhm... that's just odd. All these magazines with their "booty models". I mean..reputable "men's" magazines. And WOMEN's for that matter! I dont know how many times I've looked at Essence and thought.."Where are the girls with the knockers! Where are my people, yo???" Booty meat is cool..but guess what..I can make my titties jiggle and you be just as pleased. I'm over 30 but they are still pretty perky....*shrug*

Breasts, unlike ass have a valuable biological function. Breast nurture, soothe, caress....feed multitudes! Without boobs, some of  ya'll would be dead from malnutrition. Asses are nice to look at and sure they fill out a nice pair of tight True Religions.and are cushion for your tailbone..but what purpose does this serve. Boobs require care. We must always cup them in the finest of bras. Most of us with big ones can't go bra-less like that. Boobs are expensive cause bras are not cheap (at least not the good ones).  In summer, we gotta powder our boobies and avoid that nasty ring of sweat.. And although my boy Jackson Bracey over at hates "oily boobs" the sight of some dry, ashy decolletage isn't cute at all.

I mean..aren't my boobs enough! JESUS! *smh* I like wearing fitted v-neck T-shirts with sweat pants that hang low. I like showing some cleavage and adding a little bronzer to them... Now all of a sudden..I gotta worry about my boobs AND my ass. Look..I can only concentrate on one or the other. I can do squats and dead lifts and whatever to lift my ass..but my boobs will always remain pretty large and in charge. Boobs frame my face well. I'd look crazy with little boobs. And now..this isn't to say small boobs can't be celebrated! YES! Celebrate your small boobs! You still got em even if they look like two fried eggs!!

I say all of this to say....let's come back to the breast!. Breasts are awesome. Some women (see above) have some beautiful ones. Men and Women need to revere the boob again. Next to the is the "less gratuitous" cradle of womanhood

So ladies, wave them things in the air and say.."I AM HERE! I HAVE BREASTS!! AND I LOVE THEM" Men....say.."WE LIKE TITTIES!!!"

The movement appreciates your support (*pun intended*)


August 24, 2012

Dear Mr. Marcus: You Dissapoint Me.

(sad this is the only suitable for work pic I could find of this dude...LOL)

I was inspired by my friend A and the tradition of  awesome Luvvie over at AwesomelyLuvvie to pen a sternly worded letter to my favorite porn star, Mr. Marcus. I learned last week in article in the Huffington Post that Mr. Marcus was irresponsible with his penis. Apparently he was "patient 0" in the recent syphilis outbreak that has shut down the California porn industry. He did the most irresponsible thing by altering his test results so that he can keep working. An 18 year vet of the industry, he knew better.

I was gonna wait until next week to post this..but the spirit has moved me! Therefore, he deserves a sternly worded letter from yours truly.

Dear Mr. Marcus:

You are my fav porn star I mean DUDE!! . I've been a fan for YEARS. I've even reviewed some of your work here. Your work w/ Superhead is legendary. I mean, you helped solidify her title.  You are fine. You are chocolate. You have a penis with amazing skill and curvature that is just delightful. You look like you care....or so at least I thought.

Let's face facts, sir. You are a sex worker. You know the kind of work you do and the precautions you have to take. It is a close knit community that stays getting tested. You are a man skilled with your penis as it enters varying orifices of the female frame....and yet and go out and risk your life and the life of others in your industry by continuing to spread your tainted peen all across the industry.

You are a coon, sir. I am just gonna say  it. A COON!. An typical dude who thinks "if i get a shot..I am cool" and not having to disclose this to partners. But you don't just have "regular ol' partners" like Keisha from Compton (even though she, too, would have a right to know!). No have people whose bodies are their livelihood! even if you had a muthafuckin case of the sniffles, you need to be TELLING somebody! Not taking shots and thinking it is all good, you nasty short troll! smh.....

You said you tried to cover it up because it is the "scarlet letter". making that bread more important than saving your life? Do you know what happens when you let syphilis lay dormant and untreated? You got blind, crippled and crazy. And that is no understatement..... yet and still...11 days later after your shots, you go back to work. How could you? Now there are a reported 9 workers who are suffering. You are messing up the nut of everyone involved (workers and consumers alike!). C'mon now..I need Booty Talk 21748659 to be OUT!! *smh* Nuts need to be busted and guts needs to be slain....*smh*

I am now reevaluating my fan-dom of you. Don't make me have to start looking at Rico Strong instead cause he isn't as nice with it as you. *sigh* He's all chubby and has let himself go in recent years and doesn't care about his body as much so his penis skills are getting kinda lazy..but he is my close second. Even worse, what if you make me a damn Wesley Pipes fan? And you know I HATE that ninja and his skinny weenie and his abusive talking. See...Mr. were perfect (or so I thought). A nice dude to fantasize about. You didn't talk mad trash. You let your "skills" back you up. You seemed to just be "into it" in a way most men were were a great "actor". *sigh* Great! On principle..I guess I'll be tossing me collection of your greatest works! *throws hands up*............ Ok. Maybe I'll just take a break and not watch them for a while... You disgust me, man!!

*sigh* You just know better Mr. Marcus! I am so disappointed....

I Don't Want Your Noni Juice, Ninja!!

As you all know, I've done the dating site here and there and a time or two (Ok..maybe more than two times but who is counting ....i bet you nosy bastards!) But anyway...I've done the on-line dating thing. Some good............. Mostly bad. Some ok experiences. I haven't given up on dating nor would I NOT recommed on-line dating as a great started for getting your feet wet in dating.....but for me, at this moment., I've had to take a break from it for several reasons.
One of which is: I am not buying what you're selling.

Oh no..I don't mean the usual "I'm a good guy. I'd be your Black Prince Charming"-bullshit men usually hustle.  That is expected on a dating site. I mean the ACTUAL selling of goods and/or services. Oh yes, your favorite dating sites have now become undercover means for men to get female clientele/partners in pyramid schemes/direct marketers. And it seems there is nothing you can do about it.

I encountered this a few months ago. A guy hit me on the dating site and I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN he was too good to me true. HE was fine. He was caramel and tall.   He had a username that didn't cotain a sexual phrase like "ridemyfaceinareverse69foru" and his real name didn't have a weird apostrophe. or started with La or Da or ended in "Quavius"....He had a beard. *drools* . He had dimples *pannies wet*. He was buff. Like...his pecs were oily and junk (Ok that should have raised suspiscion too..ol' oily nipple dude...) . I was like..*looking around* WHO ME?? You wanna talk to me??

So dude and I proceed to exchange a few messages...He asked if I had fitness interest and I do/did (Wait..did he think I was fat from the jump? Probably...*shrug* ) . I wanted to learn to box to get in shape...I was like "Well he seems cool" and just when I thought he would ask for my number...he goes.."So..yeah..take a look at my personal training site....let me know if you ever wanna get together..and I can teach you those boxing lessons you've wanted. I charge $25 an hour...etc"

*sucks teeth*....this ninja....

and I do mean ninja. Not just the "euphemism" for the derogatory racial slur. I mean this NINJA...ol' stealthy, slick bastard. I wanted to hit him with the "CMON SON" sign. (and hit myself with it for that matter).

Since that incident, I've been contacted more than once from guys trying to hustle via dating sites. One asked if I needed a DJ for an event. One asked me if I was interested in selling Noni juice (Nigs still drinking that terd water?). One asked me if I wanted to go in on some real estate thing. And of course, there are your stereotypical Nigerian  (or insert whatever foreign country) scammers. Those are easy to pick's the ones who come at you all smooth, liking your pics, having REAL and articulate conversations that piss you off.

Ninja...I dont want your damn Noni JUICE! I dont want to hire you as an exotice dancer for my 33rd birthday ( I don't want to listen to your demo or put your damn music on my blog! I don't want to hire you as a photographer. I don't want to sell Amway, body magics, or melaleuca! I am not HERE FOR THIS! I am here to find someone to spend time with, watch the game with, argue over Scrabble with and oil my scalp and flip pancakes in boxers the next day and that I tolerate long enough to get to the "meet my mama" phase. I am not here for your damn hustleman tactics!

(Naw..not here for you, Cheif!!)

When did dating sites become this "free for all" of foolishness? I miss the days of a guy just lying about his marital status. Now you gotta contend with that plus him trying to get you to patronize his mobile car detailing shop!

If you want to sell your goods and services , then I suggest you get a Craigslist ad. That way if you do get some ass out the deal, at least your slimy tactics would be appreciated and expected.

Look.. I am all for the hustle. I admire and respect the ingenuity of guys. But don't hustle on my dime or time. Both of which are pretty valuable. Have we become SUCH the captialist society that even your "hustle" has to be translated in arenas that have nothing to do with the "selling" of goods? I is a commodity. True it has no intrinsic value other than what it gives you emotionally. And some say that love costs...but..damn....not like this.

So yeah...I'm not for dudes using dating sites for their own personal Ebays. Please miss me with that bullshit...

In the immortal words of the great Orator Sweet Brown of St. Louis, MO.....

August 23, 2012

Thursday Tunes: Cody Chesnutt "No One Will"

Cody Chestnutt is sort of an elusive dude. Most people know him for his vocals and impressive guitar playing on The Roots' hit "The Seed".  He's also from they def makes him dope in my eyes. He had a few moderate hits. His 2002 double cd release "Headphone Masterpiece" was so dope and included the catchy tune "Look God In Leather" (it also included an early release of "The Seed" but for me..his collab w/ The Roots tops that).

Someone sent me this song last week. I had almost forgotten how much I LOVED this song. So sexy and simple...and his voice is real thick like cane syrup on top of scratchy vinyl. Retro and delicious...

My fav lyrics:

Well, maybe I'm insaneBut don't you hold it against me girlI'm a lunatic with convictionI'd said no one will, no one will, no one willAppreciate everything you areNurture you and your open heart

Check it out...the song is all kinds of sexy dopeness. WHEW! I played it at least a few times.

We all want someone to feel that same way for us. *sigh*

August 21, 2012

The NSFW Weekly Porn Review: How to Squirt (with instructions)

As you can see...apparently I am obsessed with this right??

So anyway...I was looking for an instructional video on "How to Squirt"...and ya know...I found a really good one. It wasn't trashy or anything...... I found it on

Ok..I won't like. the dude is mad  clinical technical  a tad Creepy McCreeperson and it aint sexy...  and the woman in it is shaped like a teenager (yuck).....but I thought it was useful for men, women, and those of any orientation to learn this technique... with or without a partner....

I mean dude is no Alfred Kinsey that is for damn sure.. He's just a guy who has a girlfriend who wants to teach others. He isn't talking about G-spots or massaging the "female prostate" or anything clinical/scientific......he's just a pervy guy who says stuff like "Look at her face....that's her reward"..  And he's using grapeseed oil as lubricant. and even gives us tips on what to drink to "hydrate" ourselves (gatorade, ginger/water, etc....). Chick couldn't even stand afterwards..

(Yep..I had the vicious Michelle O side-eye afterwards...)

So is the video:

August 19, 2012

Product Review: Sexy Adult Halloween Costumes

What's the most common role-play fantasy men have?

School girl?



French maid?

In an overwhelming "informal poll", the "naughty nurse" fantasy won by a landslide!!! 

Halloween is in a little over a month! As you all know, it is my favorite "non-holiday"- holiday!  I dress up every year in something different. And trust me I recylce these costumes in my everyday life :) Not to mention, I encouraged you all a while ago in my 'Lingerie Review" to get a few costumes. This is the best time of year to stock up on things that can be used for both Halloween and "sexy" role play. Everyday can be a holiday!

Our friends at Sexy Discount Costumes have an amazing assortment of sexy adult costumes for women (and men!) to get their role-play on!  There are even couple's costumes and easy and quick returns. Not to mention, there are also Plus-Sized costumes available as well on their sister site Plus Size Costume Supercenter! sexy diva left behind!

So here I am in my "Naughty Nurse" outfit  by Leg Avenue courtesy of  Sexy Discount Costumes!

It came with the hat, the "stethescope" and the naughty little mini dress...
(Oh trust may get used before Halloween! *wink*)

Just add a sweet pair of white or red knee boots, some fishnet stockings and a push up bra...and you are ready to go! So the next time your honey boo boo is sick, just slip this on and I guarantee he will be feeling better! Sexy Costume Discounters  and Plus Size Costume Super Center sizes are pretty true to size, so definitely check the size charts. But even if something doesn't fit, no worries! They also have free shipping, free damaged product replacement and free product exchanges.

Yes...Halloween is upon us! But even before then, spice up your love life with some sexy new costumes and role play!

I know I will! *wink*

*Disclaimer*: I was given a costume to review by Sexy Costume Discounters.  All thoughts and opinions are my own*

August 17, 2012

Feeling/Not Feeling: Everything and Nothing..


  • This song by Cody Chestnutt. It just makes me swoon. I promise I will do a "Thursday Tune" on this alone. It deserves it.
  • smokey jazz clubs
  • I am not into Gospel but that Tamala Mann "Take me to The King" has really ministered to me this week.
  • Emeli Sande'
  • Snow on the Bluff (check it out on's the #1 movie there...)
  • contemplating celibacy again. I think I need to go back...
  • bonding w/ new friends
  • when he lets you sit in his lap, wraps his arms around you after a bad day, lets you lay your head on his chest, letting you cry, and just kisses your forehead and goes..."'s alright"
  • getting into a new artist....and just digging them so hard oyu have to find every song, every mixtape. It's like a treasure hunt
  • finding your G-spot
  • I remember finding my G-spot like it was yesterday. I was 12......(yo...that's for another post).
  • However...It wasn't until I turned like 33 that I had a full out, HUMUNGOUS orgasm that scared the mess outta me.....literally.
  • Sorry. That  might have been kinda graphic. LOL.
  • I find it funny that on the one would think I blogged about sex, relationships or had this interest in the intersection of sex/literature like I do.
  • Finding "your spot" period.....whether it be sexual or awesome
  • bistro cafes with dim, romantic lighting.
  • Nutella is still everything
  • So are shoes
  • So are dimples. they make my nipples hard.
  • Beards too...beards are porn for me....
  • Sorry...that was probably TMI too. LOL
  • I love how my coworkers, bless their hearts, always look for a man for me. It's sweet!
  • I still believe.......although I may falter.........I do...I still believe
  • This wedding video...good lord. I have cried 1000 times watching it. Nope..I don't know these people but I just felt something here.
  •'s still beautful.


  • where is the new T.I. album? DAMN! I've waited long enough.
  • no laps to live in........none. (See. above and Andre 3000)
  • getting into a new artist...then the whole worlds gets on them...and ruins your listening experience. *smh*
  • some people have no idea where their clitoris, g-spots, or anything pertaining to their anatomy is. That is kinda sad yo....
  • i miss my loose nappy hair.....only becaase I wanna be able to braid it flat and rock weird wigs. LOL
  • that school starts in a week
  • real hard MAC looking eyebrows (ya'll know what I'm talking about)
  • My "date night"c lothes haven't been worn. Nope...not at all. Some still have tags. Some shoes still in boxes. My 
  • That 2 Chainz is actually a college graduate...yet sounds like a complete asswipe. smh. I mean really is a Summa Cum Laude grad of ASU. smh.....
  • that manual labor should be ANYWHERE in my job description. I went to school to avoid that shit.
  • Ronmey and whoever-that joker-he is running with. LOL.
  • People are so judgemental about what two consenting adults do. As long as one is truthful with the other and establishes their boundaries and rules...I gives no damn. Your freak don't interfere with mine.
  • like i have anymore good poems left in me.
  • putting myself on a shopping restriction but it is for my own good. 
  • that may put a suffering on the shoe blog. But...we'll have to do something about that. Revamp
  • Sadly, none of my friends have a fucking CLUE as to my "type" so when they try and set me's an absolute failure.
  • Like I'm supposed to accept any old dude just because he's black and breathing.
  • I also don't like when my dudes are telling me something..and I feel like it's lightweight gloating/bragging. I usually just get kinda quiet......
  • I could never accept willingly to be some dude's "beard". Nope. no way.
  • I've been in such a painful place. do I move?
  • I am SO FRUSTRATED with working out and not seeing any real results.  I've tried it all....I want to quit. Imma just get LapBand and be done. my BMI is prob high enough....
  • Love....that elusive bastard........... *sigh*

August 16, 2012

Thursday Tunes: Luke James' "I Want You"

I remember watching the BET Honors awards last year and they presented their "Next Generation" (or whatever it's called) artist...and there stood this fine, chocolate, delicious thing on stage...singing his little heart out. I was all in as soon as I heard him..... I sat and rewound the DVR over and "Yo..WHO IS this dude!!"

He's soulful. He's fresh. He's Luke James.

And his first single "I Want You" didn't disappoint

I love this song. I truly do. I think I play it once a week. I's the sentiment behind the song. The passion.

I love the lyrics. When he sings just tears me up a little inside.... his falsetto is KILLER. The lyrics are so damn simple....but I LOVE the song. Just a man confessing his love for a girl.... and hey...he wants her!

My fav part:
Before I met you girl I never knew my heart could dance, hey, hey
Yeah, listen
I was just a broken record of one night stands 
Until you came along, with your beautiful song
You saved me (you saved me, you saved me) uh
And now the funny thing about it
There’s no melody without it
I found music when I found you
So hear me when I say
I want you baby, Whooo-ooh-ooh
I want you baby, Whooo-ooh-ooh, Whooo-ooh-ooh

Go on and take a're gonna love Luke James!!

Doesn't that song just make you happy inside?? Happy inside about the possibilities???

*whew! I can't wait to feel like that.....*

August 14, 2012

The Message: A Poem

I have something to tell you...

I've surrendered to the thought of you
A long time ago.
I've waited for you anxiously
To realize that I am what you need

I wait by the various forms of electronic
communication for you to fill this void.
My throat closes up
My hands shake.
and I realize maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

But we march on....
Because my bed is cold without you.
My right brain is taking over.
when my left brain really should

The crazy thing is I want you to feel excitement over me
In your toes like electric shock waves
chakras aligning
I wake up and praise the sun...

No....this isn't what I want to say.
I'm not done.
I feel like heartbeats are digitally remastered
set against some bossa nova of old...

I'm rambling now....
Shit..I'm stumbling somehow
Tripping over my words and making no sense
was I always like this around you?

*sigh* goes nothing..

I'm in love with you.

That's all I wanted to say :)

August 10, 2012

Pleasure and Pain: A Product Review

California Exotics

Here are a few pics from my party!

(I was Christian Grey..yes I look like a soft stud...LOL)
Red "Rum" of Pain..... :)

Pure Romance Fifty Shades of Grey Catalog

Door Sign.... ;)

August 9, 2012

Thursday Tunes: Amel Larriuex "Makes Me Whole"

For a minute..this song might have been the wedding song of the 06-08 wedding season. I prob heard it at least once at every wedding I attended or on some wedding CD............

But it's so timeless..........

Amel Larrieux...the stunning half of the 90s R&B Duo Groove Theory (w. that FIONE Bryce Wilson .but I digress...)  and had  hit with "Tell Me" and "Keep Tryin"... She. has airy vocals and stunning songwriting abilities. She is sort of a fusion of jazz, soul, R&B and def old standard sounds.  The biracial beauty from NYC grew up in a super artistic household (Her mother is a dance critic and her father is an artist) and  broke out on her own when she did a guest appearance on Sweetback's album w/ the song "You will Rise". After her solo album "Infinite Possibilities", she left  Epic records and became an independent artist and along with her husband Laru, started her own label called BlissLife Records. She released 3 albums independently, including her last one Lovely Standards, which is a lot of old, standard jass from the American Song book.

But this song is my absolute favorite.............she wrote it for her husband (they have 2 daughters and have been together almost 20 years..)...

The lyrics are beautiful:

Darling I want you to listen
I stayed up all night, so I could get this thing right
And I don't think there's anything missing
Cause a person like you, made it easy to do
I've waited for so long, to sing to you this song

Cause your eyes are the windows to heaven
Your smile could heal a million souls
Your love completes my existence
You're the other half that makes me whole
You're the only other half that makes me whole

I think the angels are your brothers
They told you about me, said you're just what she needs
And I find myself thanking your mother
For giving birth to a saint
My spirit flies when I say your name
If there's one thing that's true
It's that I was born to love you

Cause your eyes are the windows to heaven
Your smile could heal a million souls
Your love completes my existence
You're the other half that makes me whole
You're the only other half that makes me whole

You make my dreams
Come true over and, over again
And I honestly truly believe
You and me are written in the stars
I live my whole life through
To giving thanks to you

Cause your eyes are the windows to heaven
Your smile could heal a million souls
Your love completes my existence
You're the other half that makes me whole
You're the only other half that makes me whole

*sigh* We can only hope to feel this way....

August 6, 2012

NSFW: The Weekly Porn Review

aka "Why I hate Wesley Pipes"  And/Or. "I'll take mine without ugly people".... 

** The WPR is back by popular demand. I had cut it out due to my own issues w/ watching and being celibate. While my stance on porn as an educational tool is still rock solid (despite my choice to end my celibacy) I found that porn seemed to not be the trigger that I thought it would be. So I acquiesce to your email inquiries, male and female, for more porn reviews!*

This week we will be reviewing...

Squirtin' Sistas 8

Categories: Black   Fetish   Squirting   Wet / Messy   All Sex 

Released:   02/2012
Studio Name:   Black Magic Pictures 
Series:   Squirtin Sistas' 
Director:   Greg Matthews

So I got the opportunity to try "video on demand" and stream a full porn movie. The selection of black porn was varied and vast, but what seemed to get the highest positive reviews was Squirting Sistas 8. It is a newest release from Black Magic productions. It features some girls and guys I'd seen before such as Rico Strong (former AVN nominated actor of the year... *snorts @ "actor" ) and Brown Sugar who was in the first WPR"squirting" movie I reviewed. Needless to say, that peaked my interest because I find her rather skilled. Yes...there are 8 of these movies. (LOL). and this is the newest one.

Anyway..the first scene opened with some new chick (well new to me) named Tatyana Fox (SN: I really hate how "Tatyana" and all versions are like the exotic, hot porn name...but anyway...). SHe looked young but was petite and had a great body and ample behind. I am sorry, I am not gay or bisexual but if I am goig to watch people have sex, I'd like for the women to have big butts and the men to have big sticks i.e. look better than REAL life people. So anyway..I thought "Ok she seems ok". She goes into a solo masturbation scene and naturally "squirts" (which prob isn't real lady juice anyway....more than likely she just has good PC muscles and can hold a lot of water in there......LOL). So enters the man...and low and behold...enters Wesley Pipes:

*shudders. This dude....*smh*

Let me tell ya'll why I HATE Wesley Pipes. HE is ugly. I mean ugly as hell to me. He looks like one of those dudes who couldn't get pussy unless he a) paid for it or b) took it. He looks like he is fresh of a bid in Attica and just desperate to hit anything. He looks like a wife beater. His lips are ugly like he smokes mad blunts. His face is ugly. And even more so, his dick is ugly. I mean...if you are gonna be ugly at least have a magnificent manpiece. But alas...he doesn't. It's mad thin and skinny to me....and always lacking "something" in his stroke approach. *shrug* (SN: One of my good girlfriends, quiet as it's kept, LOVES Wesley..which is odd because I'd never think a lady like her would enjoy such an animalistic thug! *smh*...but fantasy is fantasy. For the record...I dig Mr. Marcus....LOL) Perhaps some sistas like thug love, but not this girl...he is BEYOND thug. Just a damn hoodlum...

..and did I mention ugly???

Anyway..the scene progress and in usual Wesley Pipes style...he verbally berates the girl...saying her pussy was "little as fuck" (or something or other...I zoned out soon as he enter...literally)..then to make matters worse...he was making the girl "squirt"...fine....but do you have to SLAP and hit the woman in her face and on her arms/back to "motivate"?  Do you have to curse her out or berate her? Ugh...I think not.  ANd when he cums..he makes dumb ass noises like he's taking a dump. Not my cup of tea. I was glad when that as over.

The second scene was a very tall,  thick woman named Sydnee Capri (who had bouncy, natural hair  and a bouncy butt to match...btw...LOL)  and her partner was Rico Strong. I appreciate Rico... He puts in work and doesn't berate and he is fairly attractive albeit short.  Ms. Capri was a skilled squirter, especially when she was riding Rico. Not to mention, Rico has great verbal motivation.....I mean the kind of stuff you wouldn't mind hearing during sex. There are no "Bitches" or "hoes"...a la Wesley I am never disappointed with him. (not to mention...he's kinda packing). They were getting it in and it was an enjoyable scene.

The third scene was with a girl named Luxury Amore. After the gratuitous, "oil my body" scene,  she was thick and ample boobs and honestly, body wise, reminded me a lot of myself, so that made me feel comfortable. *Shrug*.  She was, however, beyond a "squirter". Sista was a GUSHER. I mean it was all over the place. Goodness....but i wasn't too interested in her (because that gushing was fake as her lashes). I liked her partner. SOme guy named Nathan Threat. He was gorgeous. Tall, dark and had locs. His penis wasn't shaped like a pencil. Not to mention, he was really putting it DOWN. She'd squirt...he'd swallow. She'd squirt...he'd want it all on his face. She'd get the picture. He at least made you believe he enjoyed it.....

THe last scene.....once again...enter Wesley Pipes. and then this UGLY, crackhead looking chick named Aquarius Love. She was not cute. It was as if Dave Chapelle put on a wig, grew an ass and had breasts. I was just disturbed.... then to pair her with Wesley "I look like my peen smells like beer, chicken and desperation" Pipes, was NOT turning me on whatsoever or even entertaining me. Neither was this chick. I will be honest, I didn't get through much of the scene. I'd fast forward, pausing on the actual squirting (because that part is rather educational). I had no desire to hear his abusive tone or see his skinny penis or ugly face. (LOL) And the sista needed a waxing like nobody's looked like a Nestle crunch bar.....*smh*

All in all..I'd give this video a 3.5 out of 5. Only because I dislike Wesley Pipes so much...he made it hard for me to watch. But I enjoyed Rico (as always)..and this Nathan Threat dude. And naturally, squirting is always fun to watch (whether it be real or fake). This wasn't nearly as good as the Jada Fire fueld "Black Squirt"

You can preview a clip for free here:

You can stream this porn and many others via Adult Video Universe. They even allow you to rent it for a "Lifetime" in order to stream on demand! Enjoy :)

August 2, 2012

Thursday Tunes: Miguel "Adorn"

Hey Ya'll!

I'm on Vacation..and that being "real blogs" this week. But I did want to leave you with a song that I love right now.

Miguel's "Adorn"

Very sexy song...

Not much I wanna say on it. Indeed...I am on vacation :)

See you all soon ! 



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