November 26, 2011

One and Done

According to a joint Morehouse and Howard University study, 73% of black women WILL be married at least once by age 35. It's a statistic that most overlook during this whole "poor black women cant find a man" media blitz that seems to plague my generation. It truly does give women hope (now whether they remain married is about the same as the national average... of 61%).


I'm 32.

I'm divorced.

So does this mean I already had my "at least one time"?

Thanksgiving with my family since the divorce has further highlighted that this may be a possibility.  My little cousins, all grown men and women, now have their own families. Some are married. Some are not. Some are with long term partners. Some have "baby daddies"and are doing it solo.

But I was supposed to be the "ideal" one in my family: Educated, Pretty, Career Minded. I had the husband and the big fancy wedding to prove it. I had the house. Family holidays were a no-brainer. We were it. We had it...

Had it...

Now at the almost 3 year divorced mark, I'm faced with the possibility that what I once had..will be the only time I have it. It sounds bleak...but...there is a certain peace at times at the thought.

I can be that cool Aunt/Older Cousin that gives bomb gifts on the holidays, sneaks a kid some wine, and laughs at talks of their first kiss.
I can go to all the recitals and stuff, and even offer to chaperon.
I can be the cool one who haves slumber parties, shopping sprees and "tea" on Saturday w/ my favorites.
I can travel the Globe on the holidays...and not have to worry about if we have the money to pay the rent, if the car will get repossessed,  splitting in between in-laws who don't like me no way, or if he'll really want to spend that day with someone else.
In case of not getting married, Ive made alternative arrangements...from finance to personal.

It all sounds fine and dandy.....


My little chubby cherub of a 2nd cousin, jumps in my arms and I tickle her and laugh and she decides to whisper an inaudible secret to me, as her chubby chocolate hands grip my face. She runs off and jumps in her father's arms and giggles some more. I see my Uncle sneak his wife a kiss and say something a little naughty....and my Grandmother is there, admiring the generations that she spawned....

And I realize I can't lie to myself... I do want that .I realize that I am here. Not alone but alone for the 3rd year in a row. What should have been wasn't. And while I have made peace with that, it doesn't make it any easier.

I'd love to get married again and possibly have a family. But age, time and (perhaps) race isnt on my side. So..the word "remarriage" and "35" may not go together

Ok..I know I have a ways to go before I am 35...but it isn't that far away.

Could I be a "one and done" girl? Ot should I quit while I'm ahead? be continued.

November 23, 2011

Good Ol' Twitter Wisdom

I ran across an old tweet...

"Fear is paralyzing. I need courage, the ability to fight through fear. I am afraid to be in love because I'm afraid to be FREE. I am afraid to be in love because I am afraid to be and BE dissapointed. Above all else, I am afraid to be in love because...I might actually enjoy it. And for me..enjoyment usually means this is too good to be true..and bound to fail."

Gosh...I'm Confucious in this mug.....*smh*

(BTW...follow me  @TheMochaPeach)

November 21, 2011

One Line Truths

Being told you are beautiful everyday sometimes you take it for granted...until the day you just stop hearing it all together.


November 17, 2011

Thursday Tunes (and a Movie): "Something New" ...and Van Hunt

I had a bit of insomia the other night and tossed and turned. I decided to turn  to the Oxygen network and low and of my fav movies was on: Something New with Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker

Back when I first saw the movie, I wasn't as open to the idea of interracial relationships as I am now. But with maturity comes growth...and for me that growth included a better appreciation for the movie. Sanaa played "Kenya", the main character with tact and beauty. And Simon Baker as "Brian" was hot and steamy. I think my fav scene when he paints her toes...and tells her she needs a little "Color" in her life. *WHEW*! Talk about sexy..........(oh..and that sex up against the foyer scene was hot too).

The irony wasn't lost on me, an English major. The blue-collared (yet college educated) white guy, the "colorless", vanilla guy brings a lot of color to the "boring, vanilla" but professional "colored" girl. True love prevails all..

I also love the song "Seconds of Pleasure" by Van Hunt which was sorta the "love theme" of the movie. Omg..such a sexy song....

I love Van Hunt. A true, funk soul man in his own heart. A little Hendrix. A Little Prince. Almost a baby brother to my love, Lenny Kravitz. ..and def a student of Curtis Mayfield*sigh*..He's so dope it'll make you an addict!

(This song is the absolute TRUTH)

I think "Something New" maybe be in my Top 10 Fav Movies of All Time. (And I LOVE that is a big ol' thing for me to say) It is all about getting out of your box and out of yourself. (Ok..I was a little mad that my SEXY Blair Underwood had to come out a loser..but oh well...someone had to. His comment about her hair irked me).  But the movie is so so sexy....and Simon Baker gives a poignant, honest performance as a man just wanting to love his girl.

So enjoy a little "Something New" Today........... :)

(Here is the whole movie...Youtube is being a buster..not letting me imbed the HTML for a few parts! GRR!!)

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

(Ps: And if you all are curious about my SOME of FAV MOVIES of all they no paricular order (and def not a definitive list):
Love Jones (Ok. So this might be my ALL TIME #1 Movie of All Time)
The Usual Suspects
Menace II Society
Imitation of Life
The Five Heartbeats
Love and Basketball
500 Days of Summer
The Best Man
The Princess Bride
Oh Brother Where Art Thou?
Brown Sugar
A Streetcar Named Desire
Something New
Two Can Play That Game
Love Actually
The Holiday
Deliver us from Eva
All About Eve
Slumdog Millionare
Love and other Disasters
Last Holiday (yeah..I  like that movie too)
Love Potion #9
Miss Congeniality
Shrek (all series)
A Soldier's Story
What's Love Go To Do With It?
The Wiz
Carmen Jones
Cabin in the Sky
Porgy and Bess
New Jack City
The GodFather Series
Do The Right Thing
Boyz in the Hood
Dial M for Murder
Sex and the City (the 1st movie)
Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom
The Color Purple
School Daze
Lady Sings the Blues
Malcolm X
Training Day (and honestly anything w/ Denzel in it)
Kill Bill
Cooley High
Cleopatra Jones
I'm gonna Get you Sucker
Eve's Bayou
City of God
The Professional
Coming to America
Beverly Hills Cop
The Wedding Planner
The Wedding Singer
Reservoir Dogs
Antoine Fisher
The Bourne Identity
A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
The Birds
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Miracle on 34th Street (the  modern version)
A Christmas Story
27 Dresses
Harold and Kumar
Old School
Sabrina (both versions)
Knocked Up
Black Orpheus
Like Water for Chocolate
Super Bad
40 Year Old Virgin
Roll Bounce
Drumline (yep..even that cheezy Joint)
Breakfast at Tiffany's

November 16, 2011

Sweet Peach in Spoiled Pie: "A Poetic Litany"

This is a litany
For the sweet peach that was me..
Now fermented in what is now a spoiled, rotten pie.
First, she grew beautifully
Firm and ripe
Sweet and juicy
Under the southern sun
She was plucked...suckled...dripping down the chin of experience.
Leaving only a bit to savor.
Yet that bit I thought I saved
Little known to me was being swallowed up and consumed
By the bakers who wanted to put me in a pie
And ship me off in a box
They bound me up
Letting me sit and fester
Until the maggots came to devour
They fed on my nativeness
Until they gorged themselves
And vomited out my pit, my core.
(Or what was left of it)
to stay trapped in the sugary sweetness of an ever baking pie
In an even hotter oven.
No Ice cream to top me
Just flies and mold
Then the roaches come
To feed on whatever is left..
the crust and crux of me.

Atlanta...this peach, your native daughter has outgrown you
I've go to go.

November 15, 2011

The Burning Questions: Random Thoughts

  •  Why is it SO EASY for men to move on? They move to a new city...they quickly fall into finding a new chick to smash. Divorce/Break a new broad within the week and marry her in 6 months. Break someone's heart...get another chick pregnant. I mean...where is the recovery time for your hear? It seems so cold. Especially cause the next chick won't know she's filler. The old girl becomes afterthoughts...if she doesn't materializes into vapor.

  • Why are my ATL born and raised sensibilities not a good fit anymore in the NEW ATL of fake asses, over 35 year olds in the club, everyone wanting to be a model/star, and no one dating? I gotta get away. I wont tolerate bashing my city..ESP by transplants because they are partly why the atmosphere has changed. I'm tired. The truly Southern Belle I am (and not in a Phaedra way) and that just doesn't mix well now. But if I go...where will I go? Here or abroad? Will it all just be the same?

  • Why are my misfortunes comedy for so many people? Perhaps not intentionally. But when I hurt...I hurt. I recently tweeted about an incident where I felt like I was on an episode of Awkward Black Girl and I get a DM from my frat laughing and calling me a clutz. It wasn't the time nor the place. I really felt I blew my chances to make a good first impression. You don't have to drive the nail any deeper. I dont need to be reminded of how I make mistakes, esp. socially.

  • Has celibacy hurt or helped me? Spiritually, I feel helped a lot. I feel at peace. I don't feel pressued. I feel cleansed. But socially, I feel awkward. I mean, there has been NO attempts at dates or seriously dating. I don't even know if I SHOULD or can be around guys.. When I bring it up, I get either "Awww...thats great" or "Aww..I feel sorry for you.". No one knows how to react.

  • Why is it that no "toy" pair of "shoes" new hair do..or no new outfit can replace the hole you feel inside? And why do you try and fill it....when you should probably just "feel"it?

  • Why do I feel like I have to compromise myself, my morals and who I am to get what I truly want? I dont feel the need to "trick" men  or "trick" my bosses or professors. I refuse to do it. But am I "losing"?

  • Do fairytales every happen for little black girls? I don't mean Prince Charming waltzing in to save the day. I mean just dreams coming true. We all seem so tired of being sick and tired. I have girlfriends who lament the same thing. Over over.....I can see why "the rainbow isn't enuf".

  • Why don't more men write songs about love and loving? And less songs about "ASS" and smacking it and keeping it "wet".  Why do you know the mechanics of sex but not the mechanics of love?

  • Why does it appear that the "losers" are rewarded? They've done wrong yet they come out shining. How is that fair?
  • Have you ever wanted to just say to God.."Look God...enough is enough." or " this how it's gonna be?" It's frustrating. You don't want to have to get to the perils of Job to appreciate God...or get THIS close to cursing God.. I feel like Jacob, wrestling with God. But I'm not sure if I am coming out the victor. I am reminded of His word: Jer 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

  • When does it get old hearing "You have this and are SO GREAT...I dont understand why you are single"? When is the polite way of telling people to "shut the fuck up" because instead of being just sounds condescending?

  • When do you just stop caring? Stop wishing upon wish...hoping upon hope..particularly if you profess to be a person of faith. Can you have faith and be numb to care? Numb to empathy?

  • Can your "best" just not be good enough?

  • Can silence and emptiness become familiar? Can you get used to it? Can it replace what was familiar?

November 12, 2011

Kandi Burrus Launches Sex Toy Line

Kandi Burruss promotes her new Bedroom Kandi toy line at Shout Sept. 1, 2011. PHOTO CREDIT: Rodney Ho/

Former Lead Singer of Xscape and Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member singer/songwriter Kandi Burruss recently launched her own line of sex toys. Kandi said she was inspired by Dr. Laura Berman (whose products I have also reviewed as well)....
Kandi looking curvy and fab at her product launch party this past September.

The line, entitled "Bedroom Kandi by Kandi Burruss", introduces women to luxury sex toys that are sleek, discrete, and gorgeous with cute little names and "adapters". Lots of products resemble women's items such as lipstick or compacts! Partnering with OhMiBod (famous for their Ipod/Vibrator combination) and designer Matthew Pung, Kandi has launched some pretty "hot" products

"Happiness and Joy" vibrator
"Kandi Kisses" lipstick vibrator

I love that Kandi is branching out into other areas beside music! This is totally cool. And as a person who appreciates sex toys and supporting African-American businesses, I can totally get with this.

Items went on sale in late October. You can now order her products at as the site has finally gone live! Also, there is information there if you want to become a "Bedroom Kandi" party consultant.

November 8, 2011

Giving D*ck Reports

Ya know, there were two cardinal things that my mother told me never, ever to talk about with my girlfriends when I got married:

1)   You and your husband’s finances: Unless folks wanna put MORE money in your pocket…WTF can they do for you.
2)   You and your husband’s sex life. If you start talking about it…you will lose it. Save it for a therapist if you having problems. And if it’s good, keep smiling, and keep it to yourself…unless you want the next woman to have it.

Now, because of unforeseen events, I had to call on my girlfriends for some financial help. So #1 went out the door. But those were trusted confidantes that really didn’t expect to go blabbing about how they helped me.

But #2….with all my heart I kept that close to the vest. I never ever shared how my husband and me had a great OR bad sex life. To this day, no one will know that except me and my ex husband. That is the truth.

But nevertheless…some people really share too damn much. And your sex life with your partner/husband/fiancĂ©/baby-daddy is one of them.

I have a friend. Let’s call her “Shelly” (thank God I have no friends named Shelly…LOL). Anyway, Shelly is really into her husband “Ted”.  It’s as if Ted is the only penis she’s had (and that’s a lie because I guess she forgot how big a hooker she was). Anyway, Shelly is a born-again freak for her man (despite pretty much giving all her freak away to the umpteen dudes before Ted).  Every Facebook post…every Tweet…at least twice a week…is on how she’s “putting it on Ted”. How well Ted “eats her p**y” and how big his dick is. And that is MILD….some of it get’s downright raunchy.   For example, one tweet was something like “Yeah..his D8ck just hit my walls something serious. I mighta gotten a hysterectomy”. What?? “Ilk*  “[Nicki Minaj voice*]

.’I'm no prude…trust me I’m not. I don’t want to picture her and Ted getting their “grown folks” on. Seriously… gags.  Not that they are unattractive people, but that’s a line that I don’t want to cross.  I don’t need to picture that every time I see you pass the potato salad at the picnic. Giving a d*ck report back in the "single" days meant you were telling your girl what you HEARD (or experienced but...veiled it as "what you heard") about a dude's sex game to sort of "warn" hear about what he may be like (or give a brother props).

 I am not sure what purpose giving a dick report to your girl is about when you are married?? To brag? To say.."Poor thing...dont you wish you had some?" No I dont..I dont want none of Ted's rusty nasty beer-belly dick if I had a choice and if you asked me to join ya'll....I'l pass.

Oh we all get flirty.  I will brag on my skills form time to time. [pats self on back].  But it’s always in a joking manner. Never will you hear the nitty-gritty, down and dirty details of how I do my thing in the bedroom. Nor will you hear me giving out dick reports on my man. As my mother said, I don’t want the next woman getting her curiosity peeked so she could get the deepest of her itches scratched. If you are a cat in head, please find another cat to get down with. Not my cat…

Keep your sexual life in-house, people. No one wants to hear there just on a TMI level. But most of all, don’t share what’s good to you, unless you want someone else to take a sample of it.

Marriage and monogamy is dine-in, one course only. Not a buffet…


November 4, 2011

Feeling/Not Feeling

  • The weather is I'm feeling warm, inviting, sexy, alluring..maybe even a little "daring"
  • Like we skipped fall and are going straight into winter. Wow.........*burrr*
  • Cold sheets. I like my sheets ice cold, then gradually warming up.
  • Down comforters
  • Maxwell albums never, EVER get old for me
  • Argyle tights. Patterened tights in general
  • Iphone 4s
  • Winter skin exfoliating
  • That my feet are covered and I can save on the pedicures.
  • This is prob my fav Monica song of all time.............
  • I like Drake. Sue me! *shrug*
  • I'm gorgeous. I mean absolutely stunning. And it's not my problem if other people don't see it. *shrug*

Not Feeling
  • That despite this weather changing, there really is no one to share that with...except my boyfriend TiVo (LOL)
  • That this is me most weekends...
(that's cocoa in my mug...LOL)
  • That there is no point to my cell phone. I dont even get that many texts. People don't call.  Yet I want an Iphone 4s? I might as well go back to the days of the flip phone.
  • Remaking The Best Man? UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! *thumbs down*
  • Seasonal Affect Disorder.........Not cool :(
  • I'm all boobs and big hair. I'm so Southern that way :( *smh*
  • I dont like Jay Z...SUE ME! *shrug*
  • Still can't rock a super high heel........*sigh*, My ankle does this weird pop and spasm
  • People are too caught up in their own fucking feelings, yo. For real. You salty over what?? *smh* Get over yourelf
  • That apparently you're a "lesbian" if you're celibate. Interesting............
  • Like I have a "mentor": Someone a little older than me that is where I wanna be: Marriage, Career, Family..... Gotta search
  • This blog is dying a slow death.......(LOL) I wanna pull the plug EVERY day...but something tells me not to.
  • I'm gorgeous. I mean absolutely stunning. And THE PROBLEM IS if other people don't see it. *shrug*

Dear Men: Death to the "Hey You" Text

I am always inspired by other bloggers. I read and crack up DAILY at Awesomely Luvvie's blog. She is too funny.  The posts that always crack me up are her "sternly worded" letters, to celebrities, commentary on pop culture, and all other forms of rachetness. So, needless to say, she inspired me to do a "sternly worded letter" of my own to men and their use (well..misuse) of the "Hey You" text.

Dear Men Of the Free World (Regardless of Race, Creed, Religion, Nationality, or Color):

They shoulda never gave you nuggets cell phones. 

And with the advent of texting, I definitely wish to hell that that means of communication was never born. I am convinced texting was invented by a cowardly man who wanted to avoid actual communication at all costs.  I mean, you DO know what it's (texting) for right? Texts are quick little joints like "Imma be late" or "Can you pick up some milk?" or "Hey..Emergency..My cat died". You know, important shit that, nonetheless,  can be translated in brevity.

They are NOT for you to send random, ratchet "Hey you" texts. Just two raggedy words. Hey and You. WTF is the purpose of these texts? I think I talked about this not too long ago, how men like do to the "back pocket girl" check-in from time to time. B*tch I do not have time for games.  What do you think that text was supposed to do? Get me wet in the panties and itching to talk to you.

Quite the opposite. All the "hey you" text does is further give me reasons not to communicate with your punk ass. Don't come at me like I'm some afterthought. Like "Oh..let me see wassup with you?" What you want? I know it's getting cold. A hot meal. Some body heat? WHAT??

Text messages damn sure aren't "sticky notes" for your brain to check on some girl you hadn't talk to in 5 months of Sundays.

I love you, men. I truly do. But do you all know this thing called "social etiquette" and graces. Or were you all raised by a back of she-wolves?  And what makes you think a woman is gonna even remember who the hell you are after long lapses of time?? And why the "hey you". You don't remember shit about me. Tell the truth, yo! *smh* You can't even personalize the message you sorry excuse for brains. Just lazy as hell..if you said my name I'd remember

Then when I'm like " is this?" Cause obviously I do not decide to be clever and text me a photo. Like I'm supposed to have a jarred memory cause you sent some photo. I'm trying to FORGET you. WTF, son! Then when I casually remind you of how long it's been since we go.."For's been 5 months?" Obviously..I wasn't that deep on your mind. Truth is, you just didn't want ME to forget about you so you can have an IN. Ol narcissistic assclown..... Dont nobody give a damn about the air you breathe and the space you consume..let alone your raggedy texts!! make my hemorrhoids flare up! saw my number in your cell....was like "Hold up..what happened to that chick...let me send a text"..thinking it could ease you back into the scene...maybe get some ass...and some hot ramen noodles on a cold winter's night.  WRONG! WOMP! WOMP!  You just played your damn self.

I call for a funeral to the "hey you" text. Ain't no sincerity behind it. No genuine concern. Cause if that was the case...there would be no need for the "hey you" text.  You would have mad a concerted effort to keep me around, keep the lines of communication open IRREGARDLESS (yes..that is incorrect English...but alas).  At least have the decency to be for real and be like " your name is in my cell..we ain't talked in a minute...who is this?" Yeah...I'd garner a modicum of respect for you then.

Men...Please have a seat. No. A full church pew at The Potter's House. And please don't text me no "hey you" mess again. HEY is for horses (as my Grandpa would say...)


I don't give 12 damns if I got unlimited texts, you are using up my megabytes for bullshit.

November 2, 2011

Reproductive Justice, Age, and Turning Tables.

I will be 33 years old in less than 5 months. By this time, I thought I would have a child by now. But such is not my fate.

In less than 5 months, it will also mark my being celibate (I hope) a full year. I siad that I would stop there. But I am thinking I am going to go onward...

I'm also a feminist. I am a womanist. And I am also an advocate for fair and equal reproductive justice. I believe I can do what I want, when I want, when it comes to my body and my reproductive rights. I am pro choice. I grew up in a very feminist, pro-choice household that advocated responsible sexual health and access to reproductive care.

I will be 33 in less than 5 months. If you can believe it, if I never have sex again....I would probably be ok.


I know. It seems shocking and unrealistic. But I am at a really good place spiritually.  I feel so free. It is a terrible, drowning burden lifted. This insatiable need to please another person who really could care less. For the first time since before I was a virgin, I feel in total control of my body. Not lusted after. Not wanted for one illicit pleasure or another. And while I am not one to disclose my sexual habits, I just feel free of the drama of having to get undressed, buy new drawers (lol), and pretend I'm superwoman of the bedroom.

*sigh* exhausting...*ugh*

And although I hear people saying "What if the right guy comes along?" Or "what if you want to have a child?" I have made my peace with it. I will be 35 in 2 years. That was my cut off date. And right now, I do not see it. I don't want it.  I am in the midst of career changes and PhD studies. I may will not actually birth a child. This isn't to say I won't be a mother...right?

All of this, celibacy, deciding not to have children, and the ironic part is I am still on birth control. *smh* $25 every freaking month for what? So...I decided on the radical decision to get an IUD, stop taking the pill, and basically increase my chances of not having a child. In the event that I do have sex, I do not want it to result in any "accidents". Abortion isn't a choice I want to make, despite being pro-choice.

My friends think I am crazy. That this must be a "phase" and I have lost my mind and/or sex drives. One accused me of "sterilizing" myself.  One girl told me "Just go pill-less and see what happens! If you get what? You are grown and you have a job". What kind of craziness is that? How is that taking control of my reproduction if you basically want me to be a statistic: unwed, single Black, highly-educated mother. Oh yes, contrary to popular belief, most single mothers who are black are HIGHLY educated. I'm a PhD student, gainfully employed...I def don't want to be there. Not knocking those who's just not for me. This is my body. And I do with it what I shall...

I do not want to forgo the natural childbearing alone. Particularly if I know who the father is.  That's an emotional monkey that I do not want on my back. What if dude doesn't want to be with me? What if by some strange coincidence I find out he's married or with a girl? What if he's a deadbeat? What if he's way too involved? What if I love him...and he doesn't love me? Or vice versa?

Adoption is altogether a different subject.  Giving love to a child who is unwanted?? That's sounds contradictory but not really. Mothering does not mean childbirth. I could mother with our without it..and even with or without adoption.

Fact of the matter is, although giving birth in a marriage with my husband is optimal, I probably will not, and I need to tailor my life to that. Let's face facts: the availability of a suitor is slim, I'm getting older, I am busy, and quit frankly, sex isn't that big a deal to me anymore. This isn't a doom and gloom blog. Just the facts. Sex, especially sex outside of marriage or a committed relationship, isn't that appealing to me. (Actually, I've never been one too keen on sex outside of relationships, although my blog may not have reflected that)

I never thought I'd be here at this point in my life. I never thought that I'd be out of this hetero-normative idea of marriage, biological reproduction,  and a "happily ever after". Truth is, perhaps it left me out. Perhaps the stats are against me. Perhaps I just feel this overwhelming freedom and control over my own destiny



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