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Feeling/Not Feelng

  • Sir Lucious Left Foot...the new Big Boi Album.
  • Bon Jovi...they still rock (and Jon is still fine as hell!)
  • summer rainstorms (did I say this already??)
  • trying a new restauraunts.
  • salmon benedict
  • sipping wine on my patio  (preferably with someone)
  • RuPaul's Drag U
  • my wedding CD. Even after 4 years that joint still bumps so hard! (LOL)
  • all night Greek diners..(I LOVE diners...)
  • someone massaging my temples
  • little sweet text messages...just because
  • silence
  • PSYCH on USA (funny ass show! For real!)

Not Feeling
  • Where the hell is Outkast! Cmon now! *sigh*
  • These occasional migraines
  • this real??
  • not meeting my  dating goals..oh well.
  • people who name drop..I dont care who you know. That doesnt impress me
  • great first dates...that dont materialize into anything
  • OR the fact that I wont sleep with you on date one..or just cut off talking to me
  • why my right contact feels so weird
  • people who PRETEND to be in frats. WHY lord why? *smh* In this DAY and age!
  • feeling like a hypocrite over my love life at times.
  • being bored with my hair...I am THIS close to shaving my head
  • the  (ultimate) end of The Office
  • too much silence.
  • not being asked on a date in..................months.
  • the fact that my biological clock is angry at me with no sperm in sight (Well..not in sight of my get the point..LMAO!)
  • the confusion in my heart.


  1. What's on the wedding CD? Nothing beats some great music. And I am with you on the hair piece. I wouldn't say I'm having second thoughts, but I had forgotten how much maintenance (and relaxer) short hair requires. Pass me them clippers when you're done!

  2. @Hilary...Lots of good music...lots of neo soul cuts..classic joints (Anthony Hamilton/John Legend/E.Badu/Lauryn Hill). I had to burn like 50 extra copies for folks saying they wanted one for the house..the car..etc. LMAO! SO funny. It was hot in the streets for a minute. hair is a love/hate relationship. If I shave my head, I'll look sick. If I keep the locs, I'll look boring and ordinary (IMO). I dont care for perms. I like weaves but that is SUPER high maintanence..and I'm lazy. I dunnno

  3. PSYCH is so damn funny! Love that show!

  4. I've been trying to tell my homeboys that Big Boi dropped a good album. I used to love the Slippery When Wet album (attended a predominantly white school, at the time). Dead or Alive was my ish.

    Salmon Benedict? Explain. I love the taste of Salmon.

    I wonder when did brothers stop entertaining the idea of actually earning the woman and all that follows? So much better when a man and woman take their time. Sooo much better, if you ask me.

  5. Salmon benedict is just like eggs benedict: served w/ smoked salmon on an english muffin w/ a poached egg and hollandaise sauce (usually with a touch of dill!) Heavenly if you ask me! I actually made it w/ some left over grilled salmon I had the other day. Talk about gooooooood! men/women. No one wants to work for anything. The sense of entitlement runs rampant even in dating.

  6. Oh, hell yeah, that appears to be the business. The sauce sounds like it is able to really bring out the flavor.

    I might need to try that.


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