December 27, 2012

Feeling/Not Feeling: 2012 End-of-year Review


  • my 2012 was so full of bliss that I was unable to contain 
  • ...that despite some sad times... The good outweighed the bad
  • ... 2013 will be all about INCREASe! It's going to happen to me! Just you wait and see!
  • ...that hearts, souls and bodies will be healed. People will walk. The blind will see. Weight will be lifted. All will be the upcoming year.
  • I can't believe my studies will be over soon..Dr. M or Dr. M-R (lol) or Dr. R or whatever it will be is happening.
  • (Oh I hope you caught that last
  • like i need a new place in 2013...I need more room. maybe I'll rent a house. We shall see.
  • I need tattoos....I do...i really need one more for 2013. (I am such an addict)
  • ... That my heart is going to explode with every best! 2012 really gave me hope that happiness and willing it to you works.


  • ..... Like I accomplished much in my "to do" list. Still so much to do.
  • ... That 2012 broke my spirit. If anything it defined me. That is a GOOD thing
  • ...that I wasted my time w/ dating. In the end... Love was under my nose the entire time! Isn't that crazy how stuff works out???
  • ... That my mother is happy. This isn't how I know she wanted her year to end. But I'll do anything to make her happy...
  • like i traveled enough in 2012. I think that'll change in 2013.
  • that i need tons of money..or material things to be happy. I am going to definitely be on a diet of sorts financially. Lots to prepare for....lots.
  • this extra weight. A trainer IS on deck for 2013....I got a cruise booked w/ my Bookie for June 2013 and I need to be skinny as hell. (or at least fit).
  • ... Like all the good or bad was a waste. I am ready for 2013 to come...

December 20, 2012

Ask The MochaPeach: Past, Present, and Sex.

In this edition of "ask the mochapeach", the reader asks should she continue on with her love despite his questionable past. Ladies....what would you do???

Dear TheMochaPeach:

Hey girl! I love your no nonsense advice about about love and relationships. I've always wanted to write in so.... So I will just get to the point:

I've been with my boyfriend about a year. We talk about getting married and everything. We have no secrets. At least... I think we didn't...

Recently we were talking and he told me that he experimented in college with men. He said it was only one guy and limited to oral sex.and touching. And didn't go any further. He said he knew he liked women after this and didn't want to go that route. I was shocked . I mean? What does this mean? Is he gay? Or bisexual? Would he go back to men? What if I don't satisfy him? I mean the sex is off the chain and dude loves me to death. I mean I see (or I saw) a future with him.... Should I end the relationship?



Trapped in the Closet (maybe)


Dear "Trapped in the Closet (Maybe)":

First off...let me go "wow". You have given me a serious question to discuss. But I will say before I give you any advice....ask yourself these questions: a) What are my feelings on sexuality and gender? and b) Are my feelings regarding sexuality and gender influential on my relationships? Are they flexible? Or pretty firm?

I know it may seem like a shock to you that your boyfriend told you he messed around with men. The fact that he told you at all is commendable. He said it was experimentation. It was college. Who hasn't done something outrageous in college?

I will say in this country we have a double standard. I have no doubt if I told my man that I messed with a girl in college he'd be all hot, turned on and want details. Women? Not so much. Black women (and I am assuming you are black), have this serious homophobia rooted in our history, our social structures, the church, etc. So I understand your concern.

So let me give you MY opinion on it....

Let me reiterate: sexual acts does not inform one's sexual orientation. Just because he had oral sex with a guy doesn't mean he is gay. Maybe at one point he THOUGHT he was and he realized "Eh...this isn't for me". Doesn't he have the right to make an informed sexual decision? I think so.

Nor does his decision to disclose that he did this mean he isn't less attracted to you or want an exclusive, monogamous relationship with you. HE wanted to be honest with you. And not have any secrets. I am sure it was hard for him to do this.

All in all...I can just say the decision to terminate the relationship or continue it rests on you. No one else. And it really shouldn't come from those outside the relationship. Only you two know what's going on in your bedroom.

I pray that I helped you! :)


Have any questions? email me at

December 18, 2012

Bad, Bad Blogger.

I know. I am such a terrible blogger these days.

No "Wordless Wednesday" posts...No "Tunes on Thursdays" "Feeling/Not Feeling" on Fridays. I said to myself I could a LEAST do those three..but I suck royally.

So much is going on. School.Work,. Personal life. I def need to devote at least 10 minutes a week to get my blogs out of the way. You'll forgive me wont you? I promise I am not being an errant child...I just am well...tired. and I have a life outside of the confines of bytes and megabytes and binary codes. Not to mention...I'm getting kinda bored. If you have fresh ideas, let me know........

I promise to come back with some posts......I PROMISE!

In the meantime.............have a cookie :) I baked em special.......

(Do not laugh at my gingerbread men. They look like a 4 year old high on "Molly" decorated them ...oh well! LOL)

December 6, 2012

Thursday Tunes: Avant ft. Keke Wyatt "You and I"

Avant and Keke make MAGIC together. Some of us may recently know Keke for her antics on the reality show R&B Divas..but before she was painted as a looney-toon...she was and STILL is a beautiful singer, who had hits with Avant such as the Rene and Angela remake of "My First Love" as well as "Nothing in the World". And yes...Avant is more than the poor man's R. Kelly...(LOL)...since signing way back when with the now defunct Magic Johnson record label...he's turned out quite a few hits.....

Their most recent effort is prob gonna be the wedding song of 2013. It makes me so warm and fuzzy, and dare I say, a bit misty eyed. Keke is so beautiful vocally...and Avant kills it too...

And the Lyrics!! OMG...*sigh*

My fav lyrics...

Oh baby, funny how things have changed in my life now
Whether near or far, I wanna be where you are
and you’re like a rose that blooms in my garden
Innocent and sweet my love you are
But one thing I know girl
Lovin’, lovin’, oh lovin’, lovin’ you is easy from me to you baby
And I will feel this way till the end of time, oh
Even tho you’ve heard this a thousand times, it’s the truth
Oh baby

Just take a peep at the video... LOVE IT (and I kinda want Keke's Red dress....)

I swear...this song is everything to me right now

*on repeat*


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