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Dear Porsha: You're Gonna be OK.

I must confess. Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) is my absolute guilty pleasure. I have been watching it faithfully since it premiered years ago. But this season really struck home with me.

And it all has a lot to do with Porsha Stewart (née Williams). A little ditsy but beautiful and likable, Porsha was married to ex football player turned sucking monkey balls sports commentator Kordell Stewart.
(Ugh..what a low, down dirty terd of a dude...smh)
She was a real housewife. Cooked dinners. Dressed like he enjoyed. Took care of him (and her step kid mind you....). She was traditional and ok with that. And wanted to defend and respect her husband to the best of her abilities. Yet when she wanted to step out on her own, have a semblance of a career, the husband and be an all-around person, he was like "pump ya breaks". And was outta here....

I found Porsha easy to relate to , albeit a tad on the ditsy side. But I think that's part of her charm, the naivety. But after last …

Feeling/ Not Feeling: The Slacker Edition

( is this bedazzled mess????)


Apologetic. I am so sorry for not at least putting ONE solitary word on this blog in weeks. Truth is. I have been busy.Like like if changing rapidly. What happened? One minute I was eating Nutella out the jar in my drawers on a Friday night...and now there are a pair of size 15 shoes at my front door.He's awesome though :)My mama is in better healthLife is good and I can't complain..for the most life is RAPIDLY changingnude, naked makeupflats more than heels these daysPeople who ignore your needsWigs. I have purchased like 4 wigs lately. I am not abandoning my locs but wigs make for fun. easy family. the love and support and prayers. It's for real. I am really family wish box is full...for real :) so is my heart.weekend trips to go see my girls. DC is my second i should do a give-away soon....real soon

Not Feeling

Kim Kardashian's pregnancy wardrobe. I mean what the ENTIRE fugg??…