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Feeling/Not Feeling: 2012 End-of-year Review

FEELING my 2012 was so full of bliss that I was unable to contain ...that despite some sad times... The good outweighed the bad... 2013 will be all about INCREASe! It's going to happen to me! Just you wait and see!...that hearts, souls and bodies will be healed. People will walk. The blind will see. Weight will be lifted. All will be the upcoming year.I can't believe my studies will be over soon..Dr. M or Dr. M-R (lol) or Dr. R or whatever it will be is happening.(Oh I hope you caught that last i need a new place in 2013...I need more room. maybe I'll rent a house. We shall see.I need tattoos....I do...i really need one more for 2013. (I am such an addict)... That my heart is going to explode with every best! 2012 really gave me hope that happiness and willing it to you works.


..... Like I accomplished much in my "to do" list. Still so much to do.... That 2012 broke my spirit. If anything it defined me. That is a GOOD th…

Ask The MochaPeach: Past, Present, and Sex.

In this edition of "ask the mochapeach", the reader asks should she continue on with her love despite his questionable past. Ladies....what would you do???

Dear TheMochaPeach:

Hey girl! I love your no nonsense advice about about love and relationships. I've always wanted to write in so.... So I will just get to the point:

I've been with my boyfriend about a year. We talk about getting married and everything. We have no secrets. At least... I think we didn't...

Recently we were talking and he told me that he experimented in college with men. He said it was only one guy and limited to oral sex.and touching. And didn't go any further. He said he knew he liked women after this and didn't want to go that route. I was shocked . I mean? What does this mean? Is he gay? Or bisexual? Would he go back to men? What if I don't satisfy him? I mean the sex is off the chain and dude loves me to death. I mean I see (or I saw) a future with him.... Should I end the relatio…

Bad, Bad Blogger.

I know. I am such a terrible blogger these days.

No "Wordless Wednesday" posts...No "Tunes on Thursdays" "Feeling/Not Feeling" on Fridays. I said to myself I could a LEAST do those three..but I suck royally.

So much is going on. School.Work,. Personal life. I def need to devote at least 10 minutes a week to get my blogs out of the way. You'll forgive me wont you? I promise I am not being an errant child...I just am well...tired. and I have a life outside of the confines of bytes and megabytes and binary codes. Not to mention...I'm getting kinda bored. If you have fresh ideas, let me know........

I promise to come back with some posts......I PROMISE!

In the meantime.............have a cookie :) I baked em special.......

(Do not laugh at my gingerbread men. They look like a 4 year old high on "Molly" decorated them ...oh well! LOL)

Thursday Tunes: Avant ft. Keke Wyatt "You and I"

Avant and Keke make MAGIC together. Some of us may recently know Keke for her antics on the reality show R&B Divas..but before she was painted as a looney-toon...she was and STILL is a beautiful singer, who had hits with Avant such as the Rene and Angela remake of "My First Love" as well as "Nothing in the World". And yes...Avant is more than the poor man's R. Kelly...(LOL)...since signing way back when with the now defunct Magic Johnson record label...he's turned out quite a few hits.....

Their most recent effort is prob gonna be the wedding song of 2013. It makes me so warm and fuzzy, and dare I say, a bit misty eyed. Keke is so beautiful vocally...and Avant kills it too...
And the Lyrics!! OMG...*sigh*

My fav lyrics...

Oh baby, funny how things have changed in my life now
Whether near or far, I wanna be where you are
and you’re like a rose that blooms in my garden
Innocent and sweet my love you are
But one thing I know girl
Lovin’, lovin’, oh lovin’, lovin’ …

December Bliss Check In: Bliss Into The Future

Dear Mrs. Petraeus: Boo, It aint about YOU!

I have largely been ignoring (voluntarily) the mess that is the Gen Petraeus Sex Scandal. I really don't have time. Maybe because I am just desensitized  to it. Maybe because the affairs of folks I have no connection to don't move me. Now..had this been a sex scandal involving T.I and Tiny....I might have taken pause for the cause.

The media loves a titillating story about sex and scandal and power and things of that nature. What was MOST disturbing to me was the hidden rhetoric surrounding the sex scandal. It was as if Gen PootyBooty had no "control" over the situation. Even that wise ol' sage of the Lord Pat Robertson said that the good ol General couldn't help it. The woman was "attractive" and a Jezebel.... to put it simply: He is a man. He was bound to cheat. Duh.... He was in a foreign country and was "lonely" (never mind his vows to his wife of over 30 years). And besides...Jezebel was a pretty. 'extremely attractive wom…

November Bliss Check In: Bliss and Surprises

Timing ,Love and Aging Parents: Personal Reflections

Warning: I NEVER write about my personal love life. but..I have to get this off my 38 DDs. :)

I'm in love.
For the first time since my divorce, I am completely, head-over-heels in love with someone. It all came so suddenly and fast. Yet it was on time. God's time.  Granted, we did this dance around the whole idea of an "us" for sometime now. Flirting back and forth for almost a YEAR... until we finally said "Let's just go ahead and try it..." And doggone was kismet! . He's my foodie soulmate. He is my football partner. He is my living teddy bear boo. He is the person who I laugh with the most these days.... But....

Love came at the worst time ever.
My mother has been ill for some time now. She had pneumonia which triggered them to look at her heart. They found a clogged artery. Now it appears that after her bypass she will need rehab because she had a stroke during/after surgery. We are unsure. Not sure how long she will be stuck in a rehab fa…

Feeling/Not Feeling: Fall Edition


It is fall time to break out the boots, sweatersI got some cashmere leggings...#WINNINGFall...perfect time to fall in love.I'm in love. Yep...I will only say that once on this blog. And he's amazing.Sometimes love is right under your noseAnd sometimes the things you put out into the universe, like Bliss, actually happenTime to break out the socksHalloween is coming. Still haven't decided on a costume.Luckily...those costumes can be recycled for uhm.."other" purposes! *cough*my Pinterest addiction is getting out of hand. My "Wedding" board especially.Starbucks double fudge brownieJust 1 more semester of courseworkchill weekends..under covers and watching Netflixdaydreaming about vacations.I need a cruise. A fruity drink or bootleg Clarisonic face cleaner. It's not Clarisonic but it works just as wellAmazon Prime.a man who can cook :) Thank you Jesus! Miguel's Kaleidoscope DreamTamia's new albumFinding that song that is j…

Wordless Wednesday

(Michelle Obama as Wonder dope!)

October Bliss Check In: Be Grateful for Your Bliss

Interviews with Mocha: That's (Poly)amore'

In this new monthly series  that will be featured on Sex and the Southern Belle, we will be doing interviews with those people involved (directly or indirectly) with issues in sexuality, sex industry,  gender, and relationships.  Some of these interviews will be educational, eye-opening, and hopefully, thought provoking.

This month,  we will be talking to Elle (wife) and Dee (husband), a young, African-American married couple who live a polyamorous lifestyle. What is a "poly" lifestyle? Read our  unedited, unfiltered. interview with the very candid couple:

1) Could you define what "polyamorous" is for those not familiar? What's the difference between that and say "swingers" or "open relationships"? 

Elle: A polyamorous person believes in "multiple loves." Polyamory is having multiple loving relationships with the full-knowledge and consent of ALL parties involved. You could find a couple where one person has an additional partner or …

Thursday Tunes: Daley ft. Marsha Ambrosius .."Alone Together"

Blue-eyed British soul is BACK and in full-effect. Carrying the torch of Simply Red and George Michael, Daley teams up with fellow Britt Marsha Ambrosius (of solo and "Floetry Fame")  for a silky, smooth soulful treat called "Alone Together". Hailed as the "future of throwback soul" (guess thats the new term for NEO-soul...LOL), much of who Daley is is a mistery. I don't care. Dude is the TRUTH!

Daley released this entire album as a FREE mixtape, bucking the traditional record industry machine (although I'd like to say mixed tapes are getting to be kinda prevalent and mainstream).... but I really love the album.

This is the lead single..and boy is it amazing.... get you some!

Wordless Wednesday (sorta)

(in mourning.....)

Hi Readers:
Sorry I haven't been posting much. A lot has gone on with my family. We lost a family member and my mother has been ill. I promise to be back when things get better.
In the meantime, feel free to check out some old posts. New posts coming soon....

Cuddling AKA Sexual Skulduggery

It is a super rainy day in ATL. The rain is signaling that fall is fast approaching here and summer is getting its last hurrahs.  There is a slight chill in the air and the rain is beating against the window.

It's officially fall.

You look at your cell phone.

Is that a text?

It's officially "cuddle season".

Oh is the time of the season where people have to choose to find a "cuddle buddy" aka "a winter boo" aka "cuffing season partner". And it all begins with "cuddling".

You know how it goes. You get a call on a night like this from a dude...say you've had an interest in him for a while now. It could be a dude you used to mess with a while ago. The weather is changing. You might have gained a few pounds and you're a nice "warm body of thickness".  He says.."Hey...I just wanna come over...bring a movie...and "cuddle".

*side eye*...cuddle huh?

I am not about that life. Cuddling is simply …

The Bush Is Back

In my Gender and Sexuality class this semester (part of my secondary work in Women's Studies/Feminist Theory),  the topic for class was on Body Hair and Gender. More specifically, we discussed how body hair has become genderized. We have new phenomena of straight men doing "manscaping". Women who (esp. in the early days of feminism) rejected shaving under their arms and embraced hairiness.

But the topic then turned to sex and specifically, the whole boom of hairlessness (aka the Brazilian waxing that I often rave about). Women in my class seemed like it was so gross to do that. I was like "'s a common courtesy to just wax and trim...wouldn't want anything to get to be a distraction from handling oral sex". They all bucked their eyes like "I've NEVER had a man NOT want to go down on my because I have hair.......". I just gave them the side eye. My bisexual classmate (who is cool as hell) said "Well...the BUSH is back in 2012..…

The Abortion: A Poem

The night I found out...
I had it.
I felt it.
It kicked and moved inside of me..
I knew it would grow and grow
and manifest into something so beautiful
Something wild and free
That grew out of love
I'd rub the place where it lived
without a name or a place
or a time in which things would

I thought I did everything right this time
I took care of it.
Thought of every scenario
and prepared for it.
It let the possibilities be planted there
And you told me I could keep it.
I could have it all to myself.

Then the possibilities grew..and grew..
until it felt was though I was bursting.
And nothing fit anymore
because i was running over with happiness.
And I glowed
And everyone saw it...

I was ready. more than willing
to carry this thing through
full term
But i heard Bob say..
"Kill it before they grow..."

I never said I'd be the perfect vessel for this
But you weren't the perfect donor
I knew that. And I knew only imperfect people can make a perfect love.

Maybe I'm n…

Spirit and Sex: Reconciling the Two

I am torn.

I am a person of great faith. I wouldn't say I am overly religious or holier-than-thou. But I do believe in God. I believe that Jesus is my personal savior and have accepted Christ when I was 7 years old in an elaborate baptimal ceremony at which my grandmother got the holy ghost. I was in the choir. I did Easter speeches and Christmas pageants.

Luckily for me, I wasn't raised in a household where religious dogma ruled. I was able to form my own independent thoughts on things. Coupled with my mother, who is liberal to a fault. I mean...kinda little more than left of center. She told me about my body early on. The dangers and the beauty of sex. I was aware of my body and all its gendered power by the time I was 12. She told me that masturbation was "perfectly fine and safest sex around"...and that I "had to know my own body before I gave it to someone else". By the time that happened, I was almost 19 years old and very much a "late bloomer&qu…

Wordless Wednesday


A Celebration of Titties :)

(Just look how glorious those thangs are! That guhl is fine, doe....)

I, along with my other big breasted sistas, want to reclaim the breasts! There has been an assault and shaming of breast-meat and I will not stand it any longer.I want breasts to return to their rightful place in the pantheon of womanhood and sexiness.. and appreciation

This is a manifesto of sorts!

STOP THE ASSAULT, SHAMING and IGNORING of the titty-breastmeat!!!
There was a time when my boobs were enough. I mean..I could wear a low cut shirt and get free drinks. I could push em up and almost put my eye out and go and have a good time.  Now...all of a sudden..breasts are not revered anymore.

Even breasts have become a sort of poster child of malignancy. It is all of a sudden "woe is me...woe are those who have breasts". I say this in part due to all the the billions pumped into Breast Cancer. This isn't to say breast cancer isnt should be defeated and irradicated. But all of a sudden..."b…

Dear Mr. Marcus: You Dissapoint Me.

(sad this is the only suitable for work pic I could find of this dude...LOL)

I was inspired by my friend A and the tradition of  awesome Luvvie over at AwesomelyLuvvie to pen a sternly worded letter to my favorite porn star, Mr. Marcus. I learned last week in article in the Huffington Post that Mr. Marcus was irresponsible with his penis. Apparently he was "patient 0" in the recent syphilis outbreak that has shut down the California porn industry. He did the most irresponsible thing by altering his test results so that he can keep working. An 18 year vet of the industry, he knew better.

I was gonna wait until next week to post this..but the spirit has moved me! Therefore, he deserves a sternly worded letter from yours truly.

Dear Mr. Marcus:

You are my fav porn star I mean DUDE!! . I've been a fan for YEARS. I've even reviewed some of your work here. Your work w/ Superhead is legendary. I mean, you helped solidify her title.  You are fine. You are chocolat…

I Don't Want Your Noni Juice, Ninja!!

As you all know, I've done the dating site here and there and a time or two (Ok..maybe more than two times but who is counting ....i bet you nosy bastards!) But anyway...I've done the on-line dating thing. Some good............. Mostly bad. Some ok experiences. I haven't given up on dating nor would I NOT recommed on-line dating as a great started for getting your feet wet in dating.....but for me, at this moment., I've had to take a break from it for several reasons.
One of which is: I am not buying what you're selling.

Oh no..I don't mean the usual "I'm a good guy. I'd be your Black Prince Charming"-bullshit men usually hustle.  That is expected on a dating site. I mean the ACTUAL selling of goods and/or services. Oh yes, your favorite dating sites have now become undercover means for men to get female clientele/partners in pyramid schemes/direct marketers. And it seems there is nothing you can do about it.

I encountered this a f…

Thursday Tunes: Cody Chesnutt "No One Will"

Cody Chestnutt is sort of an elusive dude. Most people know him for his vocals and impressive guitar playing on The Roots' hit "The Seed".  He's also from they def makes him dope in my eyes. He had a few moderate hits. His 2002 double cd release "Headphone Masterpiece" was so dope and included the catchy tune "Look God In Leather" (it also included an early release of "The Seed" but for me..his collab w/ The Roots tops that).

Someone sent me this song last week. I had almost forgotten how much I LOVED this song. So sexy and simple...and his voice is real thick like cane syrup on top of scratchy vinyl. Retro and delicious...

My fav lyrics:

Well, maybe I'm insaneBut don't you hold it against me girlI'm a lunatic with convictionI'd said no one will, no one will, no one willAppreciate everything you areNurture you and your open heart

Check it out...the song is all kinds of sexy dopeness. WHEW! I played it at leas…

Wordless Wednesday

(earrings by 2nd Generation Imports and Design, Decatur, GA)

The NSFW Weekly Porn Review: How to Squirt (with instructions)

As you can see...apparently I am obsessed with this right??

So anyway...I was looking for an instructional video on "How to Squirt"...and ya know...I found a really good one. It wasn't trashy or anything...... I found it on

Ok..I won't like. the dude is mad  clinical technical  a tad Creepy McCreeperson and it aint sexy...  and the woman in it is shaped like a teenager (yuck).....but I thought it was useful for men, women, and those of any orientation to learn this technique... with or without a partner....

I mean dude is no Alfred Kinsey that is for damn sure.. He's just a guy who has a girlfriend who wants to teach others. He isn't talking about G-spots or massaging the "female prostate" or anything clinical/scientific......he's just a pervy guy who says stuff like "Look at her face....that's her reward"..  And he's using grapeseed oil as lubricant. and even gives us tips on what to drink to "hydrate" ou…

Blogs you Need to Know: Blog Roll Call

Product Review: Sexy Adult Halloween Costumes

What's the most common role-play fantasy men have?
School girl?
French maid?

In an overwhelming "informal poll", the "naughty nurse" fantasy won by a landslide!!! 
Halloween is in a little over a month! As you all know, it is my favorite "non-holiday"- holiday!  I dress up every year in something different. And trust me I recylce these costumes in my everyday life :) Not to mention, I encouraged you all a while ago in my 'Lingerie Review" to get a few costumes. This is the best time of year to stock up on things that can be used for both Halloween and "sexy" role play. Everyday can be a holiday!

Our friends at Sexy Discount Costumes have an amazing assortment of sexy adult costumes for women (and men!) to get their role-play on!  There are even couple's costumes and easy and quick returns. Not to mention, there are also Plus-Sized costumes available as well on their sister site Plus Size Costume Supercenter! See...…

Feeling/Not Feeling: Everything and Nothing..


This song by Cody Chestnutt. It just makes me swoon. I promise I will do a "Thursday Tune" on this alone. It deserves it.smokey jazz clubs2 CHAINZZZZZZ!I am not into Gospel but that Tamala Mann "Take me to The King" has really ministered to me this week.Emeli Sande'Snow on the Bluff (check it out on's the #1 movie there...)contemplating celibacy again. I think I need to go back...bonding w/ new friendswhen he lets you sit in his lap, wraps his arms around you after a bad day, lets you lay your head on his chest, letting you cry, and just kisses your forehead and goes..."'s alright"getting into a new artist....and just digging them so hard oyu have to find every song, every mixtape. It's like a treasure huntfinding your G-spotI remember finding my G-spot like it was yesterday. I was 12......(yo...that's for another post).However...It wasn't until I turned like 33 that I had a full out, HUMUNGOUS orgasm …

Thursday Tunes: Luke James' "I Want You"

I remember watching the BET Honors awards last year and they presented their "Next Generation" (or whatever it's called) artist...and there stood this fine, chocolate, delicious thing on stage...singing his little heart out. I was all in as soon as I heard him..... I sat and rewound the DVR over and "Yo..WHO IS this dude!!"

He's soulful. He's fresh. He's Luke James.

And his first single "I Want You" didn't disappoint

I love this song. I truly do. I think I play it once a week. I's the sentiment behind the song. The passion.

I love the lyrics. When he sings just tears me up a little inside.... his falsetto is KILLER. The lyrics are so damn simple....but I LOVE the song. Just a man confessing his love for a girl.... and hey...he wants her!

My fav part:
Before I met you girl I never knew my heart could dance, hey, hey
Yeah, listen
I was just a broken record of one night stands
Until you came along, with your b…

Wordless Wednesday

(Shirt available at )

The Message: A Poem

I have something to tell you...

I've surrendered to the thought of you
A long time ago.
I've waited for you anxiously
To realize that I am what you need

I wait by the various forms of electronic
communication for you to fill this void.
My throat closes up
My hands shake.
and I realize maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

But we march on....
Because my bed is cold without you.
My right brain is taking over.
when my left brain really should

The crazy thing is I want you to feel excitement over me
In your toes like electric shock waves
chakras aligning
I wake up and praise the sun...

No....this isn't what I want to say.
I'm not done.
I feel like heartbeats are digitally remastered
set against some bossa nova of old...

I'm rambling now....
Shit..I'm stumbling somehow
Tripping over my words and making no sense
was I always like this around you?

*sigh* goes nothing..

I'm in love with you.

That's all I wanted to say :)

Pleasure and Pain: A Product Review

How to use a Flogger
Pure Romance by Suze (ATL area)
California Exotics

Here are a few pics from my party!

(I was Christian Grey..yes I look like a soft stud...LOL) Red "Rum" of Pain..... :)
Pure Romance Fifty Shades of Grey Catalog
Door Sign.... ;)