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Breakfast: A Poem

I just want to have sex. With you. I just want to have sex. With him. And make him an omelet An egg-white omelet For Breakfast On New Year’s Day And send him home. But I’ll have to ask The question The classic question: What are you doing? New Year’s New Year’s Eve?

Ask The MochaPeach: Is It Like Riding a Bike?

Dear The Mocha Peach:
I am having a serious, anxiety issue. You see…after a devastating break up and having my wedding called off a month before the date, I have not been dating that often. But recently, I met a guy that gives me butterflies. He’s amazing. We’ve been dating for a while now. The only problem is: I haven’t had sex SINCE I broke up with my fiancĂ©. That was 22 months ago! I am so scared and nervous. I feel like I’d be really wack at sex now because I’m so out of practice. I literally don’t know where the f*** to begin.  I want to go there with the new guy but I feel like I have no idea if I’ll be able to please him. I feel like a virgin all over again at 30 years old. Do you have any advice?
Is It Like Riding a Bike?
Dear Is it Like Riding a Bike:
My dear, I want to commend you on not giving your cookies away for 22 months. My goodness! What a serious test of will power and selection. This goes to show that you are selective, you know what you want, and you don’t…

Relationship Resolutions for 2011

In 2011 I vow:
oTo get out more. No matter my circumstances. I need to get out more.
oTo let sex be on the backburner for as long as I possibly can. Though the flesh is weak and men are beautiful, we got to be stronger than this.
oTo somehow “turn down my sexy”. This is going to sound crazy but I have to figure out whatever it is I am doing that makes men go left…when I do not intentionally do it.
oTo stop being so shy and actually approach someone that I find attractive. Rejection be damned.
oTo actually have a “date wardrobe”: a wardrobe in preparation for dates so I can be ready when the time comes.
oTo be ready. Can’t get caught slipping with the brows, nails, pedi, waxing, hair Gotta stay ready…never know when an opportunity to go out will present itself.
oTake chances. Open myself up to other races…. even “non-traditional” arrangements like long-distance, someone 10 years older, or even bi-coastal…hey…if a dude in this city won’t be checking for me. I’m sure someone else will.
oTry join…

Feeling/Not Feeling: The 2010 Year-in-Review

Feeling/ Not Feeling For 2010
Feeling ·Living my academic dreams ·Mariah and Nick living their dreams. Not a big fan of Mariah’s music but so happy she’s happy. ·Hopeful for the new year ·Having my mother one more year ·Being able to bless others and have them be a blessing to me ·The new blog design coming soon! OMG! HOT-NESS!!! ·The possibility of shaving my head a la Chrisette come 2011. (I don’t know...this could be a phase) ·Getting my debt taken care of…stuff is moving and shaking J ·Revamping my wardrobe ·Designing my bedroom to be more “adult”. I got that done. (I need new linens though) ·My Falcons and their record! WOO HOO! (and MAYBE I’ll be able to throw a Superbowl Party! *crossing fingers* ) ·Forgiveness and friendship ·The increased readers of my you all to pieces. *smooches* ·Looking forward to traveling. Trying to plan a Ghana trip in Summer 2011. ·Working on myself...for myself…and no one else…from the inside out. ·A quiet, Christmas. Just mama..and some Cold Stone…

This Wicked Game....

**I wasn't going to share this on the blog..but..I've been transparent thus far in my dating experiences..why not stop here goes....**

I started carrying a convo on with a guy named ...well..we'lll call him Mr Violations (cause he had at least 4 of the 10 violations I talked about in my last blog but...Ialthough it was comedy...Ialso didn't wanna judge a book by it's cover).

Gorgeous..dimples..well-chisled..brown skinned tiny gap in his teeth..originally from Queens but living in DC. The convo was going really well via texting and chatting. So..we decided to take it to Oovoo (it's sorta like Skype but better....clearer pictures)

So anyway..we are chatting and the chatting was going well..laughing and what not. So..he asked (as they all do) I have any pictures. So..I send him know..full body...etc. I wasnt naked. I was well dressed. in my designer finest. It was pics from when I went to see Maxwell and some from earlier this year..and when …

Wordless Wednesday


Red Light Special: One Day in Amsterdam (NSFW)

Our Guest Blogger is AJ. She's a foodie and world traveler. She's also one of my oldest and dearest "cyber-friends"...if you can imagine that! She's decided to give us a little Black American's tourist view of good old Amsterdam and their red-light district as she travels Europe this month for work.
(For more food related posts from AJ, visit her at

Hey Guys!

Note:  I am a food blogger, but I just HAD to get these thoughts out - and I thought Ms. Mocha Peach's sexy lil blog was the perfect stage for my sex-inspired encounter.

Some of these images may be slightly graphic.  This post is SO not safe for work. 

For 3 weeks, I straddled (no pun intended) the fence about whether I should go on a weekend trip to Amsterdam while I was in Europe for business. 
Decided at the last minute to book a ticket.  I arrived in cloudy, misty Amsterdam at about 10am.  Not unlike other trips I plan while overseas, I have a few places …

10 Rules for Internet Dating

Vlog: My Date with Jamaica Mon

The NSWF Weekly "Porn" Review: Because She's "Single"

...which isn't exactly "porn" But apparently YouTube (like idiots) thinks that it is..

Not too many music videos leave me speechless these days...but Mr. Raheem Devaughn's new one (which incidentally was banned from YouTube) has done just that. It's called "Single" (and swipes that Lil Wayne beat from the song with the same title).... It left me a little hot and bothered.

I'm telling you..I need me a thick, lipped joker who is well-versed in the ways of the Book of SWV, Chapter 1, Verse 1..."Downtown". Hammercy, Raheem! I woke up and had the video on my mind. Everyone has the fantasy of having a little trist in a hotel room with a very hot and sexy lover (could be your boyfriend or fiancee'...your "FWB" or even your husband doing a little role playing). I dunno if that makes me LAME for actually watching the video without sound and pretending the chick is a thinner, finer version of me (lol)...or I just have a vivid imaginati…

Thankfully Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving marks a lot of things and milestones for me. This is just the 2nd holiday season where I'm totally alone and single. Unlike holidays of the past, I'm also in a super excited mood for the holiday season. I was so pressed to get a tree and stockings and Santa Hats and Christmas PJs. (LOL).... I trimmed my tree last night, playing Jackson 5 Christmas CDs, and drinking  gourmet hot cocoa ( was Swiss Miss....LMAO!). I ordered my OWN gifts (and those for my family)...and gift wrapped them under the tree.

But this Thanksgiving is also sad for me as well. My mother still doesn't have a kidney (she's on dialysis) and my ex's Grandmother passed away. I really liked her a whole lot. When I found out the news yesterday, I just broke down and left work. It hit me so hard.... I am sure the white folks at my job didn't is family. A piece of paper meaning that we "dissolved" as a married couple means…

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

I think I'm a beautiful girl. I really do. (at least that's what my Mama told me and I dare you to say something bad about Marcie!!)  I think I have lovely bone structure and although we can all use some "work" here and there, overall, I'm not hideous. You dont have to screw me with a paper bag over my head. I def feel my self esteem is pretty balanced most days and I will admit, it took a LONG time for me to get there. That being said...I do feel like I put a "dating restriction" on myself.

I can pinpoint the day when it started...
I had a sorority sister who, by all accounts,  (I) thought she was a friend to me. I was in school in  a new state and around new people and she became a friend to me. She always wanted to set me up on dates...but..every dude she set me up with was NOT attractive to me. I went out on these dates because I was young and I figured a) I was bored, wanting to get out of the house. and b) I was hungry and sick of the meal plan I w…

Feeling/Not Feeling

Men hate them..but false eyelashes, when applied sparingly, are fabu!Amel Larrieux and THIS SONG... and THIS ONE TOO ..she is so beautiful vocally.My blogger homie  (and real life friend) having so much success and getting to interview her celeb crush, Wendy Williams:Cashmere SweatersSequins..they are the THING this season. I want them in shorts, leggings, cardigans.....*sigh* Obsessesd with them right nowBubble Baths, especially in cold winter itching desire to shave my head a la Chrisette Michelethe itching desire to be a momthe need for a sister circle and femal energydiamonds. I will always love diamondsGoing green's the little things I can doReal Simple magazine...Colbie Caillet....esp this song w/ Jason MrazBlack Girls INDEED Rock..(I need one of those shirts)My simple Christmas List (*ahem*... hint hint): Marshalls/Ross/TjMaxx/DSW giftcards, a Wii in RED, a 40 inch Flatscreen, a classic Tiffany necklace and bracelet, Bulgari watch (HA! yeah right)...a…

Mocha's Beauty Guide: A Sexy Date Vlog

PS: I totally forgot to add the part about my facial exfoliant (I may have edited it's St. Ives. Apricot Scrub-Gentle Formula)

Divorce is Funny (and Profitable)

My girlfriend/sorority sister/legal eagle, Y, sent me a link to a New York Times article about the Huffington Posts new section totally dedicated to DIVORCE.- a section that has dating information, info on blended families, and even the effects of divorce (and of course..celebrity divorce gossip).  It's actually quite resourceful.  Even noted author Nora Ephron, known for her cheerful, happy books, is also a contributor to the section.  I thought to is PROFITABLE! Gosh...perhaps my decision to be a blog about "life after divorce" wasn't such a bad idea.

Well...Huffington Post's new section...wasnt an instant hit. It sent the blogosphere into an uproar, particularly with those dear, old (and often delusional) Mommy Bloggers (most of whom are SAHM's who think Divorce just will NOT HAPPEN to them). They called Nora Ephron (who is a contributor to the section) crazy for finding humor in divorce. Women took it so far to say Ephron was doing a …

Poem: My Un-Apology

I will not apologize For my desire to be loved My desire to be wanted Appreciated and needed. I will not apologize for being so damn fabulous That I want to share myself with someone. I know I’m too fly to be in a perpetual dating circle. Some of us are just “breed” that way. T o all the women… Who are accused of being desperate and pressed for “a man” DONT YOU DARE apologize For wanting to be loved, cherished, appreciated and valued You hold your heads high... Keep your hearts carefully guarded And you say to the naysayers... "Desire" is not desperation. “Pressed” isn’t pressure. To "Care" isn’t to have cloudy judgment. Who wants to spend the rest of their lives roaming... From arms to arms. Heart to heart…. I know myself just fine. How much time do you want me to be alone? I love myself just fine. Dont tell me I'm too young..

worry about other things. Who said this was a "worry"....It's a want. Next time someone... Asks you to apologize For something as innate as your DNA Y…

Ask TheMochaPeach: Extended

Hello All! *waves*

Because I am swamped with things going on..."ask the MochaPeach" has been extended until Friday night at 10 pm.

I promise if you ask me a will be answered on my video blog THIS WEEKEND.

And because I know SOME of you are too shy to send an can send the questions via FormSpring anonymously 

I PROMISE I will answer your questions.. :)


There's No Money In Sex...

I absolutely love blogging. Writing is  and has always been my first love. I love that my blog has a pretty clear focus and that I get pleasure and enjoyment out of giving you all a sneak peak into my world of dating, divorce, and all things in between. I even got the balls and bravery to do some video blogs (vlogs).

But...there's no money in blogging...about Sex and Relationships.
I'm not saying I'm blogging for the dough. That's crazy talk! BUT...I'd love to get incentives. Slowly but surely...I participated in some cool give-aways and in some great review programs but..UNLIKEthe Mom Bloggers....which there seems to be a greater market for...folks aren't running to ME. Folks arent sponsoring me for contests or blog networking conventions or anything!  Unlike mom bloggers (or even pop culture bloggers), we  (the sex and relationship bloggers) don't get the great amount of PR or anything.  Some of the mama blogs I read arent even that good (lol)..and every w…

Calling All Readers: Ask TheMochaPeach

My Lovely Readers,

For my next Video Blog..I'll be answering viewer questions....

If you have a question you want to ask..about me..the blog..or love/relationships...Marriage and Divorce... or just about anything....feel free to send me an email:

OR If you wanna be anonymous...My FormSpring is fine too :)

I wil be taking submissions until 12 midnight PST , by TUESDAY November 9th :)

Feeling/Not Feeling


secret admirersargyle anything: sweaters, tights, scarfs...I LOVE some argyleChinese buffet w/ all you can eat crab legs (YUMMMM)this detox...I feel lighter..relaxed...centeredsurprises that make me giddythat people actually read my little ol' blog...and I appreciate the love! *hugs*Men in the following Fall ensemble: cashmere v-neck sweater, dress shirt, tie, slacks and a slip on Kenneth Cole/Cole Haan shoes...MERCY! *fans self* Just pick me up off the floor now!Modern Family (LOVE that show...)Mayer Hawthorne. GET THIS ALBUM!the fact that I have readers and watchers of the vlogs that just surprise me! :)the fact that Kanye is gonna come with the heat....controversy and allthe semester is ALMOST OVER!Marsha Ambrosius and THIS DAMN SONG!that smart is still sexy to some guys...there's still hope!

Not Feeling
that out of the 8 years of his presidency..W thought that Kanye's "Bush dont care about black folks" was his lowers moment? So we blaming it on the broth…

The Curious Case of Mr. Farrahkhan Comb-Over: Part II

If you’ve caught up with my blog, you’ll recall my post on Mr. Comb-Over. When we last left our adventures on the public transporation, I was going to ask Mr. Comb-Over his name but we got distracted by the crazy homeless man spewing foolishness about Mexicans and white people…Anyway….this brings us to yesterday. Mondays I work quite late. So I don’t get off until an hour after my normal time. I made it downtown and I thought to myself…I probably won’t even see Mr. Comb-over! Oh well….(This has also become a marker of what TIME it is when I see I know when I’ll get home…so he’s a virtual clock. LOL) I am walking down the steps and I walk past the crowd and stand in my usual spot on the platform. I was reading my book for class (which I still don’t understand). All of a sudden..I look to my left and he’s there…I heard him on the phone saying “I called to speak to you, Mama…aren’t you the greatest Mama in the world?” Oh gosh! He’s a mama’s boy..Aww…that’s sweet (lol). So I sorta ea…