June 29, 2012

Feeling/Not Feeling: Less is More


  • maxi dresses and no panties
  • Eating Ice Cream in bed in an ICE COLD AC blasting room
  • speaking of ice cream..isnt that pic the CUTEST?? *gushes*
  • just sleeping on sheets. No comforter
  • The Bliss Movement rolls on....

I like this pic. I want to have this moment...

  • Light summer scents.....my scent this summer is: Michael Kors Very Hollywood
  • hairless in the summer. So much so..I might shave my head...
  • why do I keep looking at wedding dresses. My wedding Pinterest board is ridic.
  • Fried whiting from Bankhead Sea Food or Supreme Fish Delight.


  •  why is it hotter than the devil's dick outside!! MY GOD! 106 in HOTlanta
  • gas that will not move.
  • I cant walk in a wedge to save my life. I've tripped so many times in some basic ass wedges.
  • the disappointing moment of a failed "burgeoning" relationship. Bleh.
  • I need a fat faced baby to feed ice cream to. I dont have that
  • I need to go to NYC..I miss my people there.
  • The founder of said Bliss movement is faltering......and needs to check herself.
  • people and their stalker-ish tendencies. 
  • Dude...grow up and say it with ya chest! *smh* (Random but...I know what this means)
  • no days off.........just no reason to take off.
  • I miss my muse....he knows I miss him so. But...it's over for a reason I guess.
  • I miss my friends
  • I miss surprises....
  • I miss so much.......
  • I don't have focus. I need some.
  • speaking of "some"...I need to "get some"
  • But I wont. I am back on my solo-celibacy commitment. Yep...we back on it.
  •  I aint really feeling that though...it is what it is.....

June 26, 2012

And the winner is....

The winner of The Sreaming O give away is...


(who btw emailed me with her real information after she wrote her very juicy entry to our give away!!)

So congrats "Anonymous"! Enjoy The products from The Screaming Os Studio collection!!

June 21, 2012

Product Review and Give-Away: The Screaming O Studio Collection

A beautiful, sexy box appeared on my doorstep....
It was full of all of these goodies from The Screaming O "Studio Collection" Product Line...

And here is my video review.....
(NOTE:  Please Watch the ENTIRE Video for the Give-Away Details)

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**Bonus Entries**
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Good Luck!!!

June 19, 2012

The Boobie Miles Syndrome

"Ya'll want to win... Put Boobie in!!!"

I am the Boobie Miles of relationships.

If you've ever seen the classic sports movie Friday Night Lights, about Texas football and how it is the center of life for small town America, then you know the real-life character of Boobie Miles.

If you don't, then I'll explain: Boobie is the star of his football team in Odessa, Texas. The premier tail back (I think) who is going to lead them to the state championships. Well, at the height of the season, Boobie gets hurt and it is a possible career ending injury, sidelining him at a critical time in the season. Boobie is the hopes and dreams of his family, the man who is going to raise his whole family out the hood. Despite his injury, Boobie is determined to play. Battered and bruised, the coach isn't trying to hear it. And Boobie is pleading and begging to the coach from the sidelines of he games, itching to play despite his injured leg. Boobie's whole life is football. He's not a smart kid but he's passionate about what he loves...

"Ya'll want to win?? put Boobie in!!"

But Boobie's hubris is his downfall: He started to believe his own hype. He thought he was invincible. It wasn't until he realized he had nothing left to stand in that he was brought down to earth. He forgot his own quote:

"Now hype is something that's not for real. I'm all real."

I am the Boobie Miles of Relationships.

I am battered and bruised, my stock as a blue chip prospect flattering year after year, relationship after relationship. Sure I had some bad injuries (i.e. divorce), but that doesn't mean I am not valuable.  I started to believe my own hype. Surely there was no woman finer, smarter, more skilled and now adept at loving than me. I spent way too much time proving that I was the best girlfriend, the best wife, the best prospect for someone. I was fooled. Heart break after heartbreak, injury after injury, only proved to be wrong. Only to slip in the ranking. I was yelling from the sidelines "put me in! Put me in this relationship if you want to win!"

It's not begging. I know my value. I know how DOPE I am. I know how much of an asset to "team US" I could be. I'm the star. I'm the person your defense needs to be covering for...blocking for...your heart should be covering mine.... The "coach" just has to see the value in my performance. Either cut me...or put me in the game....

But it was Boobie's final lines in the movie that struck a chord with me:

"Go on, go on, and be perfect"

And that's what I'm going to do :) be perfect for me. And in turn, someone will realize i am perfect for them. My record will be flawless to them. My injuries will seem minor. They'll want ti willingly rehab my heart.

That's all that matters in the end.

Now... Just put me in, Coach. I'm ready to play... :)

ETA: This calls for me to add Big KRIT's "Boobie Miles" (That's my jam)

June 14, 2012

Thursday Tunes: Neyo "Lazy Love" (NSFW)

I've always thought Ne-yo was a talented writer. I mean..he is (for good or bad) the writer of such hits as "Miss Independent", and "Irreplaceable" as well as his own songs. (My personal fav: Say It and Mirror...so sexy). I can go on and on with the songs he has written. Born Schaffer Smith (wack ass name huh? LOL), Ne-Yo burst on the scene first as a songwriter...and came from behind the scenes to make his own music.

His new offering, "Lazy Love", is so damn sexy. And the video is def a match! I mean whew...who knew Ne-Yo was cut like that!?? (Then again, as of late, he's been getting into acting so I guess he's working on the body too...)

Check the video out..it will DEF fog up your screen! My goodness!

*takes some notes for uhm....later *winks*

PS: Do NOT leave disparaging comments regarding rumors of Ne-yo's sexual preferences. My blog is a place of acceptance and we DO NOT tolerate that...or a place to fuel unsubstantiated rumors.

June 12, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey: A Review

A Few Things That Aren't Too Terrible

Big KRIT's first major label release

Wearing flats

Working out everyday

Working during the quiet summers


Strip clubs

Ending relationships w/o a resolution

Not writing.

3D movies

Old fashioned chivalry


BDSM (I mean.. Not that I know...lol)

Boycotting McDonald's

Trash literature for pleasure

Debt diets

Avoiding church

Taking a chance on love and getting hurt.

Relationships w/o pressure or titles (at least in the beginning)


Clean eating

Oral sex w/o expectation of reciprocity

My hometown

Internet dating

Being single at baby showers/bridal showers


Sleeping with the TV on

Cooking for one

Going to the movies solo

Bald heads

Total silence

Leaving my cell phone at home

Not talking on the phone

Obama as a 5 term president (lol)

Avoiding eating meat a few days a week

Following your passions

Starting slow. It's not always about raging fires and passion.

Skipping work for a date

Giving my lunch to someone homeless and fasting the rest of the day

Ignoring people

No car means no high ass note, gas or insurance. (that's changing soon)

Quitting something you ain't feeling.

June 4, 2012

2 Single, Solitary Haikus

While I was coming
Tears came streaming down my face
3 years of pain gone

3 years of pain gone
As you make me come with tears
Shattering the Past


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