June 18, 2013

The Front Row of Your Life

My mother use to tell me all the time..

"Everyone doesn't deserve a seat in the front-row of your life..."

When I was younger, I took that to mean that everyone doesn't need to be involved in the things that you deem important and noteworthy.

So much of my life has changed since  I started this blog. And perhaps people feel obligated as longtime readers/friends to want to vice their options and concerns about how I conduct myself. Guess what? You have no rights to do so. No matter how much I've revealed on here. Or anywhere else..

People get beyond nosey and just get downright intrusive. Whether it be my sexy life or the status of my relationship, it really isn't of any of your concern.

Case in point, my coworker happened to meet my beau at a work function. The next day, intrusive coworker decided to ask me if we were "on the same level" financially and educationally. This is a woman who doesn't even have a degree but you are asking me this. We barely speak about work things but you want to ask me this? You aren't shit.

The same goes for people who USED to be in your life. Your privileges are revoked. You have no need to contact me about stuff going on in my life or any changes going on with me.

Your life isn't theater or fodder for the masses. Those you invite into your life are  VIPs to the special moments of your life. Everyone doesn't get a ticket to the party. Or the graduation. Or... The wedding. :) You catch my drift....

 It's your life. Protect it with all ferocity. 


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