July 1, 2010

The Dangers Of You: Haikus

I dream about you

Even though I shouldn’t be

Dangerous mind game

I smell your aura

All in my clothes…in my hair..


Every fiber

Of my being says you’re bad

Lust says otherwise

Dimly lit French bar

The heat between us sticky

Sweat runs down my spine

You love the way that

I drank water through my straw

Imagine lips curled around…

You’re so bad you’re good

So arrogant …it’s sexy

Loathe yet lust for you

You’re on my mind

I wonder if I’m on yours

Aimlessly wishing

Southern Summertime

A deadly combination

For bad decisions

The dangers of you
Outweight safety of my heart
Pleasureable pain


  1. No, YOU are so bad that you're good. This was some Hot Ish. You are sweet with the prose.

    Agreed, if one isn't careful that Southern Summertime can sneak up on a person in the most unforgiving manners.

    But if it does, enjoy yourself.

  2. @Don..thank you! You make me blush! :) I appreciate it. And well..summer isnt over yet :)



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