July 2, 2010

Prose-Poetry: The Perfect 3 Day Weekend.

..would be some hot, sweaty, steamy sex.


Friday at 5 pm to Monday night at Midnight.

I want my sheets soaked with sweat

I wanna just get up to eat food and go to the bathroom.

I dont wanna shower. I wanna lay in the scent of him...(whoever HIM is)

Who cares about 4th of July fire works when I'd have some in my bedroom.


Hot, nasty freaky sex

I mean I need dude to beat it out the frame.......

Maxwell..Raheem..Trey..Usher..Robin...in the background.

Then again all I wanna hear is his moan and grunts...

..and the sound of wetness...

I want my legs bent to my ears

I want my punnany sore..so sore I need an icepack

I want to go through 3 bottles of lube

If dude is darkskinned..I wanna suck his D*CK till he's lightskinned (and vice versa....)

If I must be clothed..I just want to be in his t-shirt

I want his cologne in my pillows

I wanna scratch his back all the way up

I want him to suck on perfectly manicured toes

I want to grab his tight, muscular ass..

I want my palms sweaty from his palms

I want my voice hoarse from screaming his name

I want my locs pulled tightly around his hands....

I want my neighbors to call the police....

I want to need a new mattress and boxspring

I wanna fuck so hard I HOPE he gets me pregnant...........

Yep...I'd rather be doing that this weekend.



  1. ummmm...WOW!
    let me just say "ditto"... & move to the next post.

  2. Shit...


  3. Well mercy! LOL I told you, you need to put all this prose in a novel. You'd put Zane and all of them to shame.



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