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Feeling/Not Feeling: The NYE Edition


NYE signals that  the BS from the past year is overI've had a trying year...a GOOD but trying year...but I am ready to BOUNCE to 2012Iv'e already kicked my fitness goals into high gear.I gotta keep these resolutions Seriously...Hearing "What are you doing NYE?" followed by "Baby It's Cold Outside" LOVE those songsThe Ball drop in Times Square....(or our little Peach Drop in ATL)I'm still celibate. I've stayed strongMaybe I'll get some in 2012 (LOL)Watchnight ServiceThe movie New Year's Eve. I wanna see that....Kissing at the stroke of midnight2012 signals almost being done w/ this Phd...Praise JehovahNYE fireworksI feel that 2012 is about to be a BREAKTHROUGH year! I'm excited (for me and a friend I've been praying deeply for)


Paying crazy amounts of money for NYE parties. Normally..the joint would be $10 to 15 on a regular night. Now you wanna charge me $150 to sit in a raggedy pleather VIP section w/ some old a…

Thursday Tunes: What Are You Doing New Years?

My mother's favorite singer of all time is Nancy Wilson. When I was young, she would play all her classics. She's a standard in Blues and Jazz. Affectionately known as "Fancy Miss Nancy", she was responsible for hits such as "Guess who I saw Today".

But what I remember her most was her rendition of "What Are You Doing New Years?". Given that  NYE is fast approaching, I thought I'd share this classic.

I hope you find someone special to share your NYE with.

Welcome to 2012!!!

Ready-Whip: A Poem

I remember when I was a kid And would sneak the can of whipped cream
From the back of our fridge
which was supposed to be just a sweet topping
On rare occasions And hold my head back Mouth gaping And squirt and squeeze the aerated goodness in my mouth Pause Breath And gulp it all down And sometimes for good measure Drown it out with some Hershey syrup.
It was innocent but delightfully sinful A midnight snack Sugar laden Empty calories I’d lick my fingers And giggle to myself. No one knew my saccrine secret
But I can’t do that with you. Or Can i?
Carnal aching Desire baking My midnight snack That no one knows I digest Like a hot apple pie With the a la mode being you Creamy Dreamy Your rock-hard Ready-Whip in a can A perfectly sculpted Bronze vessel That would expel sweetness on demand Damn man…
That’s it. I have to digest you Ingest you Inhale you To get you out of my system I have to put you into my system.
Then after that.. I can go on a diet.

Sex and the Southern Belle: The Year in Review

When He Writes: A Poem

When he writes poetry about me
It will look like sticky brown sugar
Reduced down
Until it bubbles and runs over
Magic and sex
Hot and scalding
He'll make me feel like
My ego isn't worth the praise
Words.. Honey comb dipped metaphors
As if his vocal cords belong to a lyre
He plays piano on my thighs with his tongue
Sometimes it's Mozart sometimes it's Monk
My eyes read his lips that linger with a smile
Full of sunshine and inaudible laughter
I drink his scent
His flesh warm to my touch
Evaporated heat of a cinnamon stick and warm brandy meld
I bite down on my lip
When I think of us
Stripped down, into one pool of orgasms.
I desire him.

Then I wake up
Looking over at an empty pillow where his head should be
No imprint of how he laid down
No lingering scent
No honey coated melody of his "good morning"
No rush to jump out of bed to brew coffee and add 3 shots of cream to match his complexion
I think of when he wrote poetry to me
Only to realize they weren't poems at all
Just the …

Thursday Tunes: Simply Red....

I love the 80s. I especially love 80s music...where music was music and no one cared the color of the person singing the song. Enter Simply Red....the band headed by the red headed, blue eyed British soul brother.....of the 80s who had hit after hit... but my favorite is  "Holding Back the Years"

WHen I first heard this song,  I knew then it was something special. I was young. Yet almost 25 years later I realize that the song had much more importance than I knew. Often we hold on to memories...the years we spent with someone...only to realize it is futile. YOu have to let go....because nothing was really there at all.

 As Simply Red sings.. "I've wasted all my years....wasted all those tears....And nothing had the chance to be good...cause nothing ever could"

But I'll keep holding on..... 

(or in my case...holding out for the right one :) )

Feeling/Not Feeling: The Holiday Season

(Christmas in Atlantic Station: Atlanta, Georgia) Feeling
the smell of warm gingerbread, peppermint cocoa, and Christmas pineall the good food people cookcookie exchanges and tree-trimming partiesbeing around friendsChristmas Music....THIS IS the greatest rendition of Silent Night ever. Dont argue me down..I'll refuse to accept it: Dont you just LOVE Boyz II Men's Christmas albumBut it's not officially Christmas until you hear this: Best Gospel Christmas Album: Kirk Franklin....hands down!Mariah has a good Christmas Album too...I love her version of Oh Holy Night (and Im not a Mariah fan by no means..but I do own this album!)I Like Celine Dion's album too. Her version of Ava Maria...pure genius!But when I was kid...It was all about George Michael and WHAM! (LOL..that song is the cutest to me!) Dern..I just like Christmas many good albums out there.Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Motown in general....SO MANY! :)When I hear Whitney Houston's "I Love the Lord&q…

Pretty Empty Boxes.

My friend (who shall remain nameless) convinced me to, JUST for a short time, and JUST for the New YEar, rejoin a dating site. She joined one too....

I hate to sound bourgie....but...I've noticed that I've had to "dumb myself down" on websites. If I say I am getting a PhD or work in the field that I do....most dudes are confused...or say crazy stuff like.." that the highest degree right?" or.."What u gonna do? Work in a hospital?" or.... just any bevy of things that show me you have no understanding.

I know most of the world isn't as well-read or educated. But at the sake of my sanity, is it wrong of me to ask that a person at least be well educated. As in went to college. Or something of that sort that may have garnered them an accredited degree... I hate having to explain myself...or my goals...or my experiences.

In this respect..Ralph Richard Banks is right. Most African-American men do no have college degrees, so I shouldn't exp…