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Swallowing my Guilt: Confessions on NICU Motherhood, Milestones and Me

NOTE: I wrote this post shortly after having my daughter. It has sat in my "drafts" for quite some time. I thought I would share it today, on Mother's Day. Why? Because I know there is a mom out there who needs to know she isn't alone she needs to know her feelings are normal, valid and that it is OK to get help. AND you will come out of this, whole and healthy if at all possible. If not, take the steps to get there.  If you are like me, and have lost your mother and yet are raising a baby, you could probably relate...

June 19, 2016

I am pretty sure that after the birth of my daughter, I was suffering from postpartum depression and PTSD. No... I KNOW I was am suffering.

I had my daughter 10 weeks early via c-section on Jay 26. It was traumatic and while I felt relieved, I mostly felt like a failure. I couldn't hold on to her inside for just a little while longer. She needed to get bigger. She needed to get stronger. She needed to know I was strong and…

#YearThirtyFine: The Day I Stopped Giving a F****

Turning 39 aka Thirty Fine has been an experience.
My body has more aches and pains...I think I also found a gray hair...

I've had to make more doctor's appointments than I'd like...

I am out of breath when I chase my kid.. which reminds me to work out more and eat better.

I have to keep laxative on deck because I'm getting old...

I also decided that my 39th birthday would be the day that I I would not give a f*** during my last year of my 30s.

I do not care what you think about my body. Imma wear a sheer shirt and show all my midriff.

I don't care what you think about how I parent. I am going to parent how I want and Baby Girl will be better for it.

I do not care that I am broke or have money for all the things I want

I do not care that I don't have a fly whip.

I do not care that my skin and hair isn't perfect all the time

I don't care if I wear makeup today.. and none tomorrow.

I am going to eat what I fucking want and worry about the pounds la…