July 10, 2010

The "Fleece Johnson" Guide to Dating

I am not sure if any of you saw the recent Boondocks where they spoofed prison culture and gayness. Well....if you haven't...here is a little clip of where they got their inspiration from. Fleece Johnson...the Booty Warrior...
So yeah...Fleece is a little crazy..but we are about to roll with thiis for a minute. I am about to take the "Fleece Johnson" no holds barred approach to dating.
If I see a dude it's going down  like this:
I likes ya
I wants ya
We can do this the easy way
Or the hard way....your choice.
Now..Fleece might be talking about gay men and booty warrior and "hornin". But..I'm talking about taking the same approach to men. If I see a dude I want..I WANT HIM. Imma have him. We can play games and bullshit and do it the hard way...OR we can do it the easy way...you give in to me and my desires (and yours)..and be happy. Which would you rather have? Would you rather have to do dumb sh*t to work for a good woman? Or take an easy approach with the same results? Either way...Imma have you.
Let's talk about how Imma put this plan into action (for example..not saying this is true...entirely):
I want Idris Elba
I like Idris Elba
He's sexy to me.
We can do this the easy way (conversation...dates..getting to know each other)
OR the hard way ( playing games, being elusive, not being clear)
EITHER WAY...Imma get you.
ANd the end results shall me :sex. satisfaction and happiness...and me sicking your duck till it was light skinned
Now wouldnt the world be a better place if we operated on the Fleece Johnson principles of dating? I think so!
So let's see how I am going to incorperate this into my dating life! LMAO!

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  1. OMG! How friggin' sad...Big time frowny face :( When I watched the episode of "The Boondocks," I thought they were just being stereotypical of the personality of some in jail. Of course, I should've known the reason the show is so good, is he (Aaron McGruder) ALWAYS bases it off of real life situations. CRAZY!
    Hugs ♥



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