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Love in the Time of Instant Gratification

One of my fav books is called Love in the Time of is about the love of a man....who waits almost 50 years to be with the one he truly the meantime he has countless meaningless affairs...often telling himself that he is just "filling time" to be with the one he loves.....when he finally gets his is well worth the anguishing wait.

It's the inspiration for this blog today...

In this day and age of instant gratification, who really would wait that long for love? Is there anyone truly patient enough for love?I think I have the patience of a gnat at times (usually for personal things)....and sometimes (most times) the patience of a nun (when it comes to love).

I am reminded of people I know...who as soon as one thing ends...are ready to jump in bed with the next troll they find...ready to say "I love you" wrapped up in false promises and sneaky ways...ready for instant gratification.We live in such a "microwave" society...treating relationships like the next Lean Cuisine meal. Just pop it out...and heat it up...and devour it in seconds. That isn't how love works...Love is a meal worthy of fine dining, fine china, 5 courses and white glove service.

I'm really not an "instant gratification" person. I like things steady and methodical most times. My patience may wear thin....but in the end it's often worth it. I had been patient with love to a fault sometimes....sometimes wondering if I should have been a "microwave" lover.....get mine and be out. But I realized that isn't how I roll. That isn't how I do things....Besides...I'm a Southern girl. We are all about the "chase". LOL....and we just don’t do things like that.

As I finally enter the door of 30 and stepping back into the dating arena.....I am much more patient than ever before. I have no idea how the "dating" scene works. So Far I've seen a hell of a lot of "microwave" behavior instead of "fine dining" makes me kind of sad that we have been reduced to that.Who wants a "microwave" love anyway? It isn’t nutritious, filling or whole sometimes... "Microwave" love is easy. Just push a button and's ready for you. It's more fulfilling if you nurture, create and tend to relationships yourself.Who wants Top Ramen when I can have Filet Mignon from Au Pied de Cochon at the Intercontinental Hotel???I'm a diamond...and I deserve to be set in platinum.

So trust me...I can wait.



  1. Wow, i love that analogy.... microwave vs. fine dining with white glove service. So true! We're definitely in an instant gratification error, and many folks arent willing to wait for the "baked macaroni and cheese." They'd rather have the "Easy Mac" (hey, im getting good like you, all poetic/symbolic and what not). LOL!!

    But it's true though. The dating world has changed a LOT and you probably are smart for scoping out the scene thoroughly first rathern than just jumping head first into something, out of boredom and/or loneliness.


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