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The Digital D*ckTease

In this new age of dating and mating (and just befriending)...and with the advent and overuse of the internet, text messages, and camera phones...we have really grown to have a lack of interpersonal relationships with the opposite sex. Once upon a time, cybersex was seen as creepy and a little weird. Webcams used by old pervs to show their dicks...but nowadays...anyone...your BFF, a guy you're digging, and even a guy you're not and are totally platonic...will bust out with a photo op to show their private parts. It's like...”Here's a pic of my new new car....want to see my dick???" LMAOO!

Instead of waiting to see the goods and build up anticipation, it's like we have to see a "preview" of what we are getting before or IF we even get it (even if we want it or not..And you might not get it...LMAO!). Then after you get the preview....they want the show...the after party...then the hotel (God...I love LOVE that Jodeci Album...LMAO!). It's like they want the "Naughty Girl/Guy" before they get to know the "Nice Girl/Guy". The kids these days call it “sexting”

I admit...when you're bored...sometimes you'll play along. LOL...but now it's like the new game in dating (and not even dating...just... human interaction) is "Show me yours...and I'll show you mine"...or "Let me just show u mine...." LMAO! I call it the "Digital DickTease". Instead of actually developing a relationship with you (platonic or romantic or hell...neither just NORMAL)... folks want you to be able to stroke their dicks via the digital medium of their choosing. Whatever gets them off...gets them off. If you choose to play along...God pray that the person you are playing "Digital DickTease" with wont use your pics as ammunition for something later...and that you won't do that same to them.

I guess those are the unspoken rules: discretion is key. I've been told more than once about how "discreet" the encounter can be......and that's fine. Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised. Sometimes you get hot and bothered. Sometimes you laugh (most times you laugh...LOL)...and a lot of times it can be so over the top that you just want to barf. Sometimes people even send video of themselves in "action" a video sexual resume. Cumshots for everybody!!

Now that I am back out here dating...I swear to you...every guy I've ever mentioned having a single conversation or encounter with (just about 95% of them) have played the "Digital Dicktease" game...more often it's just random and unsolicited. LOL.

My question is: Are we that oversexed?

Or just that undersexed and repressed in America? I'm just curious. Do you play these games? Do you feel guilty or free when you do?


  1. Ok, so, I see I'm seriously late responding to this one given it was posted almost a year ago. lol. We'll chalk it up to the obvious fact that we didn't "know" each other.
    With that said, it was like you read my tweet that I posted last week...before it happened. If not, basically I had a friend that I played this game with. My thing is, I didn't ask for her pics. But, didn't oppose them. And when she asked for a pic in return, I obliged.
    Now, my thing is I don't just go around showing my dick to random chics...just not my thing. So, when I did so, I did so with the intention of wanting to get to know this chic on another level. Things appeared to be going in that direction until I didn't hear from her for a good minute. Next thing I know, she's "in a relationship" via FB. I was a little upset w/her. But, I was more upset at the fact that this does seem to be the norm. When did it become ok to show the goods just because? Guess I'm sorta old fashioned in the fact that I don't mind waiting. Sure if a chic wants to send me pic, she can. But, unless I know her well enough on a serious flirtatious level, I'm not seriously asking to see anything. Chalk it up to age and wanting more than just sex and pics at this point in my life.
    Sorry for rambling, but, yea, I'd say as a whole, ppl are over sexed. Especially since its so easy to find a sexual medium now a days.


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