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20 Things I Love About Men

1. Tattoos: I love tattoos. Very well placed tattoos. Something about well drawn ink on brown skin is so sexy. Now...I’m not a fan of brands and never have been...but I LOVE tattoos

.2. Straight White Teeth: If you got a gaps (not a little cute gap) and crooked yellow teeth…keep it moving or I can recommend my orthodontist. I have straight white teeth and you should have the same…. and a brother with a beautiful smile makes me melt. Bonus-if you got dimples, you might as well say you have it made

3. Clear Skin: Bumpy faces and craters need not apply. Clear even skin means you take care of yourself from the inside as well as out. I’m not a complexion freak. You can be super light or super dark. But if your skin is smooth….that’s even hotter.

4. Facial Hair: A brother with a well groomed goatee, beard, or moustache just looks good. It has a grown and mature look. I just think a brother with no facial hair looks like a little boy. A beard groomed with a straight edge razor. Goodness! Brothers just need facial hair to me (Like Obama would look SO FLY with a goatee. but I guess that wouldn’t appeal to the masses….whatever)

5. Lips: Smooth, uncrusty lips. I mean...nuff said. And not too big like soup coolers or yams…and not too thin…just right.

6. Hair: I got love for the bald brothers but hair is just so much sexier. A nice Cesar fade…big curly hair. Or locs (actually...I’m kind of over the whole loc thing on men...). But you get my drift. Hair looks so much better. Add that to a goatee…woo! You get no cool points if you got hairy hands, butts or back...that’s just gross!

7. Nice hands: Nothing wrong with a brother getting a manicure (or a pedicure) crusty hands and heels are not the business. It isn’t sexy playa….

8. Body: I’m not a skinny girl so I can’t be all like “I like muscle bound men”. I mean you don’t have to be all ripped...but being morbidly obese is not sexy either. If you care about your care about your health.

9. Accents: That’s just me being greedy! LMAO! British accents...Carribean Accents…French Accents. I just love accents. A man saying my name with an accent is hot. I mean multisyllabic names aren’t that easy to say all the time (esp. in the heat of the moment…)

10. Sense of Humor: I’ve said it once...and Ill say it again. Making this goofy girl laugh goes a long way. Brothers who are humorous are sexy.

11. Intelligence: If you can talk to me about something other than the game or the new GAME album. We are good. Current affairs are nice. And not that pseudo black “intellect” that so many brothers want to have. I mean serious, conscious dialog about a variety of others. You talking about how “The system” is getting you down is old...esp now…Obama anyone?

12. A Nice Ass: Yes. that’s pretty base after my last comment. But I don’t mean a girly ass and hips. I mean an ass that looks good in boxier briefs along with your package (and if you got that V/D’Angelo cut in your pelvis that is even hotter). The kind of ass you can pop a quarter off of and get 5 nickels. LOL

13. Swagger- Every brother must have a sense of style. I don’t mean spending 50 G’s on a new watch or something. Just a good sense of style…the way you walk…confidence….add that and a killer look...something unique and your own....

14. Voice: The tone in a brother’s voice is important. Some bass in a voice. can make a sista melt….just sounding like a grown ass man. Makes the panties melt

15. A Big Dick: A girl is a damn lie if she says that size doesn’t matter. I guess for some..the “oral” action can make up for that.. but jeesh!*smh* Ladies..let’s just keep it real and not gas these dudes’ heads up! *smh*

16. He loves his Mama and Jesus: I guess this should have been higher…but I mind wasn’t there. A brother who loves his mama (and not in a spoiled rotten Mama’s boy kind of way)…is a keeper. That means he loves and respects women (for the most part)…And if he Knows the Lord..well..that’s just a bonus. If you go for the “holy roller” types…that’s cool. But just having a sense of God in your life is importance.

17. He Remembers the Little things: If he goes to the store and picks up your fav ice cream…just because. Or he calls and says “I heard such and such..and thought about you”. That’s def. a winner. It means he has a streak of being spontaneous…You want to drive to Sonoma on the weekend? You want to just go see a movie on Wed? That’s just the kind of dude he is

18. Body Odor and Breathe: Do I have to say it? IF your breath smells like Oscar the Grouch’s garbage can….that means you are too foul for words. Don’t come near me with funkiness. Make Colgate and Sean Jean cologne your friend! LOL There is nothing like a good smelling man…(who owns at least 3 suits)

19. Drama Free: No baby mama debt collectors beating down your block…no crazy ex-wives…no outside kids….no diseases….basically relatively drama free. I mean we all can’t get away from drama…but If you can do without without it

20. Goal Oriented: You know what you want (and I don’t just mean materialistically) and you know how to get it. You are the man with a plan. Having goals are always sexy…not having a plan and just “going with the flow” (esp. when situations don’t call for it) isn’t sexy….


  1. lmao @ "A brother who loves his mama (and not in a spoiled rotten Mama’s boy kind of way)" Amen!

    I love #s 10, 11, 13, 14, & 17

    I actually dont like #9. Ive never been a fan of foreign accents. A southern accent, West Coast accent, or NY accent, i can get with though. :-)


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