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He Hates She

On my commute to work..I had a thought. I don’t think men these days like women.

I don’t mean that are batting for the other team or something...I just don’t think they care for women too much. Just this generation of men....They would rather play video games..then go on a date. They don't really call like they should. They don’t want to spend no money..not because they are broke..just because they don't want to. LMAO! They think chivalry is ancient.....and they are all into self.

Romance has long been dead....and they are just self-serving. self-righteous, bastards. They aren't worried about building with a woman. They don't care about love or companionship until they are old and gray and realized they wasted the vast majority of their 20's and 30's being "carefree" when that could have been the time to cultivate a few good relationships. They are either so career driven they feel like women are a "distraction" or "not needed"...or they are so lazy they feel women are "a way to come up". Sex is just an activity to fill a void.....making love isn't really there anymore. They are more picky about the kind of woman they want...and won't "settle". Not that settling is a good thing...but it's like they are trying to attain something totally impossible.....They would rather engage in self-destructive behavior (cheating, one night stands, long standing affairs that don’t materialize into commitment, just shaking up....)... rather than forging a healthy relationship. They say stupid sh*t like "Marriage aint for me" or "I cant be faithful to one chick". How do you know if you never really TRY and put forth any effort?'

Yet we love them still....go figure!

So what's a woman to do? What are we as HUMAN BEINGS to do? We are not solitary creatures. Men cant just "do them" and women just "Do them" day we have to come together and form a community. Everyone needs companionship and love. This solitary confinement isn't healthy. It certainly isn’t conducive to growing and birthing and developing a healthy, family dynamic and community. So do we just not wait on men...

I am a firm believer that a man SEEKS a woman..not the other way around. And certainly overly aggressive women aren't all that attractive to men......but there isn’t a balance! You just can't win if a man just isn't interested in "women" right now. I know so many men who are like "I’m happily single". Are you really????? Or is that a front because you are so lonely that you don’t know where to turn or go? You are just stuck.....With all that said...I'm going to be single a LONG damn time..........I don’t know..that was just on my mind today..............*shrug*


  1. That's sad that men have gotten so lazy on the romance front. I blame the dads (or lack of dads) in their lives, as this is often where they learn to treat/value/take care of a woman. If they never saw dad doing certain things for/with mom, they wont learn how to properly treat their own lady.

    "I know so many men who are like "I’m happily single". Are you really????? Or is that a front because you are so lonely that you don’t know where to turn or go?" *nodding in agreement* WOW, that's deep.

  2. Alot of men ARE being distracted by other things and as a result are seriously lacking in the dating/relationship section of life. It's pretty sad. But then again those men are better left where they are anyway. There are still some out there that are looking for women, they just tend to be the ones we overlook while chasing after the preoccupied men.

    There is a balance (I think). We women need to start looking at the ones we generally ignore. They can turn out to be the real keepers. My husband was one that I would normally not be into but here we are 6 years later and he is the best husband and friend I could have ever hoped/ prayed for. (note: I got rid of the x-box along the way!!!)



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