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Brothers and Natural Hair

(BTW...that isn't me! LOL)

As I sit here playing in my locs and basking in their glorious fragrance of the hair oil I use (as I do probably every morning at work for about 15 minutes before I start working. because bullsh*tting is totally my thing....)..

I was just thinking."Why don't more brothers like natural hair?"I don't mean the "Freddie Brooks/Mixed Chick" type of hair...I'm talking straight out the motherland, nappy, bushy, twisted-out,loced-up type of stuff. I think my locs are beautiful...and I personally don't give a damn if a dude isn’t feeling them...because he isn’t the dude for me.

I just hate statements like..."Well...I NORMALLY don't like chicks with natural hair...but it looks good on YOU"...uhm...I'm just wearing my hair (with a little manipulation via some hair color and loc-maintanence....which is purely aesthetic) the way God had it grow out my damn scalp! What's so wrong about that?

I think brothers in general have a love/hate relationship with natural hair. On one end...they want a sista....but then again. They aren’t trying to deal with the "sista" issues: We can’t go out and get our hair all wet...we got to sleep in a hair scarf most times....etc. That isn’t sexy. So what do they do...go for the chicks who are JUST enough of a sista (big booty, lips, etc.) to not be clowned on... (Minus the nappy hair....). I guess brothers have fed into the notion that they too want to run their fingers through your hair. can still do that...even if a girl doesn't have a perm...or naturally wavy hair...etc. It's still sexy....We can get it wet too...but don't be mad if a girl is like..."'s gonna take me 2 hrs to get it back right....."

I know about oh.....3 dudes total...who LOVE the sistas with natural hair! One of my friends totally has a thing for bad! LMAO! I think that's wonderful. I am not knocking a brother who just says "that isn’t his thing”. But I mean really.....what's the harm? A woman can be just as classy, formal, etc with natural hair as a woman with a perm/"good hair" has............that's all I'm saying. I think the sexiness of natural hair is...that a woman has to have confidence to pull it off...and if you are confident...that truly exudes some kind of sex appeal....

So I say to brothers............don't fear the nappy hair. Embrace it. Love it. Caress if (if she'll let you...LOL...cause uhm...we can be sensitive like that esp. after we done spent hours in the damn salon getting it braided, flat-ironed, etc...LMAO!). There is a nice sex appeal to natural hair........

*flips locs back*


  1. It's too bad that (some) brothas don't have a greater appreciation for natural beauty. It really is. I mean, we know what it dates back to, of course.

    Derek is guilty of the same. The "longer and silkier" my hair, the more he loves it. *smh* Tsk.

  2. Most white men prefer black women with natural hair. My DH likes it when I wear it curly over blow dried and flat ironed. Probably because I allow him to play with the curls.

  3. amen, amen, amen to this post!!! but quietly, black women hate on natural hair just as much, if not more, than black we need to start looking at ourselves. but ofcourse, i'm preaching to the choir....

  4. The term "good hair" is so overrated! I absolutely HATE when people use that word...


  5. DarkSkinLady8/11/09, 5:58 PM

    Hmm, I've never had a guy say he isnt into locs. I dont know, I can always spot when someone if feeling me. I kinda know who I will or wont get a response from. But I totally agree that our brothas need to embrace the loc'd sistas a little more. And yes, we can make them look just as fly as permed hair!

  6. I like a woman that is foine and sexy and good to me. If she look good. She look good - Locks, dreds, afro whatever. I don't have a preference.
    I'll take Angela basset or Halle Berry.
    Light or Dark; Permed or kinked.


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