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Whining Singers, Manly Men, and the New "Emo" Dude

(Maxwell...a little "emo" but def a man's man in terms of emotional content, seductiveness, and rawness)

I am a lover of R&B and Soul music.  I love music in general but there is something seductive, sultry and inviting in the sounds of one of our quintessential black music forms. It has to be my fav genre of music.

Most of all, I love male singers that move me. Classic dudes like the Marvin Gaye, Al Green,  Jeffrey Osborne, and more recently, Maxwell, Anthony Hamilton, Musiq Soulchild, and D'Angelo (when he wasn't fat or high). I love their voices. They seduce you...invite you in like a warm blanket near a fire place...with a glass of 18 year old Brandy....then slowly peel your clothes off with their voice...

"I want prove it to me in the nude.....addicted to the way you move"

But music these days, are filled with whiny singing, begging jokers, and this new "Emo" dude. I mean..Trey Songz?? Frank Ocean?? Jeremih? Lloyd?  Drake ??? Ray J? And although I have SOME of these folks on my Ipod and I dig some of their tracks... But what I really want to ask is

"Dude did your balls drop???"

What happened to hard singing men? The men with bass in their voices and authority on their minds? Men who were romantic, suave, and used a metaphor correctly? Nowadays, men are just whining, complaining, begging for the p**y, and just being overly emotional YET not committing to anything. Or just beefing and whoofing up, blowing smoke and not doing a thing? (a la Ray J?)

Sound familiar?

Music is always a sign of the times. And these new singers are definitely reflecting a shift in thinking among our men. While our old heads did their fair share of begging (I mean..this is what makes a soul singer a soul singer)..there was much more finesse.  And this new generation of singers are not like their forefathers. I understand that this generation of men are a lot different from their forefathers. They don't know how to "talk" to women, be firm and manly YET respectful They don't know how to cloak things in allusion and metaphor.  Some may even argue that these men just are learning from some of their predecessors (R. Kelly anyone? lol). Either way, something is a little different.

I know I blogged about Drake's "Marvin's Room" a while ago, but for a different reason. But we missed the obvious: A dude calling a chick, begging for some more p**y, yet for no commitment.  He's hurt an said he got dumped for another dude..but he isn't saying "I want you back". Just you can do better in the dick department. Something is missing here? There is a disconnect somewhere and I can't pinpoint it.

I don't mind men having emotions. I welcome it. What I do have a problem with is dudes being all "emo" with no real purpose other than getting some puss. I'm not feeling the emotional games. The whining. The begging. What happened to just being a man, saying whatever it is you got to say with some BASS in your voice, and being done with it?  Men who are men of action not emotional ranting....Men who play no games. Say what you mean...and mean what you say. I need some men who are willing to put it all on the line without sounding line whiny, complaining overindulgent little boys. Men with authority. Men with purpose....a purpose aside from getting them drawers!

The world is off balance. We got "emo" dudes and cold, distant and "hardened" women. Something has go to give!

So what's the solution? Because if I hear one more song with a whiney, begging dude...I might just slit my wrists


  1. #teamMaxy I am soooo obsessed with him.

    E Benet is sensative but good love his music and voice

    I wish I could go see E Roberson Thurs night.

  2. .Hilarious post.

    Agreed, singers of today are nowhere near the singers of yesteryear but the same could probably be said for our generation.

    I knew the game had changed once I saw Omarion sitting at the top of the charts. Looks like the new male singers picked up where he left off.

  3. You got that right! R&B singing *aint* what it used to be. lol


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