September 1, 2011

Thursday Tunes: Jill Scott "Hear My Call"

I think when I first heard the song..I sorta skipped over it on the CD as some sorta "melodramatic" joint I wasnt feeling in the midst of her "sensual" album The Light of the Sun. I come to this point in my journey...where as Jill says "Love has burned me raw".............I def need to listen to this more than ever.

Thank you sister, Jilly from Philly! My soul needed that :)


  1. Jesus! That song is beautiful. I watched that whole video. I'm glad you shared this, because i dont have her cd and likely would never have discovered this on my own.

  2. This song was ALWAYS one of my favs on her new cd I could sooooooooooooooooooooo relate!! Jill was ALL in my kool aid on this song now I must say the video didn't move me though *shrug*

  3. One of my favorite songs from the album!



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