August 25, 2011

"I'm Just Saying...You Can Do Better"

I was in my room one day....listening to the Music Choice Hip Hop station. and the much-hyped and "remade" Drake Song "Marvin's Room" came on.....

..and I instantly had a "Marvin's Room" moment.

Have you ever been in that mood where you want to call up an old flame and be like "I'm just can do better"? Not that they would give a fuck but it would give you closure and as Drake says "It'll give me someone to put this weight on".

I am not sure if a guy actually "did better" or not. Some did. Some didn't.   Most didnt. But I have the self-esteem to know that I'm the sh*t. And if they don't know that, then too bad for them. But I'd be a liar if I (and others) haven't wanted to make that call..... the dude getting married to a chick who looks like a "Moose"
...the dude giving his all to a chick who needs dental work BADLY and got 3 baby daddies. the dude who lied and said he was "divorced" the ex who left you at the altar the guy who broke your heart over the most trivial shit.

...and they all moved on to chicks not half as "hot", smart or bad as you. We have no idea why you weren't "it". It would be mute to spend countless hours thinking about it. It hurts so bad. But there's hope...

Let that sh*t go....

It would be nice if you were the "better" for someone's life. The person that  if someone made an ol "Marvin's Room" type call to your new boo, that they would go "Yeah right....are you crazy?? My baby is the isht..." You'd puff out your chest and throw your head back with pride.

But just know..that you will do better. It's inevitable.  So F*** that other joker, ya heard??

Just save the "Marvin's Room" type calls.... for your diary/blog :)


  1. Yeah I have had those moments especially when you and your ex become friends and they tell you about how they made a mistake, you was that one and they messed up. Its all that I could do to say "toldja so" LOL

    Great post!

  2. I love that Drake song. Those words are deep. It's not surprising that so many folks made it over!



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