September 23, 2011

Feeling/Not Feeling

  • Reinvigorated. I have goals, esp on the fitness tip I am working on.
  • My winter boot buys. You'll see them soon enough over on
  • My friend Yaki sending me a template for the blog and feeling awesome that I installed it myself! I'm a G! (LOL)
  • Hot cocoa under a warm afghan
  • Fresh flowers weekly. While I'd liek to NOT be the one buying them for myself, I always have to have fresh ones weekly. And Kroger always has them half off by Wednesday :)
  • The new Fall shows: 2 Broke Girls, Up All Night, The Playboy Club (w/ Naturi Naughton), Prime Suspect,  and new seasons of my favs like Glee, Psych, Dexter, Luther (w/ Idris Elba), Boardwalk Empire, SIng Off...LOVE FALL TV!!!
  • Speaking of bunnies..I def need one of those costumes in my life. an Official one. I used to have a bootleg one back in the day. LOL
  • My girl got me hooked on Pinterest. That and Polyvore are my inspirations
  • Apartment design blogs. Makes me wanna step my game up
  • This pic of Lenny Kravitz....And for some reason...I'm just so so in love with him now. Like he's always been fine but now...........he's just.........delicious and SUPER grown.
  • That there is a black man trainer on The Biggest Loser. GO DOLVETT!! (remember him from the Chilli dating show? She dissed him...LOL. She dissed all the brothers)

  • HARASSMENT! Dude..Didn't I say don't fucking call me..text me..think or speak my name into the atmosphere? PLEASE GO AWAY! Don't hit me with a "miss you" text. Dont read my blog and come at me w/ shit I've said. And since you are reading this.....GET THE MESSAGE. DONT CONTACT ME. And if you think it applies to JUST're wrong, boo! You aint special. It's a gang of you sorry ninjas.....saying the same thing. You all must go to the same school of "tired, played out lines". Guess what? I'm fresh outta fucks and I have none to give.
  • That I have a bum ankle right now so I can't go run or work out like I want. This's all sprained. And Im not even sure
  • That I still have a sense of frustration with a class. I really am not focused.
  • That it took Google forever and a day to migrate my shoe blog to the new joint.
  • I'm too lazy to do any real design on it....LOL
  • Snuggies.
  • booties that look like Chewbaka is on your feet. UGLY!
  • Uggs. Nope...don't like Uggs at all.
  • being between sizes
  • being in between seasons. It def feels like fall sometimes..then summer the next.
  • The fact that Chris Meloni is no longer on SVU!! WTF! That Mariska gotta hold it down alone, huh?
  • The fact that I have this class, all this reading and can't enjoy my shows until the weekend. THAT BLOWS!!
  • The fact that I prob shouldnt be watching so much TV if I'm an "intellectual". LMAO! Oh well. My DVR is about to work overtime.
  • That the new Iphone STILL isn't out yet. Cmon' Apple! Cmon VERIZON! *sigh*


  1. Yess! Thanks for reminding me where Dovlett came from! It was bothering my spirit that I couldn't figure it out!

  2. LMAO@ "bothering my spirit"

  3. Playboy was good I thought it would be wack so I didn't watch at 1st then decided to watch on line. I have to watch Prime suspect on line cause I missed it watching Grey's Maria Bella was good on ER.

    Lenny K has always been SEXY as all get out and he took the celibacy journey before which made him even sexier to me.

    SN -I am going to try my Shea Butter scrub tonight

  4. im glad she is on the show...representing well!

  5. I liked 2 Broke Girls, and The Playboy Club - whew, that fine ass man. What's his name?!?!

  6. Okay, you're the bomb for installing that template. It looks amazing & also super cool that you're getting all html savvy and stuff!

    So that Playboy Club show is good? Dern, I meant to start watching it. How many episodes have i missed? I hate coming in during the middle of a season. Cant believe i forgot about it...

    lmaooo @ having a bootleg bunny costume back in the day. Ive always wanted to go as a bunny for Halloween one year, with Derek wearing a smoking jacket and carrying cigar, kind of like a Hugh Heffner look. But since the boys those dreams are kinda on hold. >:o No way am i putting on anybody's leotard without hitting the gym first. LOL

    Mercy!!!! @ that pic of Lenny. Nice.

    I hate when i dont have time to watch my shoes and have to play catch up all late.

    lol @ that PSA to the dudes harassing you. smh @ them

    Dereks been waiting on that iphone for so long, he almost gave up and got something else. I sure hope its worth the wait.



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