September 14, 2011

Post-it Notes and Index Cards

As I wrote a week or so ago, I have a wish box where I add my hopes, desires, and dreams. I also started tat sometimes I wrote long letters to my "future husband" or "unborn child", etc. I know it seems so crazy to most...but it gives me a great sense of comfort to put these thoughts somewhere.

Sometimes I write tiny peices of paper and slip them inside there. Little things. Little sexy things I say I'd like to do or want to happen with my mate. Sometimes they are as small as a fortune cookie sizes slip or as big as an index card. Whenever it hits me, I will grab some paper and slip them in. Some are mushy but most times these things are funny.  I'll share some of my favorites

Dear Future Husband...I promise to NEVER wear panties with my skirts or dresses.

Dear Hunny....I promise to hide your stash of porn on YOUR side of the night stand and away from the kid (s).

Dear Hunny... I hope you like your eggs scrambled cause I can't make a proper omlette to save my life!

Dear Future Husband...I can only sleep naked every night if you promise to hold me every night.

Dear Husband....If we ever have a make up...I'll get your fav expensive cigar and liq...if you get my fav Louboutins. Deal?

Dear Hubby...Pray for me as I am praying for you.

Dear Husband...hold my hand when we cross the street. I know Im not a kid but I like how secure it makes me feel.

Dear can change a diaper like a champ! :)

Dear in your boxers is oh so hot!

Dear Babe...remember that night in St Lucia........

As you can see. I have a pretty good imagination. (LOL). But it gives me comfort because I know deep in my heart these notes will become reality to one deserving man. Just this morning...I added the following

Dear were worth the wait. I guess the second time's the charm.

And I am sure it will be :)


  1. So sweet! I do something like that for Mo and Co. Just little notes to tell them how great they are, what a wonderful day we've had, funny things they did that amaze me. I'm not as consistent as I'd like to be (sometimes I post date), but I hope they enjoy it. I put them all in a big Tiffany & Co. box! What's not to enjoy about that?

  2. I don't think it's crazy at all to write note to a future spouse or child. In fact, I think it may help you to recognize those things that are important to you in a mate, or it may help you discover the type of parent you want to be to you future child. I support this!

  3. It's a cute idea writing to the future like that.

  4. Oh my gosh, this is sooo sweet! I loved this. Your future husband is a lucky, lucky, lucky man!

  5. St Lucia is so on my list of places to travel

    *goes to start writing my own future hubby love notes* LOL



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