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Feeling/Not Feeling


  • I admit..I kinda like some of the stuff from the Kardashian at Sears stuff. AND, my homegirl ThePrissyMommy over at pulled off some cute looks. So..I broke down and ordered some.
  • I've decided to get into fitness competitively. So Imma be ripped (LOL)
  • Im on a debt diet. Feels good to get a handle on stuff.
  • My solo trip to Playa del Carmen I'm planning. This place looks so amazing!
  • The SATSB Bookclub Skype I had. It was amazing...thanks girls!
  • purple blush.
  • I need a new look. hair color it shall be!! Back to being a red head!
  • good about paying Tithes! YES LAWD!
  • a lot less "lonely"
  • I NEED that Iphone 5 real bad. This Blackberry is kaput!
  • Classic Smokey Robinson..this is my FAV SONG of his of all time.
  • I also NEED new albums from: Ryan Leslie, Frank Ocean, Maxwell, and Brandy.
  • ..that maybe this journey in abstinance is getting easier.
Not Feeling
  • The fact that those Kardashians are some opportunist ass hookers. LOL
  • Why must they spell everything with a a Kappa?
  • Why they always playing Khloe to the left cause she's the "big girl". They pose her in weird angles and hide her very "normal". body...
  • But that Khloe and Lamar perfume smells like dog hair..ugh. YUCK!
  • So I ordered a dress from said collection..and uhm...I know Im "thick" but these sizes are ridic! I looked like a sausage casing! Gotta return it.
  • Kim's contrived.
  • Fitness competitions mean no more eating like I do. Gotta change :( Oh Mac and Cheese except for Thanksgiving!
  • Im on a debt diet. more crazy amounts of shoes. (LOL)
  • The fact that this trip is gonna be solo........ugh. Oh well.
  • One of my classes is an absolute pain.
  • Personal trainers are too damn expensive.
  • trying any new and "daring" makeup looks. I like what I like.
  • like I got "swag" (LOL). Someone told me I had swag? What? LOL...
  • the fact that I got both Sex and the City movies but NOT the entire collection. I fail as a woman! LOL
  • the fact that my friend Rita has that damn Beyonce "Party" song stuck in my head. Ugh...make it stop!
  • Food is too high
  • The Rent is too damn high
  • ...but feeling more "alone".
  • ...that this journey in abstinence is getting "easier". (LOL)


  1. I need to take my 1st solo trip

    I LOVE the Kardashian BRAND #judgeme lol

  2. I LOVE the Party song and YES we need new music from Maxy

  3. Its funny, i got that same jersey body-con dress that you tweeted me and I had the same feelings. Its not flattering at all. I'll share my pics with you privately (lol), cuz not sure i wanna include it in my review post. The fit of the collection is funny like that though... some things look amazing, others look crappy.

  4. Yes..I def want to see what else you got, Yaki! I mean...I returned one dress and kept one. I feel really self concious. I tried to text u a pic..I dunno if you got it but I looked a mess in the one I DID keep. the other dress was so miscut and sewn improperly. One sleeve was was tight..

  5. So the Kardashian brand is worth taking a look at? Will do! GIrl, enjoy your solo trip...Definitely waiting on Ryan Leslie and Frank Ocean...Dump your Blackberry STAT!...competitive fitnes? What do you have in mind?...Personal trainers are expensive but totally worth it...And yes! THey definitely keep playing Khloe...I think that's it!

  6. My BFF (yes I use that term LOL) was just telling me about the collection and also about Target's debut of the Missoni line.
    As for fitness, this, lady is a BEAST. She uses body weight but I haven't completed an entire session YET!!!

    I'll have to grab the book you are reading, it sounds very interesting and I could use a bit more support and guidance on my journey of celibacy.

  7. iPhone 5 is a must, food really is high, and you definitely have swag.

    Kim Kardashian is so fine.


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