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Feeling/Not Feeling


  • So Beyonce's gonne be a mom...well...that's nice *shrug*. Isn't that what married folks do?
  • This new vow Im taking in my life. I pray it's rewarding.
  • Being able to properly tithe again...God does provide!
  • My classes...tough but def pushing me to think outside the box between disciplines.
  • This solo trip I plan on taking. I am so excited. They say it's the one thing a woman should do...
  • Men in suits
  • Men who bring flowers on first dates.
  • The Help. The movie was pretty good.
  • Skype. I have a newfound respect for it
  • My supportive friends. God bless them
  • All this clarity Im getting. It's a miracle when things don't distract you
  • The Shoe Blog....DOPE! (Join it why don't ya! :) )
  • More and more beautiful in God's eyes. and He's the only person that matters.
  • Friends who will call and talk to you until you fall asleep
  • Bills being paid off.
  • The new fall shows....I am so amped
  • Finally at peace...

Not Feeling

  • So Beyonce's gonna be a mom...well..that's nice *shrug* Isn't that what a lotta married folks do? The world will go on somehow. She ain't Mary...and she aint birthing the Messiah...
  • How some folks were crying at that news..bawling outta they got an invite to the sower..she's their first cousin...or some shit. You can't go get no gift from Target..please have a entire pew even.
  • How people didn't realize that in itself was a joke. I'm well aware she wont be registering at no damn Target.
  • They act like her and Jay Z are the "new bastions" of black marriage and "doing it right" and all types of glowing morals. If I hear that phrase on Twitter "Beyonce dated...go married..had a baby...etc". Imma hurl. LOTS of black women do this. *points to self*
  • How folks are quick to call me a "hater" cause I said all that. Grow up...*smh*
  • The res of the MTV VMAs were a bore. and That Lady Gaga "Joe" bit was frightening and old
  • Nikki Minaj and Gaga musta switched places that night..or bodies or something. She was on one too.
  • Lil Wayne and his jeggings. It was just too much.
  • Now that I've committed myself only to MYSELF...I have no idea how to date anymore w/o those thoughts popping into my head.
  • How people automatically think I want to "teach" when I say I am getting a PhD in English. I mean..I dont have to.....
  • This heat. I'm over it and want to rock sweaters that hide the wobbly bits. LOL.
  • Ive had insomnia for like...2 weeks straight. VERY sleepless and restless nights...
  • This road is about to get a whole lot tougher....


  1. YES YES YES!! People kill me talking about she did it the right way like she was the first or only one but NOBODY wants to talk about how they lived together before saying I do was that also the "right way" Anyway babies are a blessing from GOD ALL babies from single mothers and married women. Marriage isn't for everybody (although I believe in it).

    The Help was good (both the book and movie).




    Another cold single winter *sighs*

  2. Love, love, love your shoe blog.

    lol @ folks crying at the news. I was happy for them, but dern! That is a bit much.

    Ugh, I was so annoyed with Gaga coming out as a dude AND staying dressed that way the entire awards show. I was hoping she might at least change mid-way through into a true, Gaga-esque outfit... and it was quite a let-down when she didnt. Both her and Nicki really were a disappointment this year.

  3. OMG, men bring flowers on first dates?! Now that, that there is AWESOME!!


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