March 30, 2010

What are your summer boo requirements and how can one apply?

First off, the summer boo application process is rigorous. You must be attractive. Not cute. FINE. You must be willing to adhere to the terms of your short term contract. All boo-sim begins Memorial Day and ends Labor Day. There is no catching feelings or expectations There is no renewing your contract for the winter. For anything else...please hit me up specifically. Also, if you are not hired with me, perhaps you can find temp employment elsewhere. We do some boo placement every now and then for our trusted, valued clients! :)

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  1. I see you! LOL!

    No man applies for part-time employment.

  2. Really? So every dude wants to be full time??? What if I dont want that?

  3. Oh. I never said a dude wouldn't accept it, I said that he wouldn't initially (apply) admit that he is willing to accept.



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