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Ask a Man QOTW about The Old Fashioned BJ

Today's "Ask a Man" question is for the "grown ups". Someone wants to know "why is "oral stimulation" so important for dudes? More than food and money sometimes? And is that a dealbreaker in a relationship if a girl is bad and/or doesn't reciprocate?" Whoa... Fellas?

AJ (man)
February 22 at 9:13am ·

Like I am on a gossip blog..LOL...O.S.: Well when there is a itch that needs scratching and you(ladies) are not in the mood or whatever.. Putting your "mind" to it brings things in perspective. It's not necessarily a deal breaker..but if you want my "mind" on you, then you have to be able to put your "mind" on me.
February 22 at 9:16am ·

A little "mind" over matter huh? LMAO!
February 22 at 9:19am ·

Yes Brains is a powerful tool and the mind is a terrible thing to waste
February 22 at 9:20am ·

On the serious tips I suggest that all women go get and read a book called "His Needs, Her Needs". This will answer a lot of questions about how men thinks and how important our needs are.
February 22 at 9:39am ·


It sounds like the person asking has been in a relationship for a while..(comfortable relationship question)...It has been my experience that companionship/cuddling etc is enough for women. Coupling is like air to a man. We don't need food for a while. Don't need to much money.. but air and bumping uglies..well that goes hand and hand. or in hand for some..LOL
February 22 at 9:44am ·

Your answers are outta control..LMAO!
February 22 at 9:45am ·

I'll wait for other guys to chime in.. I could go on...but for real. "HisNeeds,HerNeeds" The bomb
February 22 at 9:47am ·

JUKE (man)
My two reasons...1) I would like to think a woman I've been with would go that extra mile2)It feels THAT damned good.... See MoreNow is it a dealbreaker...not really, but it sure is a security maker.
February 22 at 9:58am ·

And the Brothers said: Yaymen!
February 22 at 10:00am ·

So if a chick is "turble" you give lessons or tips for improvement? And what if she gets "offended" or goes "I dont do that! Thats nasty". (It happens)
February 22 at 10:39am ·

it's not just important for us. you women are just as crazy about it as we are. it is a package should come with all other acts of intimacy. it is not a deal breaker for me but a grown woman in 2010 should not be afraid to do what SWV describes as going downtown.
February 22 at 10:53am ·

It might not be a deal breaker but could be the icing on the cake...(literally) If all else is equal, you dont and she does, you've just priced yourself out of the market...
February 22 at 11:27am ·

So your stock goes down??? Well gosh....LOL!


  1. It's not a deal breaker for myself. I have been in many relationships where the woman wasn't necessarily big on oral stimulation. Then, I have been in one relationship in particular where the woman was something like a master in the way she pleased me orally.

    Still had to make the relationship itself work...

    Eh, it's all the same. LOL.


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