March 31, 2010

Random Thoughts: Feeling/Not Feeling

Not Feeling
  • All these black celebs getting reality TV shows
  • Sleeping in the wet spot
  • Thongs
  • Being on a Diet
  • celibacy
  • being child-less
  • Tyler Perry's coon-ismn
  • guys who just "wanna be friends" and "kick it".
  • Zane's Sex Chronicles
  • Orgasms


  1. We are here .... I love it.

  2. You are something else with yourself......

    I have never read Zane. I tried, but couldn't. Tyler Perry is really switching up his style. I am not feeling thongs either. I wish my woman would have the nerve to wear some thongs.

    Lace boy shorts. Wow. Never knew. I imagine they would be the business, though. There are some great albums dropping, I agree.

    Feeling/Not feeling Orgasms. Interesting.

  3. @Don... Right now.. I'm feeling orgasms... But physically aint feeling em! Got it? Lmao and thongs are no bueno for the kid. I'll spare myself the ridicule! Lmao.

  4. lol, i came here to ask a question about the "not feeling orgasms," but you just cleared it up for me, hehe!!!



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