March 27, 2010

Ask a Woman

Ladies: If a man was sweet, kind everything you wanted..we talking marriage material......but his winky-dinky was teeny-tiny...would you stay? Even after the "techniques" aint working?

I can't say that I could. Because I'd always think of it just that way... and it would lead me to stray. Sexual compatibility is really key in my relationships. And can you imagine how much worse you'd feel if you found out that winky dink man cheated? This is where those news stories with women running their men over with hummers begins. Because she compromised something important... I'm going on a tangent. The answer is NO.

LMAO @ your tangemt. It was much appreciate.

Yarny That was a good tangent, Vicky. Lol

Well, if "techniques" aren't working and I'm like a rolling stone (can't get NO satisfaction), then the only marriage I could have with that man is an open marriage. If he wasn't open to that option, then I couldn't commit to a lifetime of enduring sub-mediocre sex and BOBs. (So blessed that isn't my situation, and that's all I'ma say.)

Mocha. LMAO@ Yarny..why you bragging? (LMAO! I am kidding). I mean but he has it kind, nice, etc..just his winky aint the bidness. Would you suggest surgery? A pump?

Vicky them things don't work. LMAO. Now when we said "techniques" ... we mean... jALL the techniques... including the ones that don't involve winky? *it's a family show. trying to keep it clean.* I'm asking... Is this person a Cunning Linguist at least?

Mocha @Vicky...Im playing devils advocate (cause this isnt a totally TRUE scenario...LOL). but what if he was so-so on the "speaking to the animals". LMAO!???

Vicky *writing a nice Dear John note to fictitious guy* It's been really nice knowing you...

 Nikki *dead* at cunning linguist. :) good question twin. :)

 Surgery would only work if it was his idea or a woman could work it so it seems like surgery was his idea. If he demands commitment to just he and I, then I'd have to demand facing reality and recognizing the need for more learning in the bedroom. Probably some kama sutra books, but not the videos from his homeboys. Honestly, if he truly has it all, then he has the ability and honesty to admit he must step his game up.

  DEAD and gone to glory at "speaking to the animals"

 Mocha @yarny..I'm just saying!! *shrug*. LMAO!. And I guess you are gotta be convinving.

LMAO@ Vicky..she's like"PEACEEEEE" like Martin Lawrence! LMAO!


 Nikki  i mean, is he open to learning? can he take direction well?

· Nell. if there is chemistry there and we are really feeling each other... the size of the dingle wont matter. Its the connection that matters IMO

Mocha. @Nikki..why you asking me like this is allllll about me? LMAO!

. Why cant it be a question?? LMAO!

 Dee I'm willing to "teach" or "lead in the direction of" the things EYE like. But teaching the BASICS??? REALLY??? I'm sorry baby, I'm not gon be able to do it!

 Mocha But he can't help his winky! LMAO!

 Becca Ok, so how small is small? Are we talking "baby" small? or are we talking 5'ish?

 Mocha @Becca...let's say it's like a 3 year old kid's thumb.....(LOL)

· Becca Then I would do the " it's not you, it's me..I just have soooo much on my plate right now, and it's bad I really hope we can be GREAT friends" talk...

 Mocha *Rick James voice* Cooold Bloooded! LMAO!

· Becca I can deal with small, but not that dang small!

 Hell no(been there done that not doing it again). In my best Luda voice "some say the sex is overrated but they just aint doing it right". I'll never say it again.

· Mocha  LOL...@Mira...preach on it chick.

Ru But if he was devoted, kind, super intelligent, faithful, loving, you had the greatest time with him etc etc etc...then, a physical flaw would be reason enough to dump him?! Then the next question is if your partner got Christopher Reeve-d, would you still stay with him?

· Mocha. that what we calling geting paralyuzed "Superman"-ed? LMAO!

 · Ru
 naw man, superman was the man of steel...hence it's "christopher reeves"...we are all vulnerable and could lose anything at anytime :-(

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