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A Little Male Admiration: A Short Blog

The other day on Twitter...I posted the following :

Ain't nothing wrong w/wanting a lil male admiration? I don't wear cleavage out, stilettos, and flawless face for my girls!! Lmao! #realtalk

I think my feminist friends frowned at me for that and tried to give me the side eye! So- the F**K -what!!!! Yeah Yeah..I look good for me! I have great self esteem, yadda yadda! I feel good for me..but it's NICE when a brother noticed the effort you put in...........for THEM. Might not even be a specific brother..just the male species! Like a gotta STRUT! If I wanted just CHICKS to admire me...I'd be a butch lesbian. PERIOD.

I dont wear these stillettos which hurt my toes for other chicks to admire! NOPE! I wear them so brothers can visiualize them in the air! (ok..and becuase I do have a shoe fetish that's unreal....but the latter is important!)

I dont give a hint of decolletage for women to admire! NOPE! I give a hint so men can see how smooth and supple my skin is and that you can see I exfoliate 3 times a week for my mocha glow!

I dont boost my boobs up..or go to Fredericks and buy TONS of lingerie for my damn self (well..sometimes I just need new bras)..but it's for they can admire..then TAKE EM OFF!

I wear makeup..because I like the artistry..AND I'm accentuating my best features....FOR DUDES! DUH! Look at my face, sucka! Yeah yeah..they all say they like you "natural". Aint no one a natural beauty...dont believe the hyper!

We spend hours in the beauty shop to get the hair whipped...ONLY to have a dude mess it up and sweat it out that same night!

Fishnets..............definitely for men (AND added plus: they make my legs look bigger! LOL)

THONGS are for MEN! PERIOD! Cheekie boy shorts (my personal fav)..ARE FOR DUDES! Crotchless panties..CMON SON!! Who are we fooling, ladies!!

..and if something is wrong with can take away my memberships to NCNW, NOW, and a bunch of other orgs. It feels awesome to have your girls think you are a beauty....but It doesnt make me any less of a want a man to actually notice me and give a damn!



  1. I concur!

    It feels damn good to be appreciated for the time/care we put into our appearance - and anyone who says they are doing it 100% for themselves is not being honest!

  2. *high five* 'Cause I sure wouldn't be hitting up Vicky Secrets for that dental floss thong action if there wasn't a ring on it.

    LMAO -- why is my word verification reeduckie? Is like ridiculous but crunked out?


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