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Drunk Blogging

Warning: This blog is written under the influence of 110 proof Tequila...LOTS of Tequila

You ever see a dude..or know a dude..and EVERYTHING about him repulses you...he's a downright asshole..yet at the same tiem you wanna just f**K the SH*T outta him! LMAO! I got a particular friend..I'm instantly repulsed and pissed at him cause he says and does dumb shit....but something about him makes me wanna throw him up against the wall..kiss him yet grab his balls at the same time! LMAO! I got problems.

Truthfully...I just want someone I can go on vacations with. *sigh* But oh well.........

If I was a lebsian (which I am not)..I would NOT pick a butch chick! I mean isnt the point of being a Lesbian to be with a hot chick? That look like chicks?? I respect everyone's right to love who they want..but cmon! If i look like Nia long..why on earth would I screw a CHICK..who looks like Ice Cube??? Da fuck!!

I'm really proud of my boobs! They are awesome! Thanks mom!!

I'm too lazy to buy lingerie anymore. Like I have no idea when the last time I bought lingerie anymore. T-shirts and boy shorts it is!!

I refuse to own a cat. That's just too cliche'!

Been thinking about leaving ATL and heading to maybe DC or NYC...who knows. I applied for a few jobs. Guess I gotta change the name of the blog then! LMAO!

Men who watch soap operas....get the side eye from me. What kinda freak are you???

The guy I was digging...caramel skin..gorgeous eyes..*sigh*.,..the things I wanted to do to him! I dont get why he wasn't feeling me. I mean what's WRONG with him??? Does he know the GEM he squandered? *smh*

I really think I'm a guy's "perfect girl"...I like Japanese Anime...goofy gross out comedies...Football..I cook..I appreciate the art of "brain games"....I quote Dave Chapelle and Boondocks episodes..I drink beer and LOVE tequila ...and I like action flicks...and bunch of other crap....I mean what's not to like! What more do I have to do? Give head in a handstand?? Dudes suck! Which brings me to a point.

I give up on love! There. I said it! i mean it. I mean wtf is the point of trying to love MEN..this species of humans..who are absolutely incapable of love and emotions? Who think marriage is a death sentence??


This isnt to say I am incapable of love. Why love a species (men) that doesnt want to love you back? Who are incapable of faithfulness? Who look at you as just a sexual receptical for sperm...a chef..and an ego stroker?
Why waste time loving something that just ends up hurting you? Every chick on here has a dude..or HAD a dude that was a nutjob! Some of em are cheating on you as we speak!

I will probably not get married again. NOT because I dont want to or believe in the institution....but because men would rather be in a thunderstorm with a metal rod than get married.

I have better dates in my head than real life. Furthermore..what the hell is the point of having a phone if NO ONE calls it?

Why crush and pine for some dude...who isnt thinking about you? Not making a move? etc? I mean I ANYONE"s type??? *smh*

Why hope, even a little, that people will change?

I will not flirt anymore. For what??? It'll either just get me nothing...or pointless sex that I'm going on almost 7 months of not having..which will lead to more nothing.

Therefore..Love Grinch is what I am. I just cant believe in something and be a hopeless romantic anymore. Such wasted energy. I have better love in the songs I hear.


Aiight. Tequila drunkeness is over!!!


  1. I'm not trying to hear that, love will find you. The End *wink*

  2. Keep hope alive, sista..but it ain't happening I dont think.


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