May 14, 2010

An Ode to Assholes: Haikus

What makes you think that
You can call me and text me to
Death…Over some booty.

13 inches of

pleasure... totally wasted

On an idiot.

You sneak and text me

While your girl isn’t looking.

Your d*ck pics are wack!

Our first date was shit

I order my food and paid

You lack social skills

We never belonged

Yet you made me feel like an

Exclusive dummy

I wasted all of

My time, energy…and most

Of all…stilettos.

Tears run down my face

You aren’t worth the energy

Fucking up my MAC

You remind me of

A lovely R&B song…

“I don’t want no scrubs”

An asshole is what

You are. And just about as

Full of steaming shit.


  1. At least you were able to make sense of it all.

    His loss, I have to believe.

  2. No! Don't waste the stilettos!!



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