May 9, 2010

3 The Wrong Way

Fellas..what is the obsession with the threesome??

I mean really.................I don't get it.

Actually..I take that back. I get it. It's hot. It's nasty. It's "a dirty little secret". It's naughty. It's "forbidden and tabboo". It let's greedy guys have a variety It adds spice to an otherwise boring relationship.  You get your pick of various vaginas and penises (if you so choose..but two guys and a girl rarely happens).  Men love the idea of using their tool to "punish" more than one chick. And the idea of two really hot women (rarely does these fantasies involve butch, hard lesbians)
 licking and sucking each other off is a turn on to most men....if not all.

This one guy said that  he feels most women are bi or have bi tendancies. I dont think so. While I appreciate the female form, I just feel like that is too many boobs and asses in the area Besides, you have to factor in attractiveness. You cant pick any old chick. And sex already smells (if you wanna be crude about it) and mixing too many pheromones in the air might make me ill. Besides, I'm a jealous and selfish lover. If you are paying too much attention to the other broad, how on earth can you fulfill my needs. And she cant be finer than me yet she couldnt be ugly either. Who could stomach that?

And if you are in a relationship, shouldn't some things be sacred? Like sex.  There is a beauty in sharing your most sacred and deepest part of yourself with ONE person. If there are other people on the scene, how is that sacred. Sure it's fun but......I dunno. How can you call yourself in a "relationship" if you do shit like that? I've had friends who live that lifestyle..and claim to have "boyfriends" and mates. Uhm...I dont know how "monogomous" you are if that is the case. Furthermore, using the argument that "well it's not cheating" is ludicrous. It's cheating with a "hall pass".

But what happens with a threesome goes wrong? What if someone got pregant? God forbid that woman had a threesome with two dudes.  Or worse...developed feelings for the other guy/girl if they did the threesome with their partner  (Ok..maybe a baby is worse than "catching feelings" )

I can't get down with the threesome. To each his own but...this girl is too much woman to divide my pie :)

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  1. ITA with ure sentiments here. I esp. concur with the paragraph about sex being sacred within the context of a monogamous relationship. I just dont know how on earth folks (who live this lifestyle) manage to do so peacefully.... seems to me it will eventually end up in one big, tangled, complicated mess.

    To each her/his own, i guess!



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