May 13, 2010

Part II: Are you Mentally Retarded?

Time: around 2 pm

Place: Sitting at my office.

The Scene: I am sitting here at my desk, processing paperwork and my text message goes off

Texter: Really don't wanna hear from me anymore??

Me: * looks at phone angry beyond belief* I am sorry. Maybe you didn't understand. I thought I was clear. Because of the fact that you were not honest, I do not see the need for further communication. That coupled with the fact that your inconsistency to be a gentleman, court me properly, and the inability to communicate effectively.

Texter: What happened to being friends? When was I ever not a good friend? I was honest. But ok. I respect your decision Good luck to u and in school.

Me: You and I apparently want different things. I do NOT want a "friend with benefits" and I was VERY clear about that when we met from the jump. Thanks for the well wishes

Texter:I never did either. I want a friend. And see where it leads. Sex was never a requirement.

Me: Riiiighhhht. But you damn sure didnt turn it down nor did that stop you from being overtly sexual with me. Spare me. patna It's cool. Lesson learned

*****20 minutes later*****

Texter: Let's try a non-sexual friendship






  1. Why won't he just give it up? I'm so disgusted by this whole exchange. lol. You handled it well.

    Unbelievable! LOL *smh*

  2. Too funny @ Texter: Let's try a non-sexual friendship

    Your response, even funnier.



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