May 7, 2010

Feeling/Not Feeling

  •  Free Concerts in the park in the summer
  • NYC in the summer (Gotta get back there)
  • NYC Subways
  • my lips. They are pretty nice the more that I look at them.

  • the fact that I WILL NOT have to pay for school. PRAISE GOD!
  • being 40 in 9 years. I think I'll be a pretty hot cougar :)
  • laughing more. (I dont do that enough really)
  • steals and deals at my fav store..Ross (ok..and Marshalls..and TJ Maxx..)
  • trying new restauraunts and foods...
  • picnics (although I've only been on one w/ a lover/partner)
  • IMAN cosmetics (especially bronzer).
  • video blogs (I promise to do more)
  • going on 9 months of no nookie (I've made peace with it)
  • gay clubs and bars...they play the best music
  • my wedding CD. It still jams pretty hard.

Not Feeling

  • The fact that I gotta wait months for another Maxwell CD. BRING IT!!
  • where my HS boyfriend is. I am truly worried about his well-being...
  • Blackberry doesnt hold a charge for shit!
  • the fact that the news is talking about how the car bomb  in NYC SHOULD HAVE been executed. How dumb! Why not give em the blueprints to the White House while you are at it!
  • my really nice clothes are collecting dust
  • knowing that when school starts...I wont have time for well....anything.
  • the fact my complex gym isnt fully completed w/ the renovations yet.
  • BP not taking full responsibility for this terrible oil spill
  • Kit-Kat bites...what a waste of money and a tease
  • only weird dudes ride the public transportation in ATL (this aint NYC)
  • being broke yet needed cash for critical isht
  • my closest friends are in other states
  • not having a "tight girl crew" to run the streets with.
  • the direction the NPHC is going in and our lack of "revolutionary" spirit
  • the fact that I go on the best my head


  1. Closest friends in other states - I feel you like a mugg on this.

    I heard the same about BBs. The one thing which stopped me from ever buying.

    School is good though. I know I don't have to tell you this. Free school, even better.

    I like trying some eateries, as well. Hot cougar? I bet you will be married by then. Laughter is good. Your lips, yep.

    Never been to NYC.

  2. It's official! The Broadway-Lafayette subway station made me homesick! Oh the scenery on NYC subways in the spring/fall--hell in NYC in general...

    why am i hear again? LOL!

  3. @Don: NYC in summer is absolutely enthralling (any other I dunno..Winter/Christmas season is very nice too..). You gotta go and check it out!

    I love my BB..probably bitch more about it and won't part from it.

    Good to meet a mutual foodie!

    And I'm pretty resigned to being a hot cougar and unmarried. It's ok :)

    @Artfelt. I miss the Herald Square subway entrance. I dunno....I miss that part of town.

  4. That lip color is GORGE!!!

    Yes, you do have to make a trip to NYC!!!!!!!!!!! We can't let the summer pass us by without it. ;-)

  5. @Don and MP: really and truly feel you on the close folks being ELSEWHERE. ALL of my ride or die folks live HUNDREDS of miles away..

    so I made a choice to get out and do things I like to do..with other folks. Check out Type in an activity you like to do such as cooking or dining or whatnot and your zip code and it shows you groups of folks who meet in your area to do just that. I've made some new friends just by doing that! Are they the folks I'ma call when I need a shoulder? No, not yet. But we go out and have a good time...which is what I was looking for!



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