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Intended Purposes

Last Monday Morning

I looked outside and it's raining buckets. I let out a huge sigh and said to myself  "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down" ....packed my Jimmy Choo's in my bag, threw on my rain boots, grabbed my packed lunch, and opened my coat closet

...and there it was. Hanging there. Bright and shining and pure perfection of couture..... I had only worn it once before. Yet, there it was. Almost brand new with that "new clothing smell"

My red trench coat.


My parents actually bought me the trench coat as a birthday present this year.  I had been sweating a particular garnet shade in a very well tailored trench. I squeeled with delight when I got it as a gift. Yet, I was disspointed I had to pull it out for its intended purpose of shielding me from the  actual rain becuase well.... ..that's not what I wanted this trench coat for.

I was thinking more along the lines of...well...about using it for this:

Yeah. A shame given that my parents are the ones who bought the coat (little do they know the freaky-chica their daughter is..) ..but ..I digress....

I'm not big on acting out fantasies. Especially outlandish ones. But I've always had a fantasy that involves me, a trench coat, some stunning Ultimo lingerie, and a pair of Louboutin's or Blahnik's or Choo's or.....( get the point.)..and one very deserving man.

 Let me be more specific:

I have a lover. ...a very suave, sophisticated lover. He's also very "busy" with his dealings and career. He's not famous but he is gorgeous. A smile that would melt chocolate. He's not overly wealthy (although he could very well be...). He's comfortable yet enjoys certain luxuries. One of which is me...

My "lover" flies me first class to see him (Or better yet...I surprise him by flying to see him as he's away on a particularly arduous business trip). The only thing I pack in my fabulously large Dior bag is: makeup, a toothbrush., birth control, panties (and my wallet although I'm sure I wont need it) . I only plan on staying a night or two. And I defintely don't plan on being clothed often. For security purposes (as I can't board the plane in just my lingerie and a coat), I board the plane wearing a stunning Herve Leger dress, my designer heels,  D&G shades, flawless makeup, well-groomed locs....and of course...that red trench coat. As I sip my wine in First Class, I get excited trading texts on my Smartphone to my "lover" in anticipation of our meeting.

Once I depart the plane, I head over to the Ladies room. I quickly remove my dress and pack it in my bag, revealing just my imported lingerie on a well oiled and exfoliated body (Hey....don't laugh..this is my fantasy! LOL).  I throw on my coat over it. I quickly adjust my lipstick, open my tube of  Chanel Rouge Allure in my fav shade "Lover" (of course). It's a chilly Fall day in this large city..and my "lover" has a car waiting for me upon my arrival.

"To the W (or Waldorf, Or Plaza, or whatever fancy, smancy hotel)......" I say to the driver. And we are bright lights from behind tinted windows peer at me. "How was your flight, Ms M....." the driver asks. I say..."Good. As usual..."

The doorman opens the door and greets me.."Hello Ms M______ good to see you staying with us again". And I smile and nod. I send a text "What floor?" And he replies back to me..."You know...." And I smile. Nothing but the best for my "lover". Penthouse we go....

I get to the door of the penthouse and knock (Or maybe the elevator opens to the penthouse..I havent figured that one out yet). I place my shades on my head and let out a sigh.  He opens the door...and I think "God...he looks amazing. I'm loving the little bit of gray in the beard". and I glide in the room like a minx. He says "Hmm...." as if he has just feasted his eyes on sheer perfection (which he has). There is music playing on the Bose system. He knows I like this song (sneaky sexy bastard!). He eases across the room, a glass of Dewars on ice in his hand. His Zegna slacks pressed against firm thighs. He works out. He looks amazing for his age. (OK..he is over 30..but under 40.. So maybe 35-ish) The top two buttons of his Hugo Boss shirt undone. His tie casually tossed on the arm of the  sofa along with his jacket.. papers and laptop nearby on the desk. The man could put Idris Elba to shame. Damn..he's fine.. He takes a sip from his glass, his lips curled up around the glass. He winks devilishly. I smile. He says. "You look good, babe..but...uhm....what's under the coat?". I smile.....not saying a word I undo the belt....

I slowly unbotton the top botton

...then the middle buttons....

....I take both hands....and slowly open my coat....wide.....

I smile...biting my lip....

He smiles....

and then....

..and then I wake up from my fantasy to realize my coat sleeve is being drooled on up on by a 1 year old kid on the train who insists on standing up on his mother's lap all while a homeless man smelling like pee is right next to me blocking the door...people smell wet and look Raheem Devaughn CD has stopped on my Ipod...and I almost miss my stop for work.. heading out from the shelter of the train station in this God-forsaken Southern Tsunami we are having....

I let out a sigh. Fantasy over. Back to work. Back to life. Back to reality. Back to my red coat and back to its intended purpose.

Oh least I'm dry in my nice, red trench coat.

( But I'd rather be wet though...................very wet)


  1. Love it Love it Love it

  2. WOW! You are good!! Zane better watch out!

  3. I've always wanted to don a sharp trench and show up at the door, a la Robin Given's "Bommerang" style. I wonder if that day will ever come for me? Pretty sure its a fantasy of D's as well.

    Sexy post - love it! :-)


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