October 4, 2010

Likes and Dislikes: Sex and the Southern Belle

  • a real talk blog, it goes HARD
  • doesn't bite her tongue
  • allowed me to contribute to her blog
  • vlogs
  • blog smells like homemade peach cobbler
  • her sense of humor
  • smart and intelligent dirty south flow
  • sensual poetry
  • her feeling/not feeling posts
  • men can learn things about women, if we choose

  • sometimes she goes TOO hard i.e. Superhead video
  • feeling like she has to explain herself
  • "with her grown ass"
  • when she doesn't reply to comments
  • makes me wonder if there are any straight brothers left in ATL
  • i am not sure if her readers will feel my brand of blogging
  • donate to the blog feature (hilarious)
  • vibrator giveaways
  • her endless ability to stick a mirror into a man's face
  • on the real, there's nothing i dislike about her blog


  1. The blog smells like cobbler huh? LMAO! Hilarious! Thanks Don (minustheBars.blogspot.com ) for being the guest blogger this week! I appreciate it!

  2. You're welcome. Thank you for allowing me to contribute with my brand of blogging.

    Your blog has my monitor smelling like peach cobbler. My co-workers think I'm over in my cubicle eating dessert or something.

  3. Love this guest post!!! Cool idea. Maybe I'll do one one week.

    Haha @ the donation widget. Has anyone given you any money yet? >;)



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