October 20, 2010

A Short Blog: Truth of the Matter Is

..I might be a tad bit more "prudish" than folks think.

I was thinking back to my video blog on the Kegel Excerciser (which BTW..I really appreciate all the feedback on it and some of you actually decided to order one..or a version if it). BUT...I had guys (some that I knew) writing me and commenting to me about it (sidebar of course):

"DAMN!..so what level did you get to?"
"Can I watch next time?"
"You dont need that thing...practice with me"
"I bet you masterbated with it didnt you"
"I just keep looking at your_____"

*sigh*...I thought a video would be fun..but I think I'm not gonna do anymore product reviews via video.

The blog is Sex and the Southern Belle..therefore we talk about sex...sexual health and responsibility...dating...toys...relationships..etc.

But I'm not your personal porn star. Nor are my videos your "foreplay". It's aggrevating...I'm not some wanton sex kitten. I'm just Mocha. The thought of some dude beating off to this is just...*shudders*..disturbing.  I cant hide my boobs..they are there. I cant hide anything else. nor will I wear a burka to do blogs. I do love sex..with a respectful PARTNER. I love making love more. I am really a relationship kinda gal..so if it's a freak you want...this might be the wrong blog for you to read.  This isnt about products getting me off..or anything.  Not once did I say that. I wanna break down taboos....about health. However, I'm not gonna be on camera...nude...etc. I wont be talking about HOW I do or perform any sexual act...or demonstrate. I wont be doing that.....

My mama actually reads my blog...so....nope. Not gonna do that.

With that said..I'll still be doing the reviews..( LOVE this company..Eden Fantasys)...but eh..we are gonna hold off on videos!



  1. Yeah, if people can't "handle" the vlog reviews than I'd cease and desist as well. *smh* What a shame though. lol

  2. So sad people can't be mature and respectful when it comes to sex. Everything about sex ain't dirty, but folks love to make it that way. Were they saying this stuff in the comments? If so, can you disable them?

  3. @Denise..it wasnt in the comments...it was like..sidebar comments on Twitter...or Facebook. It was just gross.

  4. I wondered the deal, and I completely understand where you are coming from. Men will be men though, for the most part. But at least you understand and value your worth as a woman.

    So, that's the business.



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