October 18, 2010

Feeling/Not Feeling


  • tired...all the damn time
  • Breyer's Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • like dusting off my Nikes
  • Willow Smith's lil song! WHip yo hair, honey!
  • Bruno Mars' new album
  • Mickey D's sweet tea
  • the upcoming blog design
  • Fantasia's Reality Show (guilty pleasure)
  • The new season of Dexter
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • happy for my mother
  • Edens Fantasys! They are awesome folks!
  • like i should just have smoothies and salad till the end of the year.

Not Feeling
  • this research class I'm taking. It makes NO SENSE To me whatsoever
  • I am fighting the urge to quit school everyday
  • eating out all the time
  • Wacka Flacka ...he's so trash!
  • How McDonald's now has me hooked on the damn sweet tea.
  • How Lil Wayne decided to disrespect my sorority in his song Gonorrhea.
  • that my Dad is THE asshole of all anuses.....
  • that I've gained 20 lbs in 4 months since being in school (not even kidding)
  • Lyfe Jennings and T.I. must love jail....
  • appreciated
  • discrimination against Muslims
  • this chipped pedicure...*sigh*
  • being broke again...yet debt free...thats always good 
  • the fact that men look at my Vlogs with a "sexual slant" in mind. "What you doing with that "dildo"? "Can I see you use it??"  Ugh..gross out!
  • ...that dating or men is a good idea while I'm in my 30s 


  1. Definitely feeling Boardwalk Empire

    This season of Fantasia is better than the last.

    I haven’t heard “Whip My Hair” or Bruno Mars’ album yet.

    I’m happy for your mother too.

    I wish I could watch Dexter but I don’t have Showtime.

    Don’t quit school! You can make it!

    Waka Flocka Flame ~Jesus Wept~

    Muslim discrimination is pretty sickening and not to mention
    ignorant as F***!

    If you’re attractive men are going to find some sexual slant, you have to charge that to the game *smile*

  2. HAHAH@ "jesus wept"..yes he did for Waka! *smh*
    You can watch Dexter on Project Free TV :) You'll thank me later!

    And I refuse to charge it to the game...I'm no Gabby Union but Imma need hormones to be controlled!

  3. I love Willow's song too. So cute! I've missed Fantasia's show this season - forgot all about it.

    Smh @ T.I. I didnt hear about Lyfe Jennings though.

  4. Oh. I'd eat out all the time if I could afford it. It's tough on the pockets here & there, but it's enjoying a good meal that matters the most.

    Love Mickey D's sweet tea myself. In fact, it is all I order from McDonald's.

    Willow Smith is ballin'.

    First time I ever seen Flocka was on BET hip hop awards and I agree that he is kinda over the edge, a bit. Plus, he named his album Wakaveli and it kinda bothered me, being a Tupac Shakur fan.

    Stay in school, Mocha. Keep pushing. Many times I wish that I had done the same.



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