October 5, 2010

The Best Part of Breaking Up


So much in fact that I hardly consider the relationship to be a relationship anymore. Why should I? It seems that she and I spend more time apart than we do together.

Although I have no problem with our unconventional act of romance - where it appears that we simply break up to make up. Honestly, I've come to prefer it that way.

Even when I constantly tell anyone still willing to listen. "It's over, this time it's over for good. I don't want to have anything to do with her anymore."

In the back of my mind I realize that, for every minute spent trying to convince myself and others how I no longer feel anything for her, it only enhances each hour eventually spent showing just how much I do. 

Due, in large part, to the understanding that my feelings will be shown in the most intense and passionate manner.

So, again, it doesn't bother me whenever we break up. Ultimately, it's all about the make up. And the sad thing is - I am thoroughly convinced that she knows just as much as I do.

Even when she looks directly into my eyes and scream she hates me. Even when I laugh rather amusingly and inform her that I never loved her. For the most part, I claim to hate the day I laid eyes upon her.

Knowing I'm lying.

Truth be told, I'm not even thinking about the day we met. The only thing on my mind is the moment where she calls and says, "We need to talk. I miss you."

It's those words, the way she says 'em with such strong conviction. Makes me drop whatever I am doing and  go. Even if I am in the middle of something very important and cannot afford to stop.

See, I've come to realize that nothing holds more significance than the incredible amount of passion felt during the hours spent opening our hearts, and pouring undying emotions between the sheets.

It's the way that few words need to be spoken. The hypnotizing look written all over her face, its saddened hunger. Our felt pain. That raw and increased pleasure birthed from the animalistic way that we make up after breaking up.

Hooked. I swear I am.

If there's a cure for this ... I do not want it.

Don't need it.


  1. The best part about breaking up indeed is the making up! I've always loved a good fight followed by hot nights in the sheets..it makes the fighting over BS so worth it! :)

  2. Your post feels like a magnifying glass into my head. Get out! LOL.

  3. @zetatude: Indeed.

    @sangria: Too funny.



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